12 Run Away

Xue Qian carried the bag and walked out of the house, praying that she would be able to clear her name. She passed a kind smile to the guard before she hailed a cab and gave them the address of a nearby hotel. She needed to check in and put the stuff on guard before going home and running away with her baby. She tried to understand why Shawn would do this to her but was at a loss.

Shawn had no need for money as he had enough of his own from flipping houses. He had established his own real estate business which was highly profitable and as far as she was aware, he had no debts that would force him to sell her out. Que Mian, on the other hand, she could understand hated her. She had hated her ever since she had discovered that she was her older step sister. But Qian Qian knew that her hate had solidified even more when she had realized that herself and not Qian Qian was their father's bastar* child. Mian Mian had grown up like a princess for the early years of her life and the discovery that her parents had never married had shattered her dream like existence. Xue Hong had been a man madly in love with his first wife who he had left in the village when he had come to the city to earn a living. Unfortunately, his loyalty had won the heart of his boss' daughter Hua Zilin, who had offered to marry him. And when he had refused the materialistic things she offered him, she had coerced him by threatening to have his pregnant wife killed. To keep them safe, Que Hong had for the first time in his life, planned a deceit. He had faked his marriage to Hua Zilin. Though he never returned to his wife and lived a life full of material wealth with Hua Zilin pretending to be a happy family, his heart had never been moved enough to make his second marriage legal. But the loss had changed the kind man to become a ruthless and powerful businessman. Because all he had wanted to do was amass enough power to throw aside his fake wife and bring his real family close to his side. The daughter he had never seen and the wife he had dearly missed. And finally, he had been able to do that when Hua Zilin's father passed away, leaving the shares of his company to Xue Hong instead of his own daughter. Happily, Xue Hong had gone back to the village only to find that his beloved wife had passed away still believing that she had been abandoned by him and his daughter hated him...

When he had finally returned to the city and confessed the truth to Hua Zilin, the woman had threatened and tried to ruin him but this time Que Hong was not the helpless man from before and had utterly ruined Hua Zilin. The only reason he had even let her live in peace was for the sake of the daughter that she had borne him- Xue Mian...

Qian Qian and Mian Mian had hated each other ever since Qian Qian had come to the city to work and slowly try to repair the father daughter relationship. But Mian Mian had hated this and sabotaged her at her workplace causing Qian Qian to travel away to gain the experience she needed to succeed in life. And when Qian Qian had finally returned, Mian Mian had apologized and begged her to forgive her citing the fact that she had already lost her mother and wanted to not lose her father too. But last year, their father and step mother,too had passed away, leaving behind another baby daughter that had been born from his second real marriage to the woman he had considered a close friend during his long misery filled marriage. Maybe their father had not trusted Mian Mian to care for the little one or maybe he had assumed that since Shawn and she were set to marry, they would have an easier time with a new baby, but his money and assets had been divided equally among his three daughters while Xue Min's responsibility had been left on her making her the indirectly become the two thirds owner... She wondered if this was what had triggered Mian Mian's jealousy or if she had always been lying in wait for her to make a mistake.

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