STRIKE : Remnants of The Thunder Spear Book

novel - Fantasy

STRIKE : Remnants of The Thunder Spear


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Humanity was ruled by gods and in the circle of the gods, they all worked together to create a world where everything would not turn into an endless cycle of chaos. Humans abide by anything that the gods yearned for to achieve perpetuity and peace. Yet, the god of knowledge, intellect, and wisdom chose to betray them to which he belongs and decided to create a rebellion against the other gods. Because according to him, the promised perpetuity and peace were a hoax to earn the trust of mankind into a greater and selfish desire of the divinities. He found this answer while witnessing a taboo action caused by his fellow deities. And now, his ambition to create a new world for humanity has been passed on by his descendants and they were called "Anshiantiae"


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