Strange Adventures of Genius Doctor Book

novel - Fantasy

Strange Adventures of Genius Doctor


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In her previous life, she was the genius and eccentric assassin in their organization. However, not long after she found out the truth in her identity, her life was soon ended in her own home. Still, it would seem that even those ruling in the world of the dead were also unsatisfied with how soon she died that she woke up one day in a different body. Specifically, it looked to be a body similar to when she was still 15 years old. She would have rejoiced if time only went backwards. However, this is way too backwards and it was even at a different location. Not only that, she would have to bear the feeling of vengeance left by the previous owner of that body. Interestingly enough, her soul held so many secrets that she would gradually find out as she journeys to the path of cultivation. Unable to experience the love of a special person in all her lifetimes, would this be the time she gets to experience it finally? But first, she needs to stay alive and get stronger. She would need to disguise as a man to avoid being targeted by those who killed the previous owner of the body.


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