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Read Story transfer to account Kydul1137 novel written by the author Dravin_Barnett on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, reincarnation, overpowered, antihero. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In his life, Akuro Zaizen was never really happy. He suffered, he was in constant pain and heartache, but had found few things that made him truly happy. Specifically one person.. but that was taken as well. Little did he know it was all pre ordained. When Akuro is drifting in the emptiness of the afterlife, the god Raijin tells him that, contrary to his earlier beliefs there is a god, actually, there are many of them. Akuro always thought the idea of gods and demons and all those mythical things was cool, after all he was a lover of games and anime, but now his dreams were coming to life. He was being given the choice to make one wish, to become anything and he given any power he wants… What does he choose? To become the one and only Omnipotent Death.

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Volume 1 :Birth of the Omnipotent Death
Volume 2 :The Beginning of a New Ending


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More im begging you more. More im begging you more. More im begging you more. More im begging you more. More im begging you more. More im begging you more. More im begging you more. More im begging you more.


seems noice at chapter 2 will change if not noice at later chapters also im writing this review like this with broken grammer partially as a meme and partially as me writing with two brain cells.


Its a really good story I think it just needs an editor to fix some of the grammer and spelling mistakes here and there. Other than those things it’s really good the story and character development are amazing roping you into how its all playing out.


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