152 Father Spider

Ronin went to watch the play about a fable. He has two objectives for attending this theatrical performance.

One was to scout what Sordido was planning now. He does not know if this spy plans to go as far as becoming member of the act itself, or stay as someone from backstage.

Either way would be easy enough for Ronin, as he slipped some peering stones on the backstage and side-line area while also pretending to be a troupe member right before the performance.

He has his glass resting on his lap to watch in case he didn't see Sordido performing, and to pretending to be watching while peering at the backstage through this glass.

The second objective.....

Was to gain some victims for the Flame stealing.

He can feel himself becoming hungrier for Flame the higher his levels become. Or more accurately, the spirit of Fausforus inside him wanting to take all of these people's essence at the rhythmic sound of their beating hearts drumming on his ears.


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