124 A Frilled Shark Returns

When he went to lunch, he found that Kai was studying with a pile of books.

The 4th year has the Scholastic exams, while the 5th year has the Pathway exams. This one would determine which type of Scholar they would suit best.

Whether they suit being a doctor, a law official or court member, etc.....

But Ronin did not really expect this system to study for it. What's the use?

Kai wasn't from this world anyway, and finding which career path he'll take in this medieval fantasy world would just be as useful as taking a personality exam.

And he was actually right.

Whilst scanning various books and engulfing the words inside them, Kai was thinking:

(If I could figure out which of these paths suits me best..... I might have a clue on who I truly am in the real world. What I was good at, or wanted to be.....)

Ronin also took this into consideration. Finding out who they once were before they were systems.....


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