Stone Chronicles: The Saga Of The Power Stones

Author: Isuze_Riyuga
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What is Stone Chronicles: The Saga Of The Power Stones

Read ‘Stone Chronicles: The Saga Of The Power Stones’ Online for Free, written by the author Isuze_Riyuga, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, SUPERPOWERS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: In a captivating city, Isuze Riyuga's life takes an unexpected turn after a perplexing dream. Near a life-threatening in...


In a captivating city, Isuze Riyuga's life takes an unexpected turn after a perplexing dream. Near a life-threatening incident, he experiences something extraordinary, leaving him questioning his own abilities. As he grapples with newfound mysteries, the line between reality and the extraordinary begins to blur, setting the stage for a thrilling journey into the unknown.

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“You can not escape from me Tessa.. Your mate was foolish enough to let you out of his sight, I'm not that foolish!” the Lycan king growled at her, stalking toward her with his soft and firm steps, his dark eyes on her. Tessa watched in fright as he moved toward her, his full muscled, naked, sexy and tattooed body scaring her. She moved closer to the door of his bedroom, sweating and panting even as he got closer to her, knowing fully there was no escape for her but she still tried. With one easy pull, he grabbed her waist to himself and carried her effortlessly back to his already rumpled bed, one of the scariest places in his mansion; he always have her whenever he wishes to, just like now. She screamed in pain as she landed into his bed, without any hesitation he slammed his sweaty and naked body into hers, without wasting another seconds, Alpha Shane parted her already trembling leg with his knee and thrust his hard cock, deep and mercilessly into her inner core. She held onto the sheet and tried to hold back her pain and tears but she couldn't in no time she was wailing loudly and begging for help. Like usual, the monster in him arrived whenever he's having her, he became deaf and dumb at once and wouldn't back down until he had satisfied his anger and darkness. And tonight doesn't seem like it would be ending soon, he just caught her talking to her mate and had instantly gone crazy, it's been seven hours since he dragged her angrily into his quarters in his fit of rage. Darkness was calling unto her and she immediately reached for it, fainting in his arms, but she knew he wouldn't back down still and true to her last thoughts before she fainted he didn't back down or stop. Tessa's life wasn't as complicated as it is now, the Lycan king wanted her for himself, bought and claimed her as his own, calling her his cure and only way out of his curse and darkness. Also her mate who had rejected her horribly, locked her in prison for a whole year is after her, pleading and begging to treat her right. She doesn't want any of them as she had already given up on love when her father and mate; Alpha Trevor betrayed her trust and shattered the meaning of love for her. Will she escape the Lycan king's possessive and dominant love and cure him of his darkness, like he seems to believe, is there a chance for them? How will her mate fight to get her back, can he win against the powerful and scary Alpha king?, would he be able to convince her to trust him again after his betrayal and hurt he made her go through?

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If this is your first novel, you are doing good. Best of luck for the future.I will be sticking to your book.( I was reading child of Destiny novel, then I came across this novel)


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