Steven Heracles: Odyssey Of A God Slayer

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What is Steven Heracles: Odyssey Of A God Slayer

Read Steven Heracles: Odyssey Of A God Slayer novel written by the author Chukwuemeka_101 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


He didn't ask to be born into a family of gifted swordsmen but what else can he do when the fate of the world falls upon his shoulders? "Well….the fiends this time seem to be playing at something big, rumors at the council have it that they intend to resurrect the greatest and most fearsome dragon in history, Tobijulo, and to do that, they have teamed up with some treacherous humans. So that man.." Grandpa Matt said while pointing at the body lying on the field, "….is an agent of the fiends who was sent to kill the Heracles who might impede their evil deeds in this city….  Seeing as you couldn't handle small fry like him, it is obvious that you're just a normal swordsman who has no chance at surviving the contest, so within these three months remaining till the contest begins, you will undergo hellish training under me" he stood up and held his hand out to Steve.  "Are you ready to take down these fiends and uphold the Heracles family name?",  'Three months!!' Steve thought  'can I really be a better swordsman than I am now in three months?, After all he just said that I'm a normal swordsman who has no chance at surviving the contest…..No!, I must win, I must show the world that we Heracles are the real deal….' Can he really overcome the numerous obstacles that stand in his way of obtaining the Fiend Slayer? Find out in this action packed book. Author's Note: please if the book cover I used belongs to you. Nicely notify me and I'll have it taken down. TIA.

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Another beautiful work by this author. I really like the concept and plot of this story. The author really knows how to capture the attention of readers. Keep up the good work 👍


Reveal spoiler


Shameless review by the Author This is my second official work on Webnovel, I really put my all into it and I hope you all like it but believe me when I tell you that this book will take you on the ride of your life.


Although I'm not following up with his work I admire him for his ability to mass release, don't forget me so soon I miss you I number one reviewer.


Wow! didn't expect such interesting story! I just read the first chapter and it got me stuck. Nice one and this book deserve a five star.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Okay, let's begin. Story plot is nice, the characters and world building is nice. The pacing is good, and the premise [few 5 chapters] was intriguing. Although the story was nice, and the narration interesting, the amount of errors in the book kinda breaks immersion. One of these errors is the lack of proper punctuation and capitalisation. The dragged and bland descriptions and abrupt scene cuts [I hate that thing now]. The characters are fleshed out, but seem a bit unrealistic and one-dimensioned at times.Apart from all these, the story is alright and a good read. Good Job Author!


I liked your book. The plot is quite fascinating and english is also impressive. The only thing I think you should work on is punctuation. There are many places where you were supposed to put a fullstop but you kept putting comas.


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