8 Settling Scores! Reward: Superior Learning Capsule!

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Zhang Yuanjing's eyes widened. "Has this person really turned around and become a boss?" he asked himself.

The smarting pain on his face made him realize that he was not dreaming.

Ji Yu, who had been staring at the computer screen for a long time and unable to touch her keyboard, heard the commotion and went over.

As a result, she witnessed what happened just now.

After hearing those words, she was also in disbelief.

The junior she took pity on had transformed into a boss!

"How is this possible?!" she thought.

She puzzled over why he was so poor that he could not even afford to eat.

She surmised that he might be here just to experience life.

Lu Ming's words suddenly flashed across her mind.

"Do you believe that they will beg me to stay later?"

She was stunned that this had turned out to be real!

At that time, she did not believe him at all and even thought that he was joking.

When the announcement was being broadcast, Lu Ming told her that he was going to the toilet and left.

How did the other party become her boss just by going to the toilet?


This matter was as impossible as the apocalypse!

If someone told her in the past that Lu Ming was actually her boss, she would definitely think that this person was crazy.

She pinched her face, then gasped. It was real.

"Has this world become a fantasy?" she asked herself.

"The junior I've been taking care of is actually my boss?"

Initially, she thought that there was no barrier between the two of them, but now it seemed like… the gap between them was like a chasm!

The others were also shocked.

"What the heck! Is Lu Ming actually our boss? Was what he did previously all a pretense? Wasn't his acting too good? He was eating instant noodles for many days in a row. I don't think a normal person could stand living such a poor life."

"How can you say that? The rich don't eat instant noodles as if they are poor. That's called experiencing life. Speaking of which, I didn't offend Lu Ming, right?"

"Therefore, in fact, Lu Ming is not some poor person. He is a mysterious, rich second-generation heir from a certain family. As a precautionary measure, he secretly bought over his own workplace.

In the end, just when we thought he was just an ordinary person and was about to be dismissed, the biggest reversal happened. He directly laid out his cards and stopped pretending. This strategy, this ability—just thinking about it is terrifying!"

"No wonder Lu Ming did not have any reaction when the CEO said those words. I actually admire his patience. If I was targeted at work all day, I would have revealed my cards long ago. How unexpected…"

At the thought that he was targeting Lu Ming just now, Gao Xuewei's legs turned weak.

On the other side.

Lu Yaohua was humming a tune as he waited happily for Lu Ming to call him.

"Fight him?" he sneered at the thought.

"Lu Ming is just a small fry."

At this moment, the office door was suddenly pushed open.

He tutted and said unhappily, "What's going on? Can't you knock?"

However, when he turned around and saw his secretary's swollen face, he could not help but take half a step back. He almost could not recognize him!

He said in disdain, "Who did you get into a fight with on the way here?"

Zhang Yuanjing panted and said, "B-boss…"

"What boss! Call me CEO Lu!"

Lu Yaohua corrected him.

The term 'boss' only served to remind him of his poor self from a few years ago.

He was now a successful man among the elite.

"Didn't I ask you to check if Lu Ming was chased out? How did you end up looking like a wreck?"

Zhang Yuanjing explained incoherently, "That fellow, Lu Ming, is now the new boss of Wanke Real Estate. My face is swollen because I got slapped by Liu Ziqing! He is afraid that I'd let out that you asked him to fire Lu Ming!"

Lu Yaohua was stunned at first, then he shook his head. "Could it be that I'm hallucinating because I've been overworking lately?"

He looked at his secretary and said again, "Repeat what you just said. What happened to Lu Ming?"

"Lu Ming has become the new boss of Wanke Real Estate!"

Zhang Yuanjing repeated himself obediently.

"New boss?" Lu Yaohua gasped.

"It is Lu Ming?"

Lu Yaohua widened his eyes in disbelief. "How is that possible?! He's just a poor kid. How could he become the new boss of Wanke Real Estate?! Did you hear wrongly?"

Upon seeing this, Zhang Yuanjing said, "I saw it with my own eyes. Initially, I did not believe it either. In the end, I saw Chairman Wang and Chairman Zhao acknowledge that Lu Ming is currently the biggest shareholder of Wanke Real Estate!"

He paused for a moment and said dryly, "When I went over, I saw that the kid's things were packed. But when I saw him, he was surrounded by Wanke's executives, fawning over him!"

Lu Yaohua was still incredulous.

"How could this be possible?!" he thought.

He was not as if he was unaware of Lu Ming's situation.

Besides, his ex-wife was just an ordinary person. Inheritance was out of the question.

Where did this kid get the money to land that position?

He scratched his head in frustration!

Zhang Yuanjing asked cautiously, "CEO Lu, what do we do now?"

"You ask me, who the f** k do I ask!"

Lu Yaohua shouted, "Get out! Get out! I don't want to see anyone!"

Zhang Yuanjing ran off as though he had been granted amnesty.

Immediately after, he heard the sound of things being thrown about in the office.

In futile rage, Lu Yaohua was smashing everything he could get his hands on onto the ground!

He had wanted to make Lu Ming lose his job, and then things would go according to his wishes!

However, he never dreamed that Lu Ming was actually the new boss of the conglomerate!

How could he accept this!

All these years, with the help of the Tang family, his career path had been smooth sailing, but time and time again, he had felt defeated by this same person!

And the other party was his child with his ex-wife!

Just a pawn that he had abandoned. In his view, there was nothing to be arrogant about!

"Lu Ming!!"

At this very moment, the Lu Ming whom he was preoccupied with was on his way home.

It had been a long time since he had felt so relaxed. He took in the view on the bridge and sighed. "The system is really something."

At this thought, the electronic voice in his head sounded again:

[How to deal with the CEO who wanted to fire you? Host, please make one of the following choices:

Option 1: Retain his position. Reward: Title 'Unable to Read People Clearly'.

Option 2: Give him a promotion and a raise. Reward: A halo for getting backstabbed.

Option 3: Sweep him out like garbage. Reward: 100,000 yuan in cash.

Option 4: Settle scores at the opportune moment. Reward: One superior learning capsule (After taking it, you can learn any skill and reach superior level)]

"CEO?" Lu Ming deliberated.

"It's that person who slapped Zhang Yuanjing, right?"

Lu Ming thought the matter should be easy to handle.

The next day.

Lu Ming officially assumed his new position and promoted Ji Yu, who had been taking care of him, to CEO!

Once this news was out, those in the same department were envious and jealous. Had they known better, they would have treated Lu Ming better.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

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