63 Beg Me?

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Compared to the power that the Lu Corporation had amassed over the years, it was a world of difference. She wanted to continue working in Shanghai. As the saying goes, a strong dragon cannot suppress a local snake. The help that this company could provide her was really too little.

Moreover, Young Master Lu had promised her that as long as she did this thing well, she might even be able to rise like a phoenix!

She could almost see herself living the life of a rich wife. She had always wanted to marry into a rich family, and the Lu family was one of her goals.

It was just offending a small company. Perhaps after this, she could simply leave the industry.

To her, this was a rare opportunity and she had to grasp it tightly!

So, no matter what these people said, she would not start work! As for the compensation, with Young Master Lu around, what was she afraid of? It was just a small sum of money!


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