3 A Slap in the Face! Superior Selection System Activated

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Superior Selection System?

"What was going on?" he wondered.

Although he did not know what it was, Lu Ming chose the second option without thinking.

It angered him that Lu Yaohua, who had ignored him for so many years, was now glibly talking him into giving up his kidney freely.

"Even in dreams, there would not be such a good thing, right?" he thought.

"Besides, even if there was, it should not be Lu Yaohua's!"

Lu Yaohua had watched him and his mother suffer for so many years, yet he was not willing to help at all. That was tantamount to forcing them to their deaths.

Lu Ming felt that since the other party could just watch and do nothing while they suffered, there was no reason why he could not do the same.

Looking at his father as if he was looking at a stranger, he said, "Let me tell you, our body, hair and skin are given to us by our parents.

If something happens to you, Lu Yaohua, I don't mind donating my kidney out of consideration for our blood ties. That way, we will be quits."

He glanced at Lu Ze. "But this person is your and Tang Wenyi's son. That has nothing to do with me. I don't have a family like yours, and I don't have a brother like him!"

Since Lu Ze was born, no one had dared to treat him like this. He said resentfully, "Do you think I want someone like you to be my brother?

Normally, I don't even want to look at trash like you! It's your honor to be able to provide me with a kidney! Do you know how many people dream of striking up a relationship with me?"

Lu Ming was so angry that he laughed. "I am a piece of trash. Then Lu Yaohua is a bigger piece of trash, and you're the son of a big piece of trash! What's there to be smug about?"

"I'm f*cking not in the same league as you!"

Lu Ze immediately retorted, "Do you know how much my jacket costs? It's enough for you to move to a better place for half a year! Even if I sell you off, it wouldn't be worth a fraction of the clothes I have on me!

Dad simply married the wrong person when he was young! As for you, you are nothing more than a little bastard that dad had outside! The only reason you could live to this age was because my mom was charitable!"

"Charitable?" Lu Ming sneered.

He glanced at Tang Wenyi, who had a superior attitude. "Wasn't it because you felt that my mom and I couldn't live without Lu Yaohua, so you didn't do anything to us?"

Tang Wenyi said contemptuously, "It looks like you know your limits. I let you live because I didn't want to dirty my hands.

To be honest, as long as you agree, you don't have to live in such a godforsaken place. Let me ask you again, are you willing to save my son? If you agree, I'll get someone to help you move and let you live a good life!"

"Good life?"

Lu Ming sneered. "The so-called good life is nothing more than being a fat pig that you guys raise for the slaughter."

"Are you still not satisfied? No matter what, your identity is not legitimate. To be able to enjoy being rich for a few days is something that those at the bottom of society could never dream of."

"Lu Ming, you'd better think carefully before you speak."

Tang Wenyi had never seen anyone who could not be bribed with money in her life. She had already said it so plainly. An ordinary person would definitely have agreed long ago, not to mention a poor person like Lu Ming.

She could already picture him bowing to their request.

However, the next second, Lu Ming broke her delusion. "I will not take out my kidney."

Tang Wenyi widened her eyes and was about to curse when Lu Yaohua stopped her. "10,000,000 yuan. I'll buy your kidney for 10,000,000 yuan."

Since the relationship card did not work, he would entice Lu Ming with financial gain.

"An equal exchange. Are you satisfied now? 10,000,000 yuan is enough for you to live luxuriously for several years."

Tang Wenyi was indeed his wife who had lived with him for many years. She immediately understood his intention and said as if she was giving alms, "You should be content, right? This is money that you won't be able to earn in your lifetime!"

"Lu Ming, please reconsider."

Lu Yaohua suggested.

Lu Ze tutted and said with a twisted expression, "If it weren't for the fact that the transplant bank doesn't have any kidney that is more than 90% compatible, I wouldn't have spent 10,000,000 yuan on you! Isn't it better for me to go out and have fun with the money?"

"Then go squander that money!"

Lu Ming looked at the three of them and felt that they were beasts in human skin!

He said in derision, "I'm just afraid that you'd have the money but not the life to spend it."

Seeing that he was unrelenting, Lu Yaohua's patience was wearing thin.

Lu Yaohua finally dropped the kindly facade and scolded, "You unfilial son! I'm just asking you to donate a kidney. Why is it so difficult? Do you want me to beg you too? You still have half of my blood in you!"

Lu Ming looked at him as if he was looking at a clown. He said coldly, "If possible, I really want to return half of the blood to you!"

"I think it was your mom who raised you to be like this. Did she teach you to be so greedy? When Yaohua was with your mom, she was so mean that she withheld good things from him.

Mother and son indeed! It was just as well that she died early!"

Tang Wenyi said in displeasure. She did not mind using the worst-case scenario to assess Lu Ming's mother at all.

Lu Ze followed suit. What kind of upbringing did he have now?

"Your mom should have died a long time ago. You should really tell my dad and mom where she was buried. That way, we can go spit there!"

The system's voice sounded in Lu Ming's mind again.

[Host, please make a choice:

Option1: Do not refute. Reward: Title 'Ninja Turtle'.

Option 2: Reprimand them. Reward: 100,000 yuan.

Option 3: Slap the face hard. Reward: 90,000,000 yuan and Binjiang No. 1 Residence.]


A crisp sound echoed through the corridor.

Tang Wenyi covered her reddened right cheek in disbelief.

"Do beasts like you have a right to insult my mom as you wish?!"

Lu Ming could not tolerate it anymore. His mother had gone through so much to bring him up. How could these unrelated people insult her!

"No manners at all. Looks like so-called prestigious families are nothing more than this! You're so foul-mouthed. Were you orphaned from birth?"

At his unexpected behavior, Lu Yaohua scolded, "You…!"

"What about me?! Snakes and rats have always colluded with each other. Seems that beasts also band together! Do you really think that just because you have some money, you're superior? If you really have the ability, then go and find those people who want your money!"

After Lu Ming attacked them, he finally felt better.

However, this did not go well with Lu Ze. He held his stomach and broke out in cold sweat. "You, you dared to hit my mom!"

Before he could finish his sentence, he fell to the ground. Unable to deal with anything else, Tang Wenyi quickly dialed 120. The ambulance soon arrived at the apartment building.

"I won't let you have it easy!"

Lu Yaohua left after saying that.

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