75 Ch 75 - 28 May, Date Invitation

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Once morning came, and eventually the sun would come up, Kouta had already woken up and was doing his usual morning routine. Even so, there was only one thing he thought about while he did that.

About the conversation with Eriri yesterday…

"What does that even mean…?" Kouta asked Eriri, as he couldn't believe what she told him.

"Hm… I wonder how to explain this. It's just a woman's intuition. I guess… from my conversation with her. I think I can feel it… she might be feeling some excitement, because of our lewd activity in the kitchen." Eriri answered while at the same time giving Kouta a rather vague reply.

"That… Well, can you explain more… How did your conversation with Utaha go…?" Kouta wasn't satisfied and asked her another question, but Eriri crossed her arms, lifted her feet, and crossed her feet instead of responding.

And surprisingly told Kouta… "No. I'm sorry. Kouta… That's the furthest thing I can say."

"Wait… that's…"

"I think that's enough, right?"

"No, I need more context about what you're saying, especially about Utaha in heat… and stuff."


But Eriri didn't give him the answer. What she said next to Kouta was something else.

"You know… I'm fine with helping you get another girl. But to be honest, as a girl, I don't feel happy with this. That's why… at least… I want to know or see… If you're really capable of doing this."

"That… are you saying that you want to test me?"

"Of course. I want to know and If you can do with this amount of info I'm giving to you. And if you succeed, I will help you willingly… No, I will gladly help you get another girl. I will help you get Chika…"

Eriri explained her reasoning with a kind but weird smile planted on her face.

"Hm… Has something happened to you?" Kouta felt like something changed for Eriri.

"Well, I just feel a bit more free… And… I kinda want to see what those girls would have looked like if they had fallen like me… If they hate it… or love it… Because of that, I needed to know if you're really capable of doing that… Can you, Kouta?"

"Hm… Well… It's not only I can… I will. Haaa… I never think you will become like this." Kouta sighed, well, she might be like this because of him after all.

That was the conversation Kouta had with Eriri. Even though he might not have gotten all of the context, Eriri and Utaha's conversation when they slept together. Kouta still had some speculation… and if what he thought of and Eriri's guts was true.

"Well. it became easier…" Kouta mumbled to himself while he finished making his lunch and Takao's portion too. He has already made up his mind about his plan. He didn't need to follow his original plan.

"Thanks to that, maybe it's time to move on to the next step with Takao." Kouta put his lunch box in his bag before leaving home.

Nothing really happened in school, except that the school already posted midterm results. It was a long board that's down the hall from where the first-year floor is. When Kouta arrived, there were a lot of first year students looking at the board.

Kouta, who was not particularly interested, walked away from the commotion of first-year students to see their grade results.This was their first time experiencing it since starting high school.

"Ah… Kouta-kun… Congratulations." Until a familiar voice congratulated him. Kouta turned and responded.

"Hm… Is there anything… Sawamura-san." Kouta didn't call Eriri by her name in front of other students. He didn't want to let people know how close they were.

"Well, I see you in rank three after all."

"Is that so?"

What Eriri said actually made Kouta interested, since he was using his small cheat, he felt like he was doing very well in this midterm test. It may be the best he's ever had in his life. Even so, there were still some people who got better grades than him.

It made Kouta wonder who could do something like that, and when he saw the board, Kouta saw another familiar name.

Yukinoshita Yukino, the main heroine of an anime called Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. One of his previous world favorite anime.

"She is 1-J, huh…"

"Hm… Oh, you're talking about Yukinoshita-san, who came in first place."

"Yeah, do you know her?" Kouta knew that she came from a rich family and maybe a member committee, if he wasn't wrong. So there was a chance, Eriri knew her.

"Hm… To be honest I want to say that I will tell you next time, but… Well, I see her sometimes, but I don't think we are well acquainted, but I pretty much see her older sister more often in the party." Eriri answered Kouta's question truthfully.

"Ah… okay. Then…" Kouta could feel from Eriri's expression that said to him that she might not be able to help him with Yukino. Kouta felt a bit disappointed, but there was no way he would get easy time with every girl he wanted. "Ah… How about your grade?"

"Me? Well, because of you… my average grade increased more than in my middle school… So I guess my grade is much better with your peculiar teaching technique.. So maybe next time, you need to teach me more…" Eriri said while her body wiggled around.

Kouta himself didn't find what she said interesting. Since he didn't have any mood or will to teach other people. He even did something lewd while teaching Eriri to make her never ask him to teach her again, but the result was the opposite of Kouta's calculation, as not only Eriri's grade improved significantly. She actually might be enjoying herself.

Kouta wondered how lewd Eriri became… and he found it really interesting.

"Well, next time…" Kouta replied shortly while leaving the hall toward the classroom since class would soon start.

Anyway, it was an interesting conversation and Kouta found another character… that from one of his favorites. The problem… he really was fond of the MC. But well, sometime, Kouta found his desire didn't really come out until he really met with the heroine with his own eyes.

Well, Kouta didn't need to hurry, since Yukino and Hikigaya only interacted after they became Second-year students, so he had a lot of time. For now, he only needs to focus on Utaha and Takao, before moving on to the next target.

With that, Kouta did what he usually does in the class, before he went to meet Takao to have lunch together. The food he made was always enjoyed by Takao. Their time together was usually spent eating lunch while talking about game stuff, either the game they were making or, of course, what kind of game Takao wants to make in the future.

They were also talking about Takao's favorite game and the game she is playing right now, and Kouta used his little time to play some of her favorite game so he could talk about it the next day.

And of course, those made Takao feel happy since it was easy for her to realize how much effort Kouta had put into being more intimate with her. But at the same time, it made Takao sad since she realized how womanizing this guy was… But she also couldn't help herself from being attracted to him, as Takao didn't have much experience with opposite members.

With the lunch break approaching its end, Kouta finally made his move.

"By the way, Takao-senpai… we already spent a lot of time having lunch together. I wonder if I can ask you something else?" Kouta asked Takao a question as he put down his lunch box.

"Hm…? Well, is there anything you want?" Takao thought that she had been spoiled by delicious food from Kouta, so she felt happy to agree with some of what he wanted. Of course, not lewd ones…

"I'm just asking you to have a date… I guess… It's fine we had spent time for a little after school over… Like going to an arcade, karaoke, movies, or other place." Kouta asked Takao or invited her to have a date.

"Eh… well… Un… It's fine."

And it was such an obvious answer, since Takao actually wanted to experience a date too, and she actually liked him. If Kouta wasn't a womanizer. Takao might have already fallen in love with him without any doubt.

But, well, even though Takao knew Kouta was a womanizer, she still didn't have any will to reject his date invitation.

When Takao realized that, she felt like it was already too late for her.

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