71 Ch 71 - 27 May, Party with Eriri 02

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"Well, my name is Suzuki Kouta." Even though Sayuri already knew about him, Kouta still introduced himself since he felt that was a good courtesy.

"Ara… What a good kid… I'm always curious about the kind of guy who successfully smites my child. Especially when she has been infatuated with someone else before…" Sayuri placed her fingers on her chin in a thinking pose as she said that.

"Well, it's easy… I'm just giving her my love more than that boy ever had…" Kouta replied with a smile that had no hesitation.

"Ara… That's really straightforward. Even hearing that kind confession makes me blush. My daughter would be delighted if she heard that…" Sayuri responded to Kouta's answer with a faint smile, while she looked at him with a look of delight in her eyes. "You have such a nice face there… I like it. I hope you take care of my daughter." She added.

"Well, of course… I will take care of her till the end." Kouta replied to Sayuri as honestly as he could. It was already his intention to do so without having to be told by Sayuri. Yeah, he would take care of her and wouldn't let her go, even in the future, she might have wanted to leave.

"Fufufu… Good. I like it. Ah… I'm sorry for taking your time here. please come into the house…" Sayuri moved and pushed Kouta's shoulder, then let him go inside the room.

Well, just like Kouta saw a fragment of Eriri's home in the anime, the interior of the mansion was quite old-fashioned with such a grand atmosphere. Yeah, when Kouta saw this… once again he couldn't help how rich Eriri was.

"This is really like what appears in western movies." Kouta couldn't help saying it.

Sayuri simply replied, "Ah… that's true." in a fading voice. Before she added, "Please, don't be nervous, okay?"

"Yes, I will try my best. Well, she didn't act like a rich girl… so sometimes I forgot that she was actually kind like ojou-sama…" Kouta gave his honest opinion about Eriri. If he thought about it. Kouta only recognized her from his previous world memories, not from Eriri's perfecting the camouflage skill she used to disguise herself as a popular student in real life.

Most of the students at Toyogasaki High School admire her as she is well known to come from a rich family and that her father is a diplomat. And not only that, she actually won a prize in the city art contest right after the ceremony. But she doesn't boast about it, she is nice to everyone and has a great look. Which also makes her so popular not only among her classmates but also among upperclassmen.

Yeah, she acted her image in the school very perfectly, which made Megumi actually admired her. which included those art clubs as well, Eriri easily got her own room in art club.

To be honest, it made Kouta wonder what kind of people would come to the party. Kouta could see many people coming and going as they prepared for the party.He always thought the party would be in a hotel or some other place. To his surprise, the party was held in Eriri's home, no wonder Eriri's father told her to attend this party.

In the anime, she occasionally ran away to Tomoya's house, but their relationship was strained due to Kouta. She didn't have a place to shelter, so she had to go, even though she found it annoying, because she needed to act nicely in response to the quest.

But with Kouta by her side, Eriri thought it would decrease her interaction, especially with men.

"Hm… Oh! Is this the boy Eriri told us will attend with her?" Suddenly, there was a man talking to Kouta. A britain-born diplomat who is a genuine otaku himself, he had the same color hair and eyes as Eriri, showing he was Eriri's father, Mr.Spencer.

"Hm… Excuse me, but can I inspect you for a moment…" And unlike Sayuri, Mr. Spencer asked Kouta's permission, before touching his shoulder and body. He nodded his head and spoke in a rather calm voice. "Hm… Yeah, he is really a guy."

Kouta wondered if something had happened in this household after seeing their reaction. So Kouta asked Mr. Spencer the question, "Ano… I wonder if something is wrong?"

"No… Of course, no. It's just that Eriri said she had a boyfriend and she wanted him to attend this party."

"Is that so…?"

"Yeah, but well… She showed us a video and pointed to a cute pink haired girl who was wearing a girl's uniform as her boyfriend. As a father… of course, I'm a bit confused." Mr. Spencer told Kouta what Eriri told them when they were talking about her boyfriend attending this party with her.

"Well, I thought our children awakened a new world of yuri…" Sayuri said that with a big smile on her face.

"Well, as a father… I'm fine with it, but the world wouldn't be as kind as it could be. There are people who might not like it after all. That's why it may sound bad, but as her father I'm really relieved that Kouta is a boy." Mr. Spencer told Kouta about his perspective.

"Ahahaha… Sorry for confusing…" Kouta never expected that for the first time, Eriri's parents would see him while he was wearing a Toyogasaki girl's uniform. As a boyfriend, that would be one of the worst things to happen. And they are actually skeptical about his gender until they check with him personally.

What an experience…

"Ah! What are you doing, Daddy—Mommy.. Ehm… Father… Mother. No wonder, he takes so long." This time, Eriri's voice came from the stairs as she came down… wearing her usual jersey.

"Ah… Sorry, Eriri. But we just checked him." Sayuri replied.

"Check?" Eriri gave a question mark to her mother.

"Yeah, we'll make sure, he's actually a man." Mr. Spencer, the one who answered the confused Eriri.

"Wait… Do you not believe me?" Eriri protested, but Mr. Spencer and Sayuri both looked at each other for a moment before their gaze moved to Kouta, who stood still, and they both answered at the same time.

""Well, sorry. But I can't help it.""

"Really… Anyway, I take him to my room. Come here, Kouta." Eriri grabbed Kouta's hand and brought him to her room upstairs. Kouta could hear Eriri's parents whistle and knew they were impressed by how brave Eriri was.

"Uh… Sorry… That's embarrassing." Eriri said as she blushed, thinking how childish her parents act was.

"I don't think so… It's cute and warm. You had a nice parent, Eriri. I like it." Kouta replied very honestly, saying if his parents might have acted like Eriri's parents if they were still alive.

"Ah…" Eriri realized about Kouta, and she felt sorry, but she thought Kouta wouldn't like it if she acted so bluntly, so she added. "Yeah, that may be true. But, it's still embarrassing." Eriri scratched her cheek.

"More importantly, it looks like you're still not prepared for your dress?" Kouta was amazed since Eriri was still in her usual jersey attire.

"Ah… Yes. I'm waiting for you to come after all." Eriri said as she grabbed one of her dresses, put it in front of her, and asked him a question. "How about this? This is good, right?" Eriri showed Kouta a red dress with black lace around the waist and, of course, a red ribbon to tie her twintail.

It was the dresses that she wore in the anime. Of course it suited her, but there was no way Kouta would let her wear those dresses.

"Well, that suits you very well, but I don't like it." Kouta casually replied and moved toward her.

"Eh… why?" Eriri was surprised by Kouta's answer and his coming at her, which made her drop her dress on the floor. Kouta wrapped his arm on Eriri's waist and pulled her, embraced her warmly.

"Isn't that a familiar dress that the heroine is wearing in the game that you recommended to me? Doesn't that come from the childhood character route?" Kouta asked the question and whispered in Eriri's ear.

"Ah~~~ That's… you know about it…"

"Of course, you recommended it to me, so I play that game… Hm… I wonder what you think when you wear that dress. Do you perhaps imagine your childhood came to take you from this mansion and left the party? Just like in the game."

"That's… Of course not… that would be really embarrassing… I might feel like dying to shame…"

"Really… that's never crossed your mind?"

"Ugh… yeah… I imagine that sometimes… okay… just once a while…"

"Hm… That's why I don't want you to wear those dresses or touch them ever again… No, I might want you to throw those dresses away. But you're really suited for those clothes, and you might have some lingering memories of those dresses. That's why I can't just tell you so… But I will give you a reward if you do so…"

Kouta told Eriri that, before he unhesitatingly kissed her, he covered her lips with his, and even sucked on them. Eriri closed her eyes and responded to his kiss. They kissed for a minute before Kouta let Eriri's mouth go…

"Ugh… Such a tyrant…" Eriri said those words, but her body became hotter… she liked Kouta's domineering attitude after all. "I wouldn't wear that dress again. So kiss me… Kiss me again like you did every time…" Eriri begged for another kiss with such a spoiled kid tone, put her hand around Kouta's neck, and moved her lips toward Kouta.

Well, of course Kouta wouldn't just turn around and take back his word, right? So Kouta granted her request and claimed her lips. It started with a simple kiss before they started to suck each other. Kouta licked Eriri's tongue, before twining their tongues. Lastly, he sucked her tongue really hard, and his lips overlapped with Eriri's lips.

His hand also moved and started to grab her small butt, stroking it gently before he squeezed hard at the same time he sucked her tongue hard. It made Eriri's body tremble in delight as her moan came out between their kissing.

Kouta's other hand already entered her panties and touched Eriri's clit…

"Nyaah~~~ Kouta…" Eriri let out a moaning voice when Kouta touched it.

"So… you won't touch it anymore?" Kouta stopped his kissing and focused on grabbing Eriri's butt and playing with her clit. Eriri looked at Kouta, who was strongly biting her lip with a bright red face and tears in her eyes. It felt like she held back to make a loud noise. She didn't want her parents or employees to hear her.

"Nyaa~~~ I will not touch that dress anymore…" Eriri replied with such a low voice.

"Good…" Kouta said as she laid Eriri on her bed, he brought his finger to her pussy and touched her clitoral area, which was so stiff.

"Nyaa~~ Kouta… Yes… There… rub it, Nyaaa, Feellss good…" Kouta touched her puffy and swelled up clitoris that no one expected Kouta's finger. It gave Kouta a sense of satisfaction already. Kouta continued rubbing her clitoris.

"You will throw it away, right?" Kouta asked, showing a bit of a bad and easily jealous boyfriend to Eriri.

"Nyaa… Yes… Yes.. I will throw it away… So please… Please make me cum…" Eriri could help to feel amazing good… Seeing Kouta felt or acting jealous… It was so tyrant, but his face was still cute though… Such a mixed feeling…

Kouta's finger was already soaked, but Kouta wanted to give her more pleasure. He can't just stick his penis at this moment, but he needs to give her an appropriate reward. Kouta stuck out his tongue and licked directly in the center of her pussy.

"Nyaaaaa~~~" Eriri felt such a surge of pleasure that she held Kouta's face between her thighs and didn't want to let go of the source of the pleasure. She even grabbed Kouta's head with both her hands. She ran her finger through his hair and asked for more…

Kouta licked Eriri's pussy with a somewhat sweet and sour taste. He moves his tongue up and down like a scoop for her love juice. And the more he licked it, the more love juice came out of her pussy. Before Kouta finished it by he licked the tip of her clitoris… playing with it by licking her clitoris left and right.

"Nyaaa~~ Kouta… I'm cumming… I'm cumming… Can I cumm, please…?" Eriri asked for his permission, and Kouta gave a simple answer, "Yes." and she licked her clitoris faster, pushed the tip of his tongue against her bean, and stimulated her. It may not have had any taste, but for Kouta, it tasted good, as if he had tasted something sweet.

"Nyaaaa~~ Cumminggggcummminggg…" Eriri's body completely jumped out with a shock and Kouta quickly separated his face from Eriri's pussy and he observed Eriri that squirted from cumming too much.

"Nyaaa… Amazing… still cumming… nyaaa…" Eriri gave Kouta a troubled smile as her body twitched over and over again. While Kouta patted her head lovingly that made Eriri's face become more melted.

"Nyaa~~ Kouta, you bastard… I like that… dress…" Eriri spoke of her feelings, but Kouta only gave her a devilish smile, before giving her a simple kiss and whispering in her ear.

"How about I buy you a new one? Or we are going together to buy it… It had been a long time since we had a date…"

"Ah~~ Un… I'm happy… I want a new dress… I want to go on a date with you too…"

"Yes… Good. You're the best, Eriri.. I love you…" Kouta gave Eriri another kiss, before they needed to change their outfit for the party.

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