70 Ch 70 - 27 May, Party with Eriri 01

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After that incident, there was nothing worth talking about. The curry that Kouta's made was delicious, and the two girls were satisfied. While Eriri was more lively after she had sex with Kouta.

On the other hand, Utaha didn't talk too much, and she rather took the approach of observing either Kouta or Eriri more. It was easy for Kouta to realize that sometimes he was stared at by Utaha.

As for Eriri, she had been working lively without any care. Kouta didn't know if Eriri realized that she had been observed by Utaha or if she just didn't care about it. Sometimes, Kouta wondered if it was a good choice to rely on his plan with Eriri's help.

But either way, Kouta needed Eriri in his plan to cause Utaha's fall. Yeah, Kouta knew that if he confessed his feelings to Utaha and asked her to become his girlfriend, she would most likely accept, and he might make Utaha's fall by doing that…

Kouta felt like there were a lot of those stories or doujin like that. A NTR story with the premise of dating only during the summer, month, or whatever, while the man gradually corrupted the girl through great sex, etc...

Yeah, those things may be worked out in this 2D like-world full of weird tropes that can be explored. But even though Kouta was a scumbag, one thing he wanted to do the most with all of his girls. He wanted them to know very well that he already had multiple women, or at least that they knew what kind of world they entered.

That's why that wasn't an option for him. So his basic strategy was to follow a trope about a girl who tried to save another girl from a bad guy before falling herself. Actually, he had read those familiar concepts in Utaha's doujin in the previous world. As she tried to help Eriri before she became a plaything.

It was a weird thing, but that trope was quite standard…

Kouta may be quite certain that the trope will work in this strange world based on his previous experiences. Kouta had, after all, successfully used many of those weird tropes to his own advantage.

That's why Kouta told Eriri to become closer with Utaha, since he didn't know how far Utaha would help Eriri… and if they came closer, it wasn't weird for her to help Eriri, and when he remembered their conversation at lunch… Kouta is convinced that at least Utaha had some friendship, or maybe respect she had just like in the anime, but Kouta wonders if that is good enough to do what that doujin did to Utaha.

Since if failed, well… that would be the end of Kouta's paradise life.

And Kouta already had 2 girls in his hand… At this point, Kouta doesn't need to increase another girl, right? But in the end, Kouta wanted to live to the fullest, and there was one 'waifu' in front of him. It was something that wouldn't happen in his previous life and he in the past wouldn't think of.

Yeah, there was no way for him to let her go, right? She is already in front of him or exists, why did he let her become MC girlfriend or another guy. He would rather use anything to make her his.

So Kouta wondered if he needed to take those risks or just play a long game…

"Haaaa…" Kouta sighed deeply as he stared at Eriri and thought 'if she can just be friends with Utaha faster… why their relationship is very similar like in the anime as they like fighting each other… acted like cat and dog.'

'Is this their fate?' Kouta couldn't help but think like that.

"Btw, are you two okay sleeping together in the same room? I know I had several empty rooms, but they were used by my late family, so I'm still not sure how to use them." Kouta asked Utaha and Eriri when it was already late and time for them to go to sleep. In the anime, there were several times that the protagonist and heroine worked until they needed to stay up late or it was crunch time.

Kouta wasn't keen to let this youngster do something like that. It was fun to see it in the anime, but it wasn't a good thing in real life.

"Well, I'm fine…" Utaha, surprisingly, was the first one to answer Kouta's question.

"Eh… I'm fine too…" Eriri nodded, since she didn't have any reason to reject that. Also, she can feel Kouta stare at her and give her the signal to do something. Yeah, Kouta hoped that with these two girls sleeping together, they would become closer than before.

"Good, okay then… I prepared the room." Kouta replied as he went to the room that is usually used for visitors. Kouta put a futon there and called the two girls to the room.

Kouta hoped something would happen to the two of them, but when breakfast came the next day…

While Eriri looked very lively this morning, showing she had a fun time. Utaha was… well… kind of very conscious of him and sometimes blushed when Kouta caught her staring at him.

Which means, something happened between the two of them when they slept together. It made Kouta wonder and be curious, but at the same time he couldn't ask Eriri what happened as long as there was Utaha here. Well, he can ask her later.

In the end, they worked together for a while until Eriri left after lunch, as she told them that she needed to prepare herself for the party in the evening, which usually lasted until the night. Utaha immediately followed Eriri and left too.

It looked like she might be embarrassed to spend time alone with Kouta after what happened with her and Eriri.

And so Kouta left alone, still feeling a bit confused… but well, it was good since he now can focus on preparing himself for going to the party with Eriri. Eriri already messaged him that since she was the one who asked him, she would be the one who prepared his attire.

"So I need to come to Eriri's home around 2 o'clock… huh?" Kouta didn't need to prepare anything other than his mental state because he was meeting Eriri's parents.

Kouta felt he needed to make a good impression on Eriri 's parents after all. Especially since, in his memory of Eriri's mother from the manga, she looked like she knew her daughter like Tomoya.

So Kouta didn't know how Eriri's mother would react. Even so, he still went to Eriri's home, following the map that was sent by her. Kouta found a big western house. Behind the big iron gate and large yard, there was a two story mansion where the roofs and walls were painted white and black.

The balcony with big pillars looked like those mansions in western movies, and after he announced his arrival on the intercom. Kouta heard a woman's voice, replied to him, and told him to come inside.

The iron gate automatically opened.

"So this is… Eriri's house… huh…" Kouta couldn't help but murmur as he realized how fortunate Tomoya was to have this kind childhood friend and how he could still get close to her. Perhaps because their parents are otaku and she is drawn to Tomoya because he is an otaku.

Anyway, Kouta finally arrived in front of the entrance… That it stopped under the balcony, and there was someone waiting for him. Not Eriri, but a familiar figure as her, a very beautiful woman with long, flowing dark purple hair that tied into two twintail laced with two ribbons on each side, just like Eriri, with her brown eyes staring at Kouta. She looked at him from top to bottom.

"Ara… So this is the famous Suzuki Kouta…" Eriri's mother, Sayuri Sawamura, walked toward him and looked at him, letting her yukata sway gracefully.

"Famous?" Kouta had a question mark on his face.

"Yeah, there is someone who is just talking about you these days… so of course I am curious about the boy who gets my daughter's attention." Sayuri replied while she gracefully twirled her wrist, and surprisingly, she grabbed Kouta's chest and shoulder. "Hm… hm… ara…"

Kouta was quite surprised, but he didn't do anything and just accepted Eriri's mother's grope him.

"Is there anything wrong?"

"Well, you're really a guy… huh… Ah.. Sorry, how rude I am… I'm Eriri's mother. Sayuri Sawamura. Nice to meet you." Sayuri took a step back and put her hand in her mouth, before she introduced herself.

That was the first time Kouta met his target parents, and that became something common in the future.

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