66 Ch 66 - 26 May, Weekend with Eriri and Utaha 02

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"What the hell happened here?"

It wasn't long before Eriri arrived at Kouta's home and was greeted by Kouta, who was wearing the same school uniform. She didn't ask anything until she saw another person in this room wearing something that only Eriri saw through the screen or when she was drawing that kind of attire.

Yeah, in the living room, Eriri experienced the sight of a beautiful bunny girl, and surprisingly, that girl, who is Eriri's senior, suits the costume well. A large part of her back and cleavage were exposed, the net stockings wrapping her leg nicely and the pair of bunny ears bouncing above her head.

Yeah, her senior, Kasumigaoka Utaha, wasn't just taller than Eriri, but her figure was also perfect, which made her suit those bunny suits very well.

Even so, it was still confusing as to what actually happened. Eriri finally asked that question to break the awkward silence.

"Well, I wonder how to explain this…" Kouta scratched her chin, like he was thinking of something, before he looked up at Eriri with a confident smile. "The easiest way to answer that question is that I had promised Utaha-senpai I would wear her old uniform if she wore a sexy swimsuit with bunny ears, but since I don't have any girl swimsuits... I made her wear those bunny suits." Kouta continued as he answered Eriri's question.

"I see… Wait, how do you have those kinds of bunny suits?" Eriri asked another question.

"Wait… That's something you're bothered about?"

"Un, I've already seen you wear that in your video, but still, I wasn't expecting you to have that kind of cosplay? Also, those kind promises… how do I say it… very like you I guess…"

"Well, I'm borrowing this from my acquaintance cosplayers, and of course, I am actually thinking of using this for other members of GCC, but it looks like this is quite fine too…" Kouta answered Eriri's question while his eyes wandered toward Utaha's direction.

"Mu…" Eriri pouted and grudgingly murmured, "I can't believe it." as she realized Kouta's eye was in Utaha's direction while he was still talking to her.

"Ah, by the way, Eriri… I have some custom for you too." Kouta turned to Eriri again and told her.

"Wait… are you talking? Do I need to comply with this farce…" Eriri responded quickly to Kouta's request.

"Well, of course. It's not fair that you can enjoy yourself while seeing us in this cosplay." Utaha walked toward them, and before she said that while she stood there near Eriri and put her hand on her hips with such a confident look on her face.

"Well, that…" Eriri's eyes were twitching as she stared at Kouta, and weirdly, she found him bewitchingly beautiful in that uniform. It is no wonder that people in that video see him as a girl. "Wait… that's maybe true… But aren't you embarrassed wearing those?" Eriri replied, looking somewhat annoyed at Utaha, who looked very smug at this point.

"Hm… Well, it is not like someone… I don't feel embarrassed by my body… rather I'm quite confident with my figure." Utaha answered while she kind of moved her body lightly as her way of showing her figure and making her point across at Eriri.

"Kuh… What does it mean… Kasumigaoka Utaha… Are you saying that I'm not confident with my body…? Fine… Kouta gave me that costume…" Eriri said as she told Kouta to get her costume. But, well… It wasn't what she expected will play.

Well, Eriri's customs were kind of different appeal from Utaha customs. What Kouta prepared for her was a sports school uniform with a bloomer and a cat ear.

"Ugh… this is… kinda…" Eriri lost her word as her body trembled, holding her frustration.

"Fu… That cosplay really suits you well… Especially people who like petite girls would love you dearly." Utaha said as she did her best to tease Eriri since just as Utaha said, this cosplay used to appeal to people who like something called in four letters that is feared on the internet these days… Especially in western countries and platforms with blue bird logos.

"Kasumigaoka Utaha…" Eriri felt angry and pressed her body against her while staring at her in such an emotional way.

"Didn't I say it to you before… don't call me with a full name like that it's rude you know… Spencer Sawamura Eriri…" Utaha responded by pressing her body against her to pay for Eriri's back and glaring at her as if she didn't want to lose.

Kouta on the other hand, felt like he could see a spark explode between them, or maybe they clashed with each other as the aura between them became worrying. At that time, Kouta wondered if Eriri tried her best to help him or if, no matter what happened, these two girls would have this kind of relationship.

"Well, can you two… just please get along…" Kouta said while he sighed as he was already back to his work making lunch or he finished making the lunch.

Two of them heard what Kouta was saying, turned their attention to the only guy in the room and asked him the ultimate question.

""Which one do you prefer, Kouta?"" They were talking in perfect synch.

"Wait… are you throwing that to me? Ah… The lunch has already finished…" Kouta brought the food to the table and called them to the dining room.

"Also, there's no point discussing which is superior. Both of them have a single, unique existence in the world. However, if I had to pick between the two of them, I like big breasts!." After Kouta finished preparing the lunch, he answered their question with such honesty and clear eyes in his expression.

"Hm… Hora?" Utaha simply smiled calmly with such a smug expression on her face.

"Ugh… No way…" Eriri's eyes opened wide for a moment before she fell to the floor as if she had been defeated in a match. "What the point… I'm wearing this if it's used to bully me…" Eriri said it with such an exaggeratedly sad tone.

"Ah… Ahaha… It looks like I'm going too far…" Utaha stated as she entered the dining room and sat at a table. Eriri followed her and sat beside her.

"Hiks… Itadakimasu…" Eriri said this while eating the food Kouta had prepared, as if she was trying to use it to improve her mood. "Delicious as always…" She said this while her chopstick continued to bite the food.

"Hm~~~ This is surprising… It's really good, like you said…" Utaha closed her mouth while she bit and enjoyed the food Kouta made. He made lunch with grilled tuna as the main dish… and while the skin was crunchy, the fish was cooked perfectly with salt and pepper.

"Ah~~~ This is good…" Utaha said her sound became sexier and her body was shivering and trembling with ecstasy as she ate Kouta's food, which she found it was really delicious. And Utaha wore a bunny suit, which is such a custom that emphasizes a sexy female figure.. .which of course is what happened every time Utaha ate Kouta's food, and she found it delicious.

It was a magnificent another jiggle that denied the law of physics. But God gave man the dream.

On the other hand, Eriri, who sat beside Utaha, flatly ate Kouta's food. She didn't give any reaction and just bit into the food. She might already be used to Kouta's food, or she just is not as expressive as Utaha.

But Kouta knew the reason. Since Utaha gave the same reaction as Takao, which also had such well-endowed bodies. Yeah, in this world where that academy exists… and the anime, where the majority of the fanservice was directed at a specific female figure, particularly one with a large breast.

With this scene in front of Kouta's eyes… The difference is very clear, which is how the degenerate is the god in this world to make such obvious differences.

It was not important… unfair… but such a blessing to witness that Kouta could only clap his hands and give praise to the Lord.

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