50 Ch 50 - 13 May, Study with Eriri is fun 02

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"So if C is… applying the cosine to this expression, the value of A…" Kouta taught Eriri the problem she needed to solve. Supposedly, the two of them sat side by side or face to face when they tried to teach someone. But Kouta didn't do anything like that.

"...Nnn… The root of… nnyaah…" Eriri tried to hold back her moaning and respond to Kouta, but she couldn't do it properly as she could feel his breath in her ear. Since Kouta taught her while whispering in her ear as he taught her while she sat on his lap. Not only that, her jersey was disheveled, and her bra had already been taken off.

Kouta let Eriri sit on his lap while his hand hugged her, and sometimes when she answered correctly, Kouta gave her small breast a reward by stimulating her nipples with stroking and pinching gently.

It caused her hand to tremble as she held a pencil to solve the problem and make scribbles in her notebook.

And if her answer was wrong, Kouta punished her by flicking those nipples quite hard, that's quite painful to hear. But after an hour of studying, Eriri's nipples were hard and stiff, making it easy for Kouta to flick it.

Also, when Kouta flicked Eriri's nipples, she sounded more like someone who enjoys that, but of course she would rather answer correctly since if she answers correctly, most of the problems Kouta gave will be solved and she would get a reward.

"It's 11…" Eriri answered the question correctly.

"Well, done… Here you reward…" Kouta's hand moved down to Eriri's pussy which was already soaking wet. Kouta gently poked her clitoris, which was already stiff, before rubbing her and squeezing those clitoris in such a rhythm that Eriri's body shivered a little for all Kouta's stimulation. And she was cum.

"Nyaah~~ Ah… Kouta…" Eriri turned her head with eyes that asked for a kiss. Kouta followed her request, kissed her, put his tongue inside her, and intertwined their tongues for a while before he stopped.

"Ah… Ko..Kouta… No more… Please… Your thing… I want it." Eriri begged Kouta as she spread her leg wide open, put her leg on M pose with such a sexy position to see. Of course, Kouta's penis was already kind of hard, because of her soft but sexy moan.

Even so, Kouta didn't agree with her.

"What are you saying, Eri…? Didn't you ask me to teach you?" Kouta replied almost immediately, but seeing her acted like slut. Kouta couldn't help pecking her nape and playing with her breast.

"Ugh… But… This is too much…" She responded as she enjoyed the Kouta's touch.

"If that's the case… we move on to the next lesson…" Kouta said, ignoring Eriri grumbled and once again opened the next textbook. Kouta may be fine doing anything else, but he absolutely doesn't like to study or teach somebody. He may become good, because of his cheating skills. Even so, his foundation was that he didn't really like to study or teach somebody… Rather than study, he would more like to improve his skill, using his cheating skill to improve himself.

So Kouta didn't want Eriri to ask him to help her study, so he had been playing with her. Of course, he taught her too, and since she answered correctly, he must be teaching her well. But most of the time, he felt like he had been just playing and enjoying himself.

Kouta taught her another material that was more likely to be questioned in midterm, before starting to question her again.

When Eriri answered correctly, Kouta squeezed and caressed her cute, pink nipple.

When Eriri answered incorrectly, Kouta would punish it by flicking her nipple.

And if Eriri answered correctly the majority of questions, Kouta rewarded her by making her cum.

And after another hour, surprisingly, rather than worsening, Eriri's answer became more correct than before. Kouta was astounded by her mind's ability to comprehend his teaching and correctly answer the question.

Before, there were really few incorrect answers… which meant he was defeated since he couldn't enjoy flicking her nipple.

"Ugh… How can it be? She can focus on the topic in this situation… look how messed up her face was?" Kouta couldn't help saying those words. Since there was no way something like this could be real. Or maybe this can happen, because the 2D like world, or just Eriri's mind, is increasing by doing perverted things.

Which means she was a perverted girl. Look how stupidly sexy she looks right now…

Kouta could see how debauched her eyes were, as her face was full of excitement and redness… a nasty expression that tried to invite a man. She even put her index finger in her mouth to show such erotic expression, but it was a spoiled one too.

"Hehe~ Kouta~ Please~ Give me my reward~" She said it with another mushy face.

"Well, okay. But you need to give this attention too." Kouta responded by taking off his boxers and exposing his already hard penis.

Eriri stared into Kouta's eyes while smiling. She brought her face close to Kouta's penis and rubbed it with her cheeks and murmured.


Kouta couldn't believe he was hearing such an obscene word while she rubbed her cheek against his penis with such a tender and loving touch.

For starters, Eriri kissed the tip of Kouta's penis before she started to lick the tip and went down the shaft to give his penis a lot of her saliva to make it wet so that she could stroke Kouta's penis easier and pleasure him.

While Eriri's finger stroked him gently, her mouth went to his ball and gave it kisses and licks. Sometimes she put it in her mouth and sucked it… giving Kouta a weird, but such pleasure sensation. After she felt Kouta's penis wet, she pleasured it, and it got harder.

Eriri continued with her taking his penis in her mouth while slurping as she began to move her face up and down while looking up and making eye contact with Kouta. She was sucking and squeezing Kouta's big penis with her lips.

Until Eriri wrapped his penis in her soft lips and pushed her lips to the base of his penis, she tried her best to swallow his penis completely. Considering the length of his penis, it reached the back of her throat. She felt in pain, but she tried her best… She smiled and made a double piece with her face stuck on his public hair, as she wanted to please him.

Yeah, Eriri didn't hesitate to bury her face between Kouta's legs and suck him hard, while her tongue danced over his penis. She was so thoroughly engorged and passionate, her tongue twirling and her face bobbing. Her blonde hair swayed and fell to Kouta's thigh, which was equally enticing.

"Ah~~ I'm cumming…" Kouta couldn't handle those pleasures anymore and let out the hot liquid, which spurted into the wet swamp of Eriri's throat. Eriri, who still sucked his penis, didn't let go of his penis, but she even sucked out Kouta's white stuff, before she let go of the penis. There was semen she couldn't swallow; it overflowed from the edge of her mouth, even though she tried her best.

Eriri, who still looked at him with such mushy eyes, smiled bewitchingly and spoke.

"It's weird… but delicious… I want more…" Eriri muttered and took his penis in her mouth again as she was so thoroughly engorged and passionate, and she let her tongue crawl over the Kouta's penis to clean it up

"Nyaaaaa♡♡! Kouta, please put it inside me!" Eriri begged Kouta to put her leg in M pose again, as she spread her leg wide open. Its legs were elegantly outstretched, and it boasted her cute and slim thighs.

Kouta positioned himself toward Eriri entrance as her half-open and drooling bottom flesh that was so wet after cumming so much because of Kouta's teasing, and then he began to slip it in.

"Nyoooh! Finally, It's so big! Kouta's penis… It penetrates me, it pushes and spreads inside me! Nyaaah! It feel so ggoooddd!!" Eriri enjoyed her reward. Different from Satomi, who sometimes likes to be the one to move. Eriri was always a girl who liked to be spoiled and let her man do the work when they had sex. Kouta taught her that it was her reward after all.

"Eriri… really… tight!" Kouta said as he leaned down and sought her lips. Their tongues entwined and swallowed each other's saliva. Kouta shook his hips strongly and slammed his hip into her ample ass. The stirring and clenching of her flesh were so exquisite that if he wasn't strong enough, he could come fast.

Kouta held her slender hip and thrust his hip down. Her slender finger clung onto him while she cried in a lewd and charming voice.

"Nyaaa… Kouta… It's grinding inside my pussy!! I'm cumming!! I'm cumming, Kouta I want cum!"

Kouta kept thrusting his penis deep kissing her cervix in response to her moan. "Yeah, just cum, Eri." He replied as her pussy became unbearably tight as she cummed. Kouta did all the pounding as he thrust his hip hard, her eyes were full of pleasure and her lips are half-open after cumming so many times, before Kouta was already on limit.

In the end, Kouta slammed his hip deep inside while pressing Eriri's body, while kissing her tightly, and she howled in pleasure as she could feel Kouta ejaculating inside her womb.

"Nyaa~~ Amazing~~ Is this~~ what people call~~ Mating presss~~~~" Eriri howled as she thought of something that was cliche in doujinshi.

"Ah… That's amazing, Eri."


"But we still have long nights and Sundays too." Kouta said after that they would spend that weekend… with those stupid, but sexy study routines. Until Sunday night, when Eriri returned home.

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