Stealing Heroine: Honestly, I never thought this far. (R-18-Rewrite)

Suzuki Kouta got an unknown illness and he remember someone's memories. Someone who succumbed to illness and died at his age. Someone who came from another world that didn’t look like his world at all. Especially when he saw familiar figure a heroine from anime from his previous world. At that moment, something rose in his mind. Kouta felt an annoying itch inside him. An indescribable urge to mess this up. The feeling to go and steal the heroine and girl from those main characters. Even though the main character was just a dense harem guy. And he was most likely a thick-headed deaf protagonist. With just that many girls liked him because he was just nice to them. [ Beware this fanfic have a poor grammar, edited by free grammar checker. ]

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Ch 180 - 16 June, Takao 05

"Honestly, I didn't expect you to answer like that," Kouta spoke with his honest feelings.

"Eh, is that so— Well, it can't be helped after all. I just felt like I saw myself in Roka for a short time." Takao replied to Kouta's words. 

Right now, the two of them are walking on a street full of love hotels. Yeah, it's a street filled with couples making out. 

"It's your fault for responding like that anyway." Takao continued her words while making a pouty face with her cheeks puffed up cutely.

Well, even then, Kouta could feel that the people around him were staring at him. As a man with many women, he was sometimes honest with his desires. Kouta shamelessly replied by saying, 'For me, it is an honor to be able to date a sweet girl like you, and I would be happy to do so.' 

At that time, people might have thought that Kouta had no shame. Also, Roka looked a little shy from hearing Kouta's praise before Kouta continued his words, which were surprising not only to Roka but also to Takao, who had been observing what Kouta was doing. 

'But I'll do it if you can get permission from Takao.' Well, at that time, Kouta shamelessly said it. No, perhaps being a womanizer like him requires a thick face.

Takao was, of course, surprised to hear Kouta's words. After all, because of Kouta's words, Roka's gaze shifted to Takao. She could feel Roka's pleading gaze towards her. It was a gaze that made her feel a little sorry for Roka. Plus, she also understood what Roka was feeling. 

Well, Takao still wanted to date Kouta even though she knew he had other girls besides her. She was also impressed by Roka's honesty and straightforwardness. This is something she is used to seeing from Roka. That's why she didn't feel strange about what Roka did. She may be a little angry about what happened, but in the end, she understands Roka. She also doesn't feel that she deserves to stop Roka, but she won't make it easy for Roka either.

In the end, Takao made a decision that can be said to be in the middle. 

'Alright, but you can only do that by telling me both what happened after the date and also just once in a while and also if I agree to the schedule that is happening. If that's the case, I'm fine.'

Something that Roka took for granted as if she had no problem with it. Either way, all of this is favorable for Kouta. 

Then, after the conversation, the shop opened. They bought the game and selected limited items before parting ways—especially Kouta and Takao, who continued their date. 

Kouta thought that with so many girls he dated, he should at least think of a date that was different or at least suited to the nature and preferences of the girl. He wondered if taking Takao to arcades and the like related to games would be a good idea. 

Kouta also thought about taking Takao to famous cafes and the like. Considering the attitude of her, He was pretty sure she had never gone to a place like that. Therefore, he thought it would be good to take her to a new place like that to add experience. 

However, it seems that Takao has a different plan or her own plan. So, in the end, Kouta made what Takao wanted to do easier for him because he didn't have to think much. Especially Takao was very excited about the plans she had. Instead of going to a cafe or something, Takao took Kouta to a nearby park and showed her the packed lunch she made. 

Takao's lunches are sandwiches with ham and vegetables and various Japanese tempura such as kaarage and kakiage. It seemed that Takao was still thinking about his plan to dominate Kouta's stomach and thus gave Kouta a positive assessment. Kouta enjoyed a peaceful lunch in the park while watching people who were also spending time with their families or partners on the weekend. 

According to Kouta, the food prepared by Takao is quite good, especially considering Takao's age and experience in cooking is still practically new. So, the development of Takao is very promising. Like Eriri, Takao's cooking skills are getting better. Therefore, Kouta also thought of giving her a little gift. 

Unfortunately, Kouta only found a nearby drink shop selling drinks that seemed fairly new in this world, unlike in his past life. The drinks purchased were usually of various types, such as Thai tea, Matcha, and Milk tea, before being given additions as desired, such as pudding, bubble pearls, and the like. 

Although Kouta didn't find the drink interesting, he bought it for himself and Takao. Takao seemed quite interested in the drink; however, when Kouta saw Takao holding the drink, she also saw her big breasts. Kouta immediately recalled the one thing that made artists in his world go crazy about the boba challenge. 

Well, many people depict various characters from anime, especially those with large breasts, by showing the characters drinking the drink without holding it and placing it on their large breasts without falling over. It feels like it's become so phenomenal that Kouta doesn't know where it came from, whether it was initially from the real world before artists copied it. 

However, one immense feeling made Kouta want to see it in person. He had only seen pictures of artists and influencers doing the challenge on Instagram and Twitter. Kouta couldn't help but ask Takao to do that. 

Well, of course, Takao responded a little wide-eyed. 'Why?' 

'It's just to be funny— I guess—' 

'Hm, I don't know why you want to see something like that. But I can do it—' 

Well, after that, Kouta spent some time taking pictures where the tapioca drink was right on top of Takao's large breasts. It was something that should be normal, but for Kouta, it reminded him a bit of his past life. Sometimes, it made him relax a little. 

Their dates are just like that— until finally, the two of them are currently in a room at a love hotel. 

"Hm, I did that because I wanted to see what my girlfriend thought," Kouta remembered the small talk between Roka and Takao and how simple their date was. He also got an exciting photo of Takao efficiently doing the boba challenge. 

Kouta couldn't resist posting the photo on his official Twitter account, One. Of course, he blurred out Takao's face and wrote a caption. 

"Huhuhu— My girlfriend can do this amazing with the new drink—" 

It was a rare thing for Kouta to do; perhaps he was feeling very nostalgic for the memories of his past life. After posting that, he put away his smartphone and muted it because he had to focus on other things because now they had entered the Love Hotel. 

"Oh, this is kinda nice place—" Takao spoke while looking at the Love Hotel's room, which was quite spacious with a large heart-shaped bed that Takao sat on. "Ah— It feels like summer is coming." She commented that since they spent their time in the park, it was not strange that their bodies were covered in sweat.

As the biggest reason for the two of them to come here, Kouta and Takao could have held back and gone to Kouta's house, but both understood that they were on a date and that having a different experience than usual would make this date even more memorable. 




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