Steal women from your family

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A new family moved in to an house that was once home of a hidden genuis engineer that has a dash of "Magic" (Mysterious Blue powder) he found underneath his house. It has magical properties that only works with things related to sex in any form. Like creating an aphrodisiac that can be applied on the skin without taking it orally or connect a sex toy to your penis. You can feel pleasure that the toy you are connected feels and even shoot cum from the toy into your lover without her knowing.

When he found about the usages, he next thought was to make a large batch to of [Sexual Liquids] he can use for himself, while giving lesser liquids out to sell.

Liquids that strengthens the body, causes hypnosis, memory lose, and many others. He was going to make millions or even control the world to do his biding. Becoming the most powerful man was in his grasp, but he died suddenly. Without any warning he dropped dead at the age of 57.

His hard work was lost and no one ever known about it as he was paranoid of someone will steal his creations. He built surveillance cameras all over his house and every angles. Leaving no blind spots that he can't see and listen in. He even has an technology advance phone that shows every camera in the house and sends him notifications of anyone coming near him. He can even hide in secret compartments stashed throughout the house. This way he can disappear quickly and attack any intruders.

But that is the end of his story.

This story is about a teenager name Alex, who found his workshop and use the [Sex Liquids] to have sex with his female family members that visited them and soon the rest of the world.


(Alex pov Dream)

Alex was having a dream of fucking his mother. Thrusting into her tight pussy, fucking her hard and quick, building a rhythm as he use her hot hole to pleasure himself. His hand left marks on her hips, holding them in place as he fucks her into the bed. Her moans echo throughout the room, signaling how she likes to be taken tough and hard.

"That's...it...hah, fuck...mmm...me...hah. Treat me...hah...like the...mmm...dirty...slut I am...hah."

She moaned out happily at him, giving her the best fucking of her life, better than her limp dick of a husband.

Alex didn't say anything, but his actions did it for him. Speeding up his thrust, he was close to cumming and he even told her so.

"Mmmm~. Slut, be ready to take my load."


She yells out in ecstasy as she tightens her vagina up which made him want to cum. Unfortunately, his alarm clock woke him up before he could.





"Fuck!! It was getting to the part!!"

He yelled out loud, not caring who heard him as his room was soundproof. Letting out a long sigh, Alex took off his stained underwear and throw it in the hamper. His shirt came next, showing his 4 pack abs and naked body. He grab a new pair and headed to take a shower, while remembering how he got here.

Alex has lived in this 2 story house (Cover picture) with his family, mother and father for 2 months now. He slept a few doors down from his parent's room at the far end corner. There are 5 rooms on the second floor, their bedrooms and 3 guest bedrooms. While the last room was made into his mom's workplace. There are 4 bathrooms in total. Him and his parents have their own personal bathroom, leaving 1 bathroom next to a guest bedroom and 1 on the first floor near his mom's workplace.

Alex was reborn into this ordinary world 14 years ago. He couldn't remember much of his past life and he don't really care. He can only remember games, movies and porn, but it's not helpful to him at all.

After checking his world's history to see if anything has change, but nothing. No changes, everything is the same and no 'golden finger' or cheat. He was waiting for years to have one like any other transmitted person, but nope. Alex has live 14 years of being an ordinary person.

He had made friends over the years since he was born, but they stopped talking as his family moved every few years. So Alex stop trying to make any friends in new places as he may never see them again. He spent his time focusing on school and playing games.

Grabbing a towel, Alex proceed to dry off and head down to get something to eat as it was 7 when he woke up.

Going down the stairs, Alex smelled bacon, pancakes and coffee. When he reach the bottom floor, he could see his dad was already waiting for his mom to finish cooking. He was reading the moring news, with one hand and sipping coffee with the other. His name is Jake.

He is in late 40's with a full head of black hair and his face is shaved clean. He has brown eyes and is pretty muscular for his age. He use to be marine, but left it behind after Alex was born. He now works as a accountant in a bank.

"Morning dad, mom."



After greeting his dad and mom, Alex secretly spy on his mom, named Beth. She is the most hottest MILF he ever saw. Despite being 39 years old, she still has a youthful appearance of a women in her late 20's early 30's. Her 34DD cup breast was snuggled in her sun dress, showing off her smooth, perfect legs. The dress may cover her ass, but he can see the outline of it. It is a heart shape that is neither to big or too small. A perfect amount as any man can grab it in his hands and hold on.

Tearing his eyes away from her, he turn on the TV, watching a cartoon show. So his dad won't notice Alex eye banging his wife.

5 more minutes went buy as his mom finally finished cooking and brought their breakfast over. His parents began talking to each other, while he just watch his shows when he heard something interesting.

"...So my sister and her family will be staying with us for a few months. A pipe burst in their house, getting water everywhere. Until their house is water free, they are staying with us. So I need you, my manly husband to bring the guest sheets down from the cellar and wash them. They will be here in a few days."

She says, looking at her husband, who nods his head in understanding and continues to eat his food.


After that conversation, Alex continue to watch TV and secretly steal glances at his mother. He actually didn't remember what his mom's sister looks like as she hardly visits them as she lives pretty far away. But he know she has a daughter and a son near his age. 'This will be interesting.'

He thought to myself as he spent the whole day relaxing.

Unknown to Alex, he would find his 'golden finger' the next day after he was ask to clean the attic. If his dad clean the attic he was supposed to, then maybe he would have the 'golden finger' instead. Sadly for him, there is no medicine for regret.