STB: Runes and Vampires

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STB: Chapter 36

"I'm sure it's around- oh! It's here" Alex looked at the glowing scroll in his hand.

"Where did you even get that scroll from?" Sayaka looked at the glowing scroll before turning her eyes to Alex.

"Don't tell me... You stole this from the museum?" Sayaka narrowed her eyes at Alex causing him to release a chuckle.

"I knew it!" Alex just shook his head.

"Of course not, I've swapped it with some random scroll so I didn't Technically steal it, I trade it" Alex smiled at Sayaka who was looking at him with an expression saying 'Are you serious right now?'

"Anyway, let's do what we came here for" Alex used his 3rd familiar to detect the separate dimension he felt earlier.

"Gotcha" Alex looked at the said grave of King Arthur as Alex summoned his 3rd familiar.

"Come out! Al-Meissa Mercury!" A two-headed serpent-like dragon appears on top of the grave as it devours the space, revealing a throne room.

"Let's go Sayaka!" Sayaka got out of her daze and caught up to Alex who went in first.

"Hahaha! Look at this!" Alex looked at the throne before looking at Sayaka who was looking at the room with awe.

"So many scattered treasures" Sayaka knelt as she grabbed a gold bar.

"Alex... Let's add a tomb raider to your list of crimes" Sayaka saw Alex giving her a weird look.

"You tell me that but you're already packing that gold bar you are holding, Sayaka blushed hearing this.

"You misunderstood my intention! I'm gathering research materials! Yes! I'm gathering materials for you!" Sayaka tried to explain herself but Alex's look didn't change.

"Okay... So you investigate there and report what you find, there might be traps lying around, but I'm sure you'll be fine" Alex then started to walk towards the throne with a skeleton sitting on it with a crown on its skull while holding a dusty sword.

"... Is this the Excalibur?" Alex looked at the sword emitting holy energy but as soon as Alex touched the sword it became dust.

"H-Huh?! How does that make any sense!" Alex gathers the dust.

"... It's still emitting holy energy... Which means... Holy fucking shit! I can reuse this!" Alex grabbed a spare pair of socks in his storage ring as he gathered the dust and put it inside the sock.

Alex then inspected the skeleton and saw a necklace hanging on its neck which also emits a much stronger holy energy.

"Isn't the sword he was holding the Excalibur?" Alex muttered as he grabbed the necklace then it hit him.

"... That sword isn't Excalibur but the sword of selection, Caliburn, and this fragment is from Excalibur due to how strong it's holy energy it's emitting, but how it was..." Alex was interrupted in his monologue when Sayaka called him. He looked at her and noticed that the throne room had become emptier, with Sayaka standing in the middle, a wide smile on her face.

"We're rich!" Hearing this Alex can't help but shake his head.

"We're going to be richer due to my storage rings anyway" Alex looked at Sayaka who's eyes widened in realization.

"Oh, I got too excited that I forgot" Hearing this Alex chuckles.

"Got everything?" Sayaka nodded.

"Then let's go- oops I almost forgot you" Alex stored the crown in his storage ring along with the dust of Caliburn and the dust of Excalibur.


As Alex and Sayaka were touring the country, they suddenly stopped and looked up at the barrier-forming above them.

"Looks like we got company" Alex looked at Sayaka with a smile.

"Obviously!" Sayaka glared at Alex and with his nonchalant attitude.

"Mist?" Sayaka looked at the mist slowly surrounding them.

"Dramatic entrance? I should also do this to intimidate people" Alex was thinking about using the 4th familiar as a smoke machine to appear like Dracula in those movies he saw.

When a woman with light green hair and dark green eyes along with a woman who has pale blond hair with green eyes.

"3rd progenitor..." Sayaka looked at the woman with light green hair.

"Oh? I didn't know the 3rd progenitor and her descendant have some business with me?" Alex put his hands in his pocket with a grin on his face, this is the first time he has seen another progenitor other than himself, and he's not disappointed.

"Don't call me that... Also, what are you doing here, 4th progenitor" The 3rd progenitor narrowed her eyes on Alex as she released a good amount of mana making the surroundings vibrate due to the amount of power.

Seeing this Alex also retaliated by releasing a good amount of his mana which easily dominated her mana causing her to widen her eyes for a split second before going back to normal.

"Oh? Then call me by my name, then I'll call you by your name 3rd progenitor~" Alex teased the 3rd progenitor even more causing her to girth her teeth.

"Geez relax or your teeth might turn to dust, Alright Giada, I'm just touring the country, is it wrong for me and my blood servant to take a vacation?" Giada widens as she looks at Sayaka after hearing that she's the 4th progenitor's blood servant.

"Come on don't be surprised, you even got a descendant. I'm sure you have one or two lovers out there" Alex teased Giadia causing her to glare at him.

"You don't know what you're talking about 4th progenitor" Still glaring at him who just shrugs it off.

"Oh? Then tell me why do I feel your blood flowing through her veins?" Alex looked at the girl with pale blond hair who did a small bow.

"It's a method called vampirism" Giada huffed.

"I see, so you're still a virgin huh? That's cool" Giada blushed when she heard this and was about to send out her familiar to attack but sadly Sayaka was there to de-escalate the situation.

"3rd Progenitor, The Chaos Bride Giada Kukulcan, I apologize for my progenitor's behavior, we were just here to appreciate the country nothing more" Giada looked at Sayaka for a second before slowly nodding her head.

"Very well, Glenda, let's go" Glanda nodded as she walked beside Giada. Giada glanced at Alex, who was waving at her, causing her to huff and ignore him. The two of them were then enveloped in a mist before vanishing.

"So that's the 3rd progenitor huh, interesting" Alex grinned at Sayaka who was also glaring at him.

"You know one wrong step and we could have a war between you and the 3rd progenitor" Sayaka looked at him seriously.

"Relax Sayaka, while I don't like politics I'm not dumb, I can't risk my parents and their home on the island" Alex smiled at her as he patted her head.

"Good job though, you look very cool de-escalating the situation" Alex gave her a thumbs up causing her to shake her head.

As the two of them went to their hotel, a beautiful woman with long black hair, cold-looking pink eyes, and large breasts was waiting for them in the lobby.

"Hello 4th progenitor, I'll be your observer from now on, also nice to see you Sayaka of the Lion King Organization" The unknown girl smiled at Alex while giving Sayaka a side eye causing Sayaka to point at her.

"Why are you here, Six-Blade Priestess...

Kiriha Kisaki!"


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