STB: Runes and Vampires

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STB: Chapter 35

Alex and Sayaka examined the piece of metal claimed to be a fragment of King Arthur's sword, Excalibur. Alex couldn't hide his genuine disappointment, recognizing it as fake. Although the metal had accumulated a significant amount of faith, transforming it into a holy relic, but at the end of the day, a fake is a fake and could never surpass the original.

'Sorry, Shirou Emiya, but I guess you can be wrong sometimes' Alex looked at Sayaka who was genuinely interested in the metal, and guessed she hadn't figured out that the metal was fake.

"So this is the fragment from King Arthur's sword" Sayaka checks out the metal from all angles.

"So, how are you going to get it?" Sayaka looked at Alex who had a disappointed look on his face.

Seeing this Sayaka walked toward him as she cupped his face and looked at his eyes.

"What's wrong Alex" Sayaka looked into his eyes with a smile on her face, Alex, saw this causing his mood to improve, and kissed her lips.

"I'm alright now, but this metal is fake" Sayaka's face flushed from the sudden intimate action while people looked at them.

"Really? That's fake? But why do I feel something holy about it?" Sayaka looked at the metal before looking at Alex who had a surprise look on his face.

"You can sense holy mana?" Sayaka looked at Alex as if he were an idiot.

"Yeah? I mean I've been a war dancer for half of my age, so of course I've encountered other than normal mana" Sayaka looked at Alex with a smile on her face

"So are you still going to take this?" Alex nodded at her question.

"I thought you said it's fake, mind explaining" Sayaka looked at Alex curiously.

"Well, even if it's fake, it has its use and this metal has been gathering a good amount of faith, making it a holy relic, so a holy relic on my hand is quite valuable" Alex smiled at Sayaka who was still thinking about something else.

"Are you going to use that metal as a core for your magical heritage?" Alex nodded at her question and took out a piece of metal similar to the fake fragment of the sword of Arthur.

Alex harnessed the power of his 3rd familiar and skillfully did a swap of the two metals. After carefully examining the fragment, he then placed it into his storage ring.

"Tada~" Alex looked at Sayaka who was shaking her head.

"What's that?" Sayaka looked at the scroll, which was grouped with other relics from Arthurian legends.

"Hmm?" Alex walked beside Sayaka who was looking at the scroll, Alex looked at the description of the scroll.

Found near the tomb of King Arthur, a mysterious scroll has puzzled scholars for centuries. Despite countless efforts, its contents remain undeciphered, rendering it unsolvable to this very day.

'... This scroll has powerful mana on it' Alex still looking at the scroll where Sayaka was calling him.

"Alex!" Alex looked at Sayaka who had a concerned look on her face.

"What's wrong?" Sayaka still looking at Alex.

"Nothing, let's go. I already got what I needed" Hearing this, Sayaka nodded. Alex then took the opportunity to grab the scroll and swap it with a random one he had on his storage ring.


"Is there a place you want to visit or we'll head home?" Sayaka looked at Alex who was looking at the sky.

"Hmm, let's take this chance to take a vacation so let's go and see the Tower of London, I also wanted to see the Tower Bridge and the famous Big Ben" Sayaka wrote what he said and nodded.

"Anything else?" Alex shook his head.

"Nope, for now, let's eat lunch, I'm starving" Sayaka nodded as they went towards the nearest restaurant.

After lunch, Alex and Sayaka made their way to the landmark that Alex wanted to visit, the Tower of London.

Alex and Sayaka stood in awe before the Tower of London, a majestic structure built in the 11th century, overlooking the River Thames. Renowned for its iconic White Tower and rich history as a royal palace, prison, and treasury in the past.

"Even though it's old, you can still appreciate its beauty and significance" Alex looked at the tower of London who whole heartily agreed Sayaka agreed.

"Should we go to our next stop?" Sayaka looked at Alex who was still looking at the Tower of London.

"Yeah, let's go" Alex offered his hands to her which she happily accepted.

After exploring the Tower Bridge and Big Ben, Alex and Sayaka overheard a group of tourists discussing the grave of King Arthur. Intrigued by the conversation, they decided to add this famous site to their tour.

"So this is the king's grave, huh, sadly it's also fake..." Alex narrowed his eyes on Arthur's grave as he also looked at his storage ring.

"Alex?" Alex looked at the confused look of Sayaka.

"I'll explain it later, I found something interesting" Alex grinned as Sayaka just nodded.

"Alex, let's have a picnic here" Sayaka suggested as she looked at the people who were also having a picnic.

"Sure" Alex saw Sayaka take out the stuff she needed in her storage ring.

"Do you always have these on your storage ring?" Alex looked at Sayaka as she spread the picnic blanket and placed the basket full of sandwiches and a cooler.

"Of course, as your assistant, I'm always ready for different kinds of situations" Sayaka looked at Alex with a smug look on her face causing Alex to shake his head.

"Good job" Alex patted her head she tried to play it cool but inside she really felt happy.

"I'm just doing my job" Sayaka poked Alex's cheeks with a smile.

The two of them sat close to each other, their shoulders touching. Alex reached into the basket for a sandwich while Sayaka poured orange juice into their glasses.

"So what's your next plan?" Sayaka bit into her sandwich while looking at the beautiful view.

"We're going back here at night, I found something interesting" Sayaka looked at Alex with a pout.

"But I wanna sleep..." Sayaka whines as Alex just looks at her.

"It's okay, I'll just ask Yukina" Alex smirked at Sayaka.

"By you meant 'ask' you're going to kidnap her right?" Sayaka looked at Alex with a deadpan expression causing Alex to let out a fake gasp.


How did you know that?! But yeah, you know me too well Sayaka~" Alex wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Fine, I'll come" Sayaka pouted causing Alex to kiss her cheeks.

"Good" Still pouting, Sayaka looked at Alex who was smiling at her.

'Idiot...' Sayaka suddenly hugged Alex, inhaling his scent. Alex quickly erected a barrier around them to avoid drawing attention. His fangs elongated as he gently sank them into Sayaka's delicate neck.

"Ahn~" Sayaka tightened her hold on Alex, afraid of losing herself to the pleasure, as she listened to the sound of him drinking her blood, soon Alex slowly removed his fangs from her neck not before giving it a kiss which resulted in a sensual moan Sayaka released.

"Felt good?" Sayaka nodded to his question as she separated herself from him, Sayaka looked at Alex's eyes full of desire but Alex just gave her a peck on the lips.

"Don't be impatient, let's do this at the hotel" Sayaka hesitantly nodded as she could still feel the fire of her crotch.

After hearing this, Sayaka pouted for the rest of the afternoon as they made their way back to the hotel. Alex, noticing her frustration and sensing she was hot and bothered, decided to satisfy her and his needs. As night fell, Alex opened a portal to Arthur's grave.


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