STB: Runes and Vampires

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STB: Chapter 28

Alex took a sample of Yukina's blood and checked its properties of it, you never know what an organization would do to an orphan.

Alex found out that she's fully human and has no signs of human experiment that was done to her which is a good sign.

Alex also asked Yukina to take out Schneewalzer and Alex checked her state while using the lance and found something interesting.

Every time Yukina wields the lance she becomes a partial spirit, when he reveals this to Yukina she is shocked and also reveals something interesting.

"So that's why we have spirit possession" she muttered.

"Oh? What's this spirit possession you just said?" Alex asked as Yukina looked at Sayaka to ask for confirmation which she nodded.

"Well, it's a secret technique that the Lion King organization developed, Sayaka also has one if I remember" Yukina said while looking at Sayaka to confirm her words which she nodded.

"Yeah, I also have one, but we can't use it casually as just one misstep is all it needs before it will a disaster happens" Sayaka said.

"... So that's why" Alex thought for a bit before asking Sayaka to take out her Lustrous Scale.

"I see" Alex inspected Sayaka's weapon and he also checked Yukina's as both had the same unknown energy it was emitting.

"So that's why I felt your weapon is alive, it has an ego, but not a fully awakened one, and I have no idea what ego that is and where it was from, is it artificial, or... Oh no... So that's why I'm unfamiliar with that energy, my best guess is it's spirit or divine energy" Alex said causing a reaction between the both of them.

"Is it harmful?" Sayaka asked causing Alex to shake his head.

"Not unless you use the technique spirit possession" Alex said.

"What do you mean?" Yukina asked.

"From my understanding, every time you use spirit possession while holding your weapon, the ego inside the weapon will resonate with you granting you the powers of that ego have" Alex explained as the both of them have complicated looks.

"Will it have side effects?" Yukina asked.

"Of course it does, it uses the user's lifespan, I'm assuming the Lion King organization didn't tell you this?" Alex said as he looked at the horrified look of the two girls.

"Yukina! You're not thinking of using that technique right?!" Sayaka said.

"I won't... If I can help it" Yukina said causing Sayaka to frown.

"You're not going to use that also right?" Yukina asked, causing Sayaka to shake her head.

"I don't know about that" Alex smiled at Yukina.

"What do you mean 4th progenitor?" Yukina said as she narrowed her eyes on Alex.

Seeing this Alex just raised his hands while smiling.

"I'm saying Sayaka can use spirit possession without repercussion" Alex said causing Sayaka to widen her eyes in realization.

"What does he mean about that Sayaka" Yukina said as she looked at Sayaka who had a blush on her face.


"Sayaka!" Yukina yelled.

"Now now, no need to fight" Alex went right next to Sayaka and he wrapped his hands around her waist.

"What I'm saying was, Sayaka is my blood servant" Alex said with a smile.

"Blood servant?" Yukina asked, unfamiliar with the word.

Alex then explained what a blood servant was to Yukina along with Sayaka helping out smoothing things out since Yukina looked like she was about to pass out.

"Can you give me some time to digest all that?" Yukina asked as Alex nodded at Sayaka knowing she wanted to comfort her friend.

Yukina doesn't know what to feel about the fact her friend is now immortal.

While Sayaka wants to act rashly by telling Alex to turn Yukina his blood servant too, she manages to gain her bearings and think rationally and it's not Alex's choice but it's Yukina's.


"Should I remove that ego and put it on a body to see what happens?" Alex pondered.

"I can replace that ego with the artificial one I used creating project magical heritage" Alex said as a grin started to form on his lips.

"I wonder what kind of ego is inside their weapon, I can't wait to find out" Alex said before the door opened revealing Yukina and Sayaka both have red eyes that Alex could guess from crying.

He can't understand how women work, but he learned how to adapt to them.

"Looks like you guys sorted it out" Alex watched them as they sat across him.

"So? Do you need something for me?" Alex asked.

"Alex, Yukina, and I thought about our current situation-" Sayaka said but was stopped by Yukina.

"I'll be straightforward, can you turn me into a blood servant?" Yukina said causing Alex to raise his eyebrows, but then again, he doesn't understand women, so Alex just shrugs it.

"I can" Alex said.

"Then can you turn me into one?!" Yukina said hopefully causing her to stand up.

"No" Alex denied Yukina as he shook his head, he saw Sayaka was about to interfere but I just looked at her and she backed down.

"Why?" Yukina asked with a frown.

"Actually, I want to hear that from you, why do you want to be my blood servant? Didn't you still have your duties as the observer of Kojou? Wouldn't that mean you're betraying the organization?" Alex said with a smile.

"..." Hearing this Yukina can't help but be silent.

"See? You can't even answer it, can you at least think about it a little more? While I want you to be mine, I want you to cut your ties with the organization, are you willing to cut your ties to the organization who raised you and trained you?" Alex said with a grin.

"..." Yukina stayed silent.

"You can't answer right?" Alex said with a shrug and paused for a minute for Yukina to digest what he said.

"Alright, let's do this, you provide me any kind of service while I drink your blood" Alex said with a grin.

"Drink my blood?" Yukina asked.

"Well if you suddenly become a pseudo-vampire the organization will freak out right? They would though I am stealing their agents, which I am" Alex said.

Yukina thought about it and nodded as she understood the logic behind it.

"Let's say you turned into a pseudo-vampire via a progenitor drinking your blood" Alex explained.

"Then it will look like an accident because you have no idea what you were doing. While they can accuse me of taking advantage of that"

"They can't do anything because I'm the 4th progenitor, I'm as important as the other progenitor which they need to respect since I live in Itogami island making the island my 'territory' I can't say dominion since I can't rule the island as this is under from Japan and Japan is under the control of the 2nd progenitor"

"You understand what I'm saying right?" Alex asked her as he stood up.

"... Yeah, I work for you while you turn me into a pseudo-vampire?" Yukina asked.

"Correct, after all being a pseudo-vampire has its benefits like an increase in strength and immortality, you can even use my familiars if you manage to let them use their powers for you, but that won't work unless I allow it since I can overwrite their decision" Alex said as he sat in the middle of Sayaka and Yukina.

"Well if you manage to make them like you, they might let them use their powers, but not to the point of them getting summoned by you, more like partial, the one I'm always using so I don't cause that much destruction, which is already powerful enough to rival a familiar of a 3rd generation of vampire" Alex said as he summoned a mini Al-Meissa Mercury who was flying and nested on his head, 

Al-Meissa Mercury has become one of his favorite familiars due to the usefulness of his abilities, not that he would admit it since his other familiars would go on a strike and wouldn't listen to him.

"So what's your question Yukina Himeragi" Alex said as he stood up in front of him and stretched his hand.

Yukina seeing his stretched hand thought for a bit.

"Before I decided, do I have to quit the organization?" Yukina asked causing Alex to chuckle as he shook his head.

"Of course not, I still want you to observe Kojou for me since I'm interested in her sister" Sayaka and Yukina heard this and looked at Alex with a complicated expression.

"Don't look at me like that, I'm telling that his sister is not a normal human, that's all you need to know" Alex said with a smirk.

Hearing this Yukina decided and shook Alex's hand causing him to grin.


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