STB: Runes and Vampires

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STB: Chapter 27

"So did you get everything you need? Because I do!" Alex said as he looked at the expensive wines he was currently holding and flexed it to Natsuki with a stupid grin.

Seeing this Natsuki just rolled her eyes as she took one from Alex's hand before sending it to god knows.

"Hey! Get your own! You owe me for that!" Alex whined.

"Yes, I got everything" Natsuki said as if she hadn't heard anything before Alex put all the expensive wines in his storage rings.

"Hmm?" Alex looked toward the direction where the chaos was currently happening causing Natsuki to look at him.

"What's wrong?" She asked while both of them exited the room.

"Nalakuvera is gone, so much for an ancient weapon capable of rivaling a progenitor" Alex said as he shook his head feeling disappointed, but at least he got a souvenir, a fully functioning Nalakuvera inside his separate space where time doesn't exist.

"Looks like they did it" Natsuki said.

"Yeah, and I don't have to intervene which is good since I'm having the time of my life ransacking Vatler's goods" Alex said as both of them went towards in front of the ship where they saw Vatler talking to a woman as the woman gave Vatler some kind of documents.

"Oh? Now I see what's happening here" Alex grinned as both Vatler and the woman looked in Alex's direction while his hands on his pocket with Natsuki on his side.

"Well it's not like I care, just don't cause too much problem" Alex said while it's different from his inner thoughts.

'YES! Please cause more chaos while you're here! Banzai!'

"Oh? You're expecting this 4th progenitor?" Vatler said.

"You underestimate my power- ahem, My intellect Vatler" Alex said with a grin ignoring his slip-up.

"And you girl" Alex said narrowing his eyes.

"You're from the Lion King organization aren't you?" The girl didn't react causing Alex to grin even more.

"Oh? You're not going to answer?" Alex said as he walked towards her and raised her chin.

"Hmm? You're much more beautiful than I thought you would, your hairstyle and glasses are making you look too nerdy" Alex said as he showed her a pendant with a Lion King organization logo with her alias on it causing her eyes to widen and gave it back to her.

"How?..." She asked but Alex just shrugs before walking back to Natsuki.

"We'll see you later Vatler, Paper Noise" as Alex did a 2 finger salute before vanishing in front of them.


Alex and Natsuki arrived at Alex's bedroom where Asagi and Nagisa were still unconscious.

"Let's add kidnapping to your list of crimes 4th progenitor" Natsuki said while looking at Alex with disgust.

"Is Natsuki-chan jealous that she didn't become a damsel in distress~" Alex wiggles his eyebrows toward her which causes her to scowl.

"Don't call me chan! And don't be ridiculous" Natsuki walked towards Nagisa and checked her condition.

"Don't worry Natsuki-chan, after I'm done researching Schneewalzer Lance I'm putting my focus on helping your condition, how about that?" Alex looked at Natsuki with seriousness which she was not really familiar causing her to nod.

"Good!" Alex smiled at her and looked at Asag who was starting to gain consciousness.

"How are you?" Alex asked as Asagi looked at him.

"Alex?... Where are we?" She asked before scanning the room and saw Nagisa who was still unconscious and Natsuki.

"Wait, What happened to Nalakuvera?! Where's everyone?!" Asagi yelled and wanted to get out of the bed but Natsuki just slapped her head with her fan.

"You just woke up, take it easy" Natsuki said as she looked at Alex who just looked at her and pointed himself.

"Me? You want me to explain?" Alex asked as Natsuki nodded which Alex just shrugged it since he's the one who brought the two girls into his room... Wait that does sound wrong.

"As you can see we're in my lovely room after you got passed out from overwork, as for Nalakuvera, well it got destroyed, so good job on that" Alex gave Asagi a thumbs up.

"As for the girl with you, she's there" Alex pointed to where Nagisa was currently sleeping.

"As for everyone else, that I don't know, but I'm sure they're alive and healthy" Alex said.

"I see, that's good then" Asagi said while giving Alex a wry smile.

"You saved me again..." She muttered while a red tint started to form on her cheeks but Alex managed to hear it and just acted like he heard nothing.

"Hey... Alex..." Asagi said causing him to look at her.

"Hmm? What's wrong?" Alex asked as Asagi gestured for him to come closer

Seeing this Alex went closer to Asagi and took a seat beside her thought there was something important she wanted to share, but what happened next was on his expectations.

Asagi grabbed Alex's collar and pulled into her as she claimed his lips it was a chaste kiss which took a couple of seconds before Alex pulled away.

He could see the disappointed look on Asagi's face for a second before it returned to her usual smile, while Natsuki just took care of Nagisa and ignored what happened to Asagi and Alex.


"Hmm, from the looks of it, I need to hold back the project ship girls and continue the project relic eater, or I should call it 'Project Magical Heritage' there's so much potential on this project, like turning relics into a weapon that have an ego similar to Vlad" Alex said as he started to list down on his computer that he made out of runes for storing his data.

When Alex heard a knock on the door before it opened and saw Sayaka with Yukina in tow.

"Hmm? Oh! Yukina you finally had time to visit, I thought you were going to ditch me" Alex said with a laugh causing Yukina to sigh.

"I don't think I have in me to ditch you 4th progenitor" Yukina said as Sayaka held her shoulders for support.

"Well just call me Alex as we're going to be working for a while" Alex grinned at her.

"Just go easy on her Alex and don't tease her too much" Sayaka pouted.

"She might not look like it but she's really naive and gullible too!" Sayaka said while rubbing her cheeks on Yukina's cheeks causing Alex to chuckle as he saw Yukina's face.

"Well I'll try, so let's begin?" Alex said causing Yukina to nod.

"Can I watch?" Sayaka asked.

"Sure why not, I might need an assistant, wait you are one" Alex laughed as Sayaka shook her head as she pushed Yukina to a chair and Sayaka stood next to Alex.


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