Staying Alive Cautiously in the Celestial Realm and Becoming the Strongest

Wang Chen unexpectedly transmigrated to a world of immortal cultivation. He became a Qi Cultivation junior in the Outer Sect of the Cloud Sun Sect in Dongcang State. Within the sect, the hierarchy was stringent and the power struggles were fierce; Outside the sect gates, Demons roamed and Evil Wraiths were rampant! Wang Chen, who was weak in strength, decided to lay low until the end of time. However, with time goes by… He persisted and was surprised to realize that he had already unexpectedly become a Bigwig!!!

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Chapter 15 Murder

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No, this won't do.

Back at home, Wang Chen exhaled deeply as he opened the cultivation interface again, staring at the "Human Virtue" section for a long time.

Only after confirming that the numbers truly would not change did he close it with regret.

His benevolence towards Lady Chen.

Was absolutely, definitely not because she was a beautiful widow.

Apart from sharing a connection of mutual affliction, Wang Chen mainly wanted to see if doing good deeds could earn him Human Virtue points.

After all, relying solely on slaying the Monsterized Earth Rhinos was just too one-dimensional.

As it turned out, this path was unviable.

Wang Chen wasn't too disappointed about this.

He didn't feel that he had lost out.

"Squeak, squeak!"

A big white rat scurried onto the table, making a paw gesture of salute to him.

Wang Chen reached out and stroked it a couple of times: "Bai, don't worry, I'm about to cook."

These days, Bai and his mate came to scrounge for meals every day.

Wang Chen had become quite familiar with them.

The days of cultivation were monotonous.

Having two sentient Spirit Mice as companions undeniably added a splash of color to his life.

So even though the Brocade Fur Rat hadn't brought any Spirit Stones since that day,

He didn't mind it.

"Squeak, squeak!"

The big white rat wagged its tail, its squeak filled with joy.

Wang Chen looked around: "Where's your husband?"

These past few days, the pair of Spirit Mice were inseparable, cozy and warm,

Scattering plenty of dog food in front of Wang Chen.

The big white rat shook its head.

Wang Chen didn't understand why but didn't think much of it and ran off to the kitchen to cook.

Dinner was still the same old three dishes.

When it was time to eat, the Brocade Fur Rat still had not appeared.

Wang Chen used the leftovers to make a rice ball.

Told Bai to take it back.

The mouse hole was behind the pile of firewood in the corner of the kitchen.

The former owner had lived there for five years and had never discovered it.

It was likely that this pair of Spirit Mice had just moved in.

After filling his stomach, Wang Chen went to the quiet room to carry on with his routine cultivation.

The Five Elements Skill circulated for twelve heavenly cycles, making the mana in his Dantian abundant.

However, his cultivation level made no progress.

[Cultivation Technique: Five Elements Skill (Level 3): 299/300]

Looking at the immovable data on the cultivation interface,

Wang Chen couldn't help but let out a sigh.

Given his current pitiful Root Bone and Comprehension,

With persistent and relentless effort, he should be able to break through this bottleneck;

But heaven knows it would take until the year of the monkey!

The biggest problem for Wang Chen now was that his skill levels were increasing rapidly.

His cultivation strength couldn't keep up at all.

There was a disconnect between the two.

This resulted in him being unable to unleash the full might of the Great Achievement-level Geng Metal Finger.

He had to be extremely careful when dealing with the Earth Rhinoceros Beetles to avoid over-damaging his meridians.

To solve this problem,

Acquiring "Heavenly Merit" to change his fate was undoubtedly the best choice for Wang Chen.

However, he had no clue how to obtain it!

His head hurt just thinking about it, so Wang Chen simply chose not to.

He went to bed to catch some sleep.

With closed eyes and a relaxed body, he quickly fell into a deep sleep.


A crisp voice with a hint of coquettishness suddenly jolted Wang Chen awake.

He turned his head to look.

And was astonished to find himself sitting on a park bench.

Surrounding flowers were in full bloom, their fragrance enveloping the air.

And beside him,

Was a pretty and adorable girl.

Wang Chen was stunned.

Her features were so familiar.

She was clearly his first girlfriend from college!

"Doggie, are you being silly?"

His first love made a funny face at Wang Chen with a laugh: "Silly dog."

Wang Chen couldn't help but reach out, wanting to touch her face.

The two had dated for four years.

But, just like most college couples, they parted ways due to reality after graduation.

Wang Chen hadn't seen her since he transmigrated.

He heard she had gone abroad.

Many times, Wang Chen had dreamed of her.

Playfully, his first love dodged Wang Chen's sneaky hand.


She rested her head on Wang Chen's shoulder and whispered softly, "Doggie, you must be all right."

Then she bit down on Wang Chen's earlobe.

Wang Chen felt like his soul had been transported beyond the heavens.

He wished time could stop at this very moment.

But Wang Chen quickly realized something was wrong.

Why did his first love's bite grow heavier and his earlobe more painful?

Wang Chen was jolted awake by the pain.

He struggled to open his eyes, trying to get up.

But his limbs felt as though they were filled with lead, too heavy to move.

Wang Chen smelled a sweet fragrance.

It made his head feel groggy.

He heard a "squeak squeak" noise by his ear.

And a furry touch.

It was Bai!


At that moment, the locked door was pushed open.

Wang Chen strained to turn his head.

He saw a man in black clothes entering the room.

The man was holding a dagger that flashed with a cold light.

Although it was too dark to see his face,

the evil intent and murderous aura emanating from the man sent shivers down Wang Chen's spine as if he had fallen into an icy cave.

He was here to kill him!


Wang Chen roared silently in his heart.

He didn't want to die.

He didn't want to be killed without understanding why!!

At this moment, Wang Chen couldn't move a muscle, his meridians and the mana in his Dantian seemed to have frozen solid.

What should he do?

Bai, by his ear, seemed to hear his silent plea.

And bit down hard again.

Pain! Pain! Pain!

The intense pain suddenly snapped Wang Chen to full alertness.

His stagnant mana abruptly "came to life."

Without any thought, following pure instinct, Wang Chen flicked out the index and middle fingers of his right hand.

Forming them into a sword finger!

In an instant, a fierce stream of Geng Metal Qi shot out.

The dim room suddenly brightened, and a brilliant arc of light struck the black-clad man's left temple.

As Qi merged with body, the man was suddenly surrounded by a clear spiritual light.

Yet the Geng Metal Qi pierced through this protective spiritual light defense without any hesitation, drilling through the man's head and exiting from the right temple!

The man in black shook all over.

His eyes showed an incredulous look, and his face quickly distorted.

The man in black made a gurgling noise in his throat, as if trying to say something.

But after standing stiffly for a moment, the dagger in his hand clanged to the ground.

He then fell forward onto the ground.


"Cough cough!"

Wang Chen, lying in bed, let out a breath, then couldn't help but cough violently.

Blood came out of his mouth and nose.

And his right hand's two fingers were cracked and bleeding profusely!

After using all his strength to kill the intruder, Wang Chen's consciousness quickly blurred again.

He fell into unconsciousness once more.

He didn't even notice the message prompt that appeared in his field of vision.



The deep and distant sound of a bell.

Woke the sleeping person on the bed.

It was 5 a.m.

Wang Chen blinked, staring blankly at the ceiling.

His memory slowly started coming back.

"I'm not dead?"

Wang Chen lifted his right hand and saw his bloodstained, faintly aching fingers.

He was finally fully awake.

Struggling, he sat up from the bed.

Then he noticed the corpse lying in the room, and the open door.

This wasn't a dream!

The intruder was face-down on the ground with a patch of dried blood underneath his head.

Mixed within were greyish-white brain matters.

The air was permeated with a stench of blood.

"I have killed a man."

Wang Chen thought.


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