Staying Alive Cautiously in the Celestial Realm and Becoming the Strongest

Wang Chen unexpectedly transmigrated to a world of immortal cultivation. He became a Qi Cultivation junior in the Outer Sect of the Cloud Sun Sect in Dongcang State. Within the sect, the hierarchy was stringent and the power struggles were fierce; Outside the sect gates, Demons roamed and Evil Wraiths were rampant! Wang Chen, who was weak in strength, decided to lay low until the end of time. However, with time goes by… He persisted and was surprised to realize that he had already unexpectedly become a Bigwig!!!

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Chapter 13 Traveling Merchant

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A traveling merchant came from the south.

In the world of immortal cultivation with its multitudes of cultivators, traveling merchants are a special existence.

They are neither part of any sect nor purely loose cultivators.

Traveling merchants wander through villages and rustic paths, wherever there is a gathering of the human race, their figures can always be found.

Even many of them conduct business with the Monster Race.

The merchant who appeared in Wang Chen's sight was about thirty years old with an ordinary appearance and friendly smile.

Copper bells hanging from the top of the carriage tinkled, attracting many children from the nearby farms.

They followed behind him, hopping and jumping.

Some kids brought over herbs they picked to exchange with the merchant for some sugar rice snacks.

Most traveling merchants engaged in small trades.

This one was no different, a handful of dried Fish Scale Grass could be exchanged for half a tael of sugar rice snacks from him.

The children who got the sweets were overjoyed, while those who didn't were filled with envy.

Some elderly people also came upon hearing the noise, to exchange rice wine with the merchant.

Both the sugar snacks and rice wine were made from Tribute Rice from the mortal realm.

Lacking in spiritual energy but cheap, they satisfy the basic desires of those at the bottom of the cultivation world.

Apart from bartering, the merchant also sold needles, thread, cooking oil, soy sauce, vinegar, as well as medicinal powders and talismans.

Although these items were all available for sale in Cloud Mountain City.

Nothing could compare to the convenience of buying them right at your doorstep.

Ladies of the neighborhood started appearing.

The small juncture at the fields quickly became the central business district for ten miles around.

Wang Chen enjoyed the bustling scene.

The merchant was extremely efficient, serving a large number of customers in the time it took to burn half an incense stick.

He sorted out his carriage and continued on his way.

When he reached the front of Wang Chen and Wan Tieniu, the merchant greeted them with a beaming smile, "Good day to you both."

Traveling merchants make their living by trading in all directions, and nothing is more important to them than harmony brings wealth.

Their attitude was indeed impeccable.

"Hello, fellow Daoist,"

Wang Chen stood up and returned the greeting, asking politely, "May I ask if you take Earth Rhinoceros Beetles?"

Although traveling merchants belong to the category of small traders.

None of them were easy marks.

This was because they often faced threats from bandits, strong-armed robbers, demons, and evil wraiths.

Without some abilities, they would have long since ended up dead in a ditch.

"Of course,"

Upon hearing Wang Chen's question, the merchant immediately stopped, "Twenty Fragmented Spirit Stones per catty."

"Twenty Fragmented Spirit Stones per catty?"

Wang Chen frowned, "Is the price that low?"

If his memory served him correctly, the purchase price at the herbal shops in Cloud Mountain City was one Low Spirit Stone for three catties.

But the price offered by this merchant was five catties for one Low Spirit Stone.

That was quite a difference.

The merchant explained, "This is also the price in the city right now, and it may even drop in a few days."

Wang Chen realized then.

He did not suspect the other party of fooling him.

Although the saying goes 'no merchant's without guile,'

in a place with rules and order, traveling merchants usually place a great emphasis on their reputation.

Because once their reputation is ruined, no one would want to do business with them again.

They might even be driven away directly.

Wang Chen's waist was still adorned with the identity plaque of an outer sect disciple of the Cloud Sun Sect.

It would be impossible for the merchant not to see it.

Thinking over it, the explanation made sense.

The price Wang Chen remembered for Earth Rhinoceros Beetles was from the past.

Nowadays, spiritual insects had wreaked havoc on many Spirit Fields, and everyone was busy eradicating them, thus the price inevitably decreased.

"We'll make the exchange!"

Wang Chen decisively emptied all the Earth Rhinoceros Beetles from his Storage Bag.

The merchant, accustomed to seeing many rarities,

was still taken aback.

The number of Earth Rhinoceros Beetles that Wang Chen had just produced was immense.

And among them were seven sizeable Monsterized Earth Rhinos!

Wang Chen was also so young.

The merchant gave him a deep look, then began to count the beasts.

After weighing, over a hundred ordinary Earth Rhinoceros Beetles added up to a total weight of nearly thirty catties.

The merchant settled for thirty catties straight,

handing over six Low Spirit Stones.

As for the seven monsterized Earth Rhinos, he calculated their price separately, "How about one Fragmented Spirit Stone each?"

Wang Chen nodded, "That works."

He had previously inquired with Old Sun, and that was indeed the going rate for a monsterized Earth Rhinoceros Beetle.

The current purchase price for ordinary Earth Rhinoceros Beetles had plummeted, clearly not affecting the monsterized variety.

After all, the monsterized Earth Rhino is a material for concocting pills.

Completely different from ordinary Earth Rhinos, which are used for mixing into medicines.

And far less numerous.

Having earned thirteen more Fragmented Spirit Stones, Wang Chen's total assets reached forty-five Fragmented Spirit Stones!

"Impressive, fellow daoist."

After completing the transaction, the Traveling Merchant exclaimed, "I've bought quite a few Earth Rhinos these past few days, and your haul is the biggest."

"With such abilities, promotion to the Inner Sect is just around the corner for you!"

Wang Chen chuckled, "I'll take your auspicious words."

The Traveling Merchant laughed heartily, cupping his fists before swaying off with his cages and boxes on his back.

Once the Traveling Merchant had left, Wang Chen had mostly recovered.

He continued with the fieldwork.

Getting back to work, Wang Chen immediately felt the difference.

The level of his Geng Metal Finger had risen to the Minor Achievement Realm, which wouldn't be noticeable without encountering Earth Rhinos for now.

But after his Divine Soul gained 1 point.

As soon as he invoked his Spiritual Sense to bolster his senses, the range of his perception increased dramatically.

And became sharper and clearer.

He instantly detected three Earth Rhinoceros Beetles at varying distances!

This surge in insight undoubtedly greatly improved Wang Chen's efficiency in exterminating creatures.

Then his Geng Metal Finger, at the Minor Achievement Realm, provided another surprise.

In the introductory and proficient tiers, Wang Chen's grasp of the technique was rudimentary; he knew what it did but not how it worked.

Upon reaching Minor Achievement, it was like an epiphany.

He began to understand the secrets behind the Geng Metal Finger.

He could now comprehend, control, and even dissect the spell from a higher vantage point.

The result was that when Wang Chen used the Geng Metal Finger again.

It was smoother, more precise, and less effortful.

With the elevated perception from his Divine Soul, Wang Chen was cleaning the Spirit Fields nearly twice as fast as before!

So by just past noon, all twenty-seven Spirit Fields on Wan Tieniu's property were clear.

Wang Chen had slain sixteen more Earth Rhinos.

And two monsterized Earth Rhinos.

It is worth mentioning.

These two monsterized Earth Rhinos were also in a dormant state when he killed them through the soil!

"Wang little brother is capable!"

Wan Tieniu couldn't help but give Wang Chen a thumbs-up, "I wasn't wrong to seek you out."

His cultivation level was much stronger than Wang Chen's.

And he was adept at plowing Spirit Fields.

Yet he was helpless against the Earth Rhinos that plagued the Spiritual Rice.

He didn't expect Wang Chen to be so effective!

Pleased with the removal of a big headache, Wan Tieniu was all smiles, "Come on, let's go to my house for a drink."

"Little Wang!"

"Wang little brother!"

Just as Wan Tieniu's words fell, a clamor suddenly arose from the side.

A group of farmers, both men, and women, rushed over, bombarding Wang Chen with voices coming all at once.

"Hurry over to my place and have a look!"

"I was here first!"

"Pah! Clearly, I was the one who arrived first!"

"Wang little brother, please come save my Spirit Fields!"

"What a tragedy..."

Wang Chen's sleeves, arms, and pants were being tugged by them, dragging him into an unprecedented embarrassment.

He felt like he had become a ginseng doll.

Luckily, Wan Tieniu stood up for justice and managed to rescue Wang Chen from this dire strait.

It turned out that these people discovered Earth Rhinos in their Spirit Fields as well.

Having heard of Wang Chen's pesticide abilities.

They ran for help.

As for this, Wang Chen was indeed feeling a mix of pain and joy!


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