Starting With One Million Luck Points

In this world, Planet Earth had undergone great changes and humanity is faced with extreme danger. Luckily, humans have something called the Heaven Dao software. After downloading the software, Zhou Hao received one million luck points and used it to open a mystery box and obtain the “108 Levels of Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique”… Also, Zhou Hao realized that with enough luck points, he could even get his crush to sleep with him! In this world full of Insect Race warriors and Demon Race experts, it is ridiculously easy for Zhou Hao to accumulate luck points…

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Mutated Beast

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However, Zhou Hao's confusion did not last long.

Xu Ling was a third level blood essence genius of Qu City High School. Her family background was not unimpressive either. Now that she was about to graduate, she would definitely start training and prepare to break through to become a real martial artist.

He also looked at the other unfamiliar students.

Zhou Hao suddenly realized that this might be the joint strength test of the various high schools.

Zhou Hao was right.

However, what Zhou Hao did not know was that the sudden joint strength test was only being carried out because the leaders of the schools had been triggered by the appearance of a peerless genius.

Just as Zhou Hao was thinking…

The man in glasses walked forward and said to Xu Ling and the other seven genius students, "Your mission is to obtain White Wolf Horns. The more you obtain, the richer your reward will be."

"Your bodyguards aren't allowed to help. They're only responsible for your safety. The other temporary martial artist team we assigned is also only responsible for dealing with sudden situations."

"All of you will have to rely on yourselves."

The White Wolf was a demon beast with a warrior level. If nothing goes wrong, a third level blood essence student should be able to kill it.

Xu Ling and the other students had also made preparations before coming.

Their expressions did not change.

"Let's go!"


The heavy iron door slowly opened under the strong spotlight.

Zhou Hao and the six other martial artists walked in front, with Xu Ling, the other students, and the bodyguards following closely behind.

After passing through three lines of defense, they arrived outside the city.

After leaving the city, they noticed that the surroundings suddenly changed.

In their sights, thousands of meters tall ancient trees flourished, their branches and leaves covering the sky and sun. Weeds covered the ground, and the leaves were sharp like blades. Under the envelopment of darkness, they seemed abnormally sinister.

It was simply impossible for anyone to drive in such an environment. It was even more complicated than a primitive forest.

The group could only walk with their feet.

Because they were accompanying Xu Ling and the other students, the tall burly man and the other martial artist did not travel very fast.

It took more than ten minutes for the whole group to travel thousands of meters.

At this location, even the city's lighthouse could no longer be seen.

Large numbers of weeds and bushes of various colors covered the surroundings.

"Be careful. We're already in the wilderness area," the tall burly man reminded as he prepared to fight at any moment.

The other martial artists in the temporary team were the same.

The bodyguards behind them had solemn expressions. They naturally knew how dangerous the wilderness area was.

Although Zhou Hao had never left the city, his perfected advanced cultivation technique had allowed his blood essence to circulate smoothly Moreover, his six senses had been enhanced a hundredfold and he could even hear noises as far as a thousand meters away.

Therefore, he was not nervous at all.

Xu Ling and the other genius students also weren't too bothered.

"Hey, aren't you guys too nervous? We haven't even gone far."

"That's right. According to the information we have, traces of the Demon Race, the Insect Race, and other foreign races will only appear when we're ten thousand meters away from the city. On the other hand, we've only walked thousands of meters, so we'll at most encounter some mutated beasts."

"Most of the mutated beasts have ordinary strength and used to be wild creatures native to Planet Earth. There's nothing to fear!" A few students in excellent armor said one after another indifferently.

They were only at the third level of blood essence, but their armor and equipment far surpassed the standard armor Zhou Hao and the others were wearing. The mutated beasts couldn't even break through the defense of their armor.

On the other hand, the delicate Xu Ling was extremely nervous.

This was the first time she had left the city to participate in such a strength test. However, she also felt that what the other students said was reasonable. This place was only a thousand meters away and it was unlikely for them to encounter threatening demons or insects.

Moreover, the bodyguards they brought with them this time were all intermediate-level martial artists. Even if there were low-level troops from the Demon Race and the Insect Race, the bodyguards could easily deal with them.

The tall burly man smiled. "It's better to be careful."

He had accepted many guarding missions in the past and was already used to the reactions of these geniuses and young masters who had never seen the danger outside the city.

The other five martial artists from the temporary team acted the same way, not feeling surprised at all.

The bodyguards of Xu Ling and the other genius students also reminded them to be careful in low voices.

"What's there to be afraid of? In my opinion, we should speed up our journey and arrive at the mission area as soon as possible," a genius student said impatiently.


Just as he finished speaking…

A python more than ten meters long suddenly rushed out from the weeds.

"It's a mutated beast!" The tall burly man shouted as a blade was suddenly flung out from his hand. He took a step forward and charged forward.

Another armed martial artist from the team fired.

The special alloy bullet accurately landed on the python's eye.


Blood immediately exploded from the python's eyes, and its speed was reduced.

The tall burly man seized the opportunity and gripped the alloy blade tightly. He turned sideways and suddenly slashed at the python's head.


The sharp alloy blade cut off the python's head like tofu.

Xu Ling and the other eight genius students were shocked by the sudden appearance of the mutated beast, but when they saw that the team of martial artists had easily dealt with the python, their expressions relaxed.

"Look, what did I tell you? It's just a mutated beast. It's very weak."

"Yeah, the next time we encounter any mutated beasts, leave it to us. We need to practice anyway."

Zhou Hao had long heard the commotion of the python hidden in the bushes. Among the group of people, he was the only one who did not move.

I wonder if killing a mutated beast will give me luck points? Looking at the headless python, he wondered if he should try killing one next time.

He had already seen the effect of the luck points.

The group continued to walk along the target area.

After walking for about seven or eight kilometers, Zhou Hao's ears suddenly twitched, and he came to a stop.