Starting With One Million Luck Points

In this world, Planet Earth had undergone great changes and humanity is faced with extreme danger. Luckily, humans have something called the Heaven Dao software. After downloading the software, Zhou Hao received one million luck points and used it to open a mystery box and obtain the “108 Levels of Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique”… Also, Zhou Hao realized that with enough luck points, he could even get his crush to sleep with him! In this world full of Insect Race warriors and Demon Race experts, it is ridiculously easy for Zhou Hao to accumulate luck points…

I am Second Senior · Eastern
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High-Level Demon General

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At this moment, the tall burly man and the other martial artists were dumbfounded.

After all, that was an intermediate-level demon warrior!

To defeat one, even intermediate-level martial artists had to go all out. High-level martial artists also had to spend some effort to kill it.

But what about Zhou Hao?

He killed it as if he was killing a chicken.

"Only a master-level expert can do that!"

"He's definitely a master expert!" The martial artists of the temporary team and the bodyguards shouted excitedly.

Zhou Hao walked over and saw that the tall burly martial artist was covered in blood. He could not help but ask, "Are you guys alright?"

"I-I'm fine!" The tall burly man hurriedly waved his hand and said gratefully, "Thank you, Master, for your help!"

"Master?" Zhou Hao was stunned.

The experts above the martial artists were masters. Each of them was an important figure in the city.

In the past, Zhou Hao didn't even dare to think about becoming a master. Now, he actually managed to reach such a level?

In a way, it made sense. For Zhou Hao to be able to easily kill those intermediate-level demon warriors, he would have needed a master's combat strength.

However, Zhou Hao knew very well that he had relied entirely on his deep foundation. His true strength had yet to reach the level of master.

"Miss Xu, quick, get up. Let's thank the master for his help!"

"Young Master Hui, hurry up and get up. If not for the master, we would all be done for!"

"Young Master Jin is lucky to have the protection of a master. You must make the best out of this opportunity."

The bodyguards regained their senses and hurriedly pulled up Xu Ling and the other students who were lying on the ground. They whispered anxiously into their ears.

Xu Ling and the other students were dumbfounded.

A master?

They were actually protected by a master?!

Young Master Jin was especially frightened, especially since he had earlier said that Zhou Hao was being too nervous. He was so frightened that his entire body trembled, and he wanted to cry but had no tears to shed.

"What are you all waiting for? Quick, thank him!" The bodyguards urged.

Xu Ling and the other students finally reacted and stepped forward one by one.

"Thank you, Master!"

"Thank you, Master!"

Zhou Hao looked at Xu Ling and the other genius students and sighed with emotion.

A while ago, he was still just an ordinary poor student who had not even reached the first level of blood essence. If he had stood in front of these genius students without his newfound strength, they probably wouldn't even look at him.

But now, they were thanking him respectfully.

"Strength. This is the change brought about by strength!" Zhou Hao yearned to become even stronger after this.


Just as Zhou Hao was about to say that there was no need to be polite, a violent sonic boom sounded not far away.

In a few seconds, a figure appeared in front of everyone.

When the tall burly man saw this figure, he immediately addressed him, "Battalion Commander Chu!"

The other martial artists also shouted, "Battalion Commander Chu!"

Battalion Commander Chu swept his sharp gaze over everyone. Seeing that the students were fine, he heaved a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, we made it."

Battalion Commander Chu?

Xu Ling and the other students were all from rich families.

Naturally, they knew that Battalion Commander Chu was a master-level expert who was in charge of guarding the defensive line at the city's southern station.

However, with their statuses, they usually did not have the chance to see such a figure. Even their elders and parents rarely saw someone like Battalion Commander Chu.

"Mm? Two lines on the horns? intermediate-level?"

After Battalion Commander Chu relaxed, he finally noticed the giant wolf corpses on the ground.

"Not bad. Since you're able to kill intermediate-level demon warriors, I can tell that you guys are pretty strong. You didn't slack off just because you became some rich family's bodyguard!"

He couldn't help but praise the personal bodyguards.

The bodyguards were ashamed.

Out of all the corpses, they were only responsible for two that were currently in front of them. The eight bodyguards had worked together with the tall burly man and the other martial artists from the temporary team to kill them.

"Two intermediate-level demon warriors probably weren't enough to warrant a distress signal, right?" Battalion Commander Chu frowned again.

The tall burly man coughed lightly and pointed at the weed pile not far away. "Battalion Commander Chu, there's more over there."

Battalion Commander Chu turned to look in the direction the finger pointed at.

He was shocked the moment he saw the corpses.

Good lord.

There were at least forty giant wolf corpses!

"Who killed them? Did a master-level expert pass by?" Battalion Commander Chu asked.

The tall burly man hurriedly said, "Yes, it was this master here who helped us."

Battalion Commander Chu could not help but look at Zhou Hao.

"You, a master?" Suspicion surged in his eyes.

He was suspicious because Zhou Hao's blood essence did not have a powerful aura, and Zhou Hao's eyes also seemed ordinary. He was completely different from the other masters.

What he didn't know was that Zhou Hao's 108 meridians had all been opened, and his blood essence was circulating continuously and smoothly.

It was impossible to tell just by looking at Zhou Hao's appearance.


Suddenly, within a thousand meters.

A terrifying aura soared into the sky with a shocking wolf howl.

The ground shook incessantly as demon flames surged into the sky. A terrifying pressure swept over from all directions like a surging flood.

In the dark sky, two blood-colored lights pierced through.

Xu Ling and the other students were instantly enveloped by the lights.

Only then did the tall burly man and the other martial artists see that the lights were actually coming from two terrifying eyes. And above these eyes was an extremely striking blue horn.

The three lines on the horn were even more obvious.

"Not good!! It's the Blue Horn Blood Wolf!"

"A high-level demon general!!"

Not only did the expressions of the temporary team's martial artists change drastically, even the bodyguards' faces turned pale!

Battalion Commander Chu's eyes were also filled with anxiety.