The Beginning of Escape

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"Huh? Something's wrong here." Su Bai glanced at Time Ghost.

Stealing the Origin Amethyst of a world was not too difficult for Su Bai, as long as he let Starry Omnivore Kraken eat all the way.

However, it seemed that the laws of time and darkness were getting stronger and stronger because they were getting closer and closer to the place where the source was. His perception was blocked as a corollary.

"Reporting to Ah Bai: My electromagnetic signal is blocked."

The ethereal mechanical sound of Planet Eye sounded in his ears.


Time Ghost shrugged, saying that it was not clear about this, either.

It had never been to such a place, after all. It was difficult for the ghost to shuttle through, especially since the world source gave it a special pressure.

"Okay, then."

Su Bai showed a look of helplessness, eyeing the Starry Omnivore Kraken, which was constantly gnawing ahead. "Pipi, you can speed up as much as you can."