1 Secret Agents in the Shadows

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Chapter 1: Secret Agents in the Shadows?

What is the most expensive substance in the world?

The substance is $62.5 trillion per gram.

It's the ultimate energy – antimatter.

Matter and antimatter, like a man and a woman.

Nothing will happen when they're separate, but their collision has incredible effects.

The men and women were colliding on the bed.

This was a messy apartment.

What's worse, it was not soundproof.

Reidon, who lived next door, couldn't sleep at night.

He had to listen to the sound of the landlord's daughter copulating with her boyfriend.

Reidon was an insurance salesman.

His main job was to knock on people's doors every day and sell them fraudulent insurance.

He hadn't sold any insurance in almost three months.

His boss threatened to fire him if he did not sell any insurance.

Reidon went around asking many people for help, the old lady raising cats, the stingy landlord and the crazy drunkard. He tried to sell them insurance.

They thought Reidon's insurance was good, but they didn't want to pay for it, no matter what he said.

Reidon was so frustrated that he started wondering about unemployment benefits.

Since he couldn't sleep tonight, he might as well start working on antimatter.

Reidon got up and went to his desk, where there was a pile of scribbles.

Many kinds of formulas and models were written on the paper. People with an IQ of less than 150 wouldn't be able to understand them.

If a physicist saw Reidon's scribbles now, he would be shocked beyond words.

This was the calculation model of the antimatter theory, and it was about to be proven successful.

Once antimatter was proven successful, it was very likely that human would obtain the ultimate energy source, and even step into the space age.

One could only imagine the value of these manuscripts.

But Reidon was just an insurance salesman who hadn't graduated from high school, working harder than others but making less money.

However, just a month ago, Reidon had unintentionally obtained a Technology Tree System.

This was like the beginning of a game. The system gave Reidon three choices:

[ Physical study ]

[ Sociological study ]

[ Engineering study ]

Reidon had to make one of the studies every day in order to obtain study points. These study points would improve the progress of a technology. When the progress reached 100%, he would be able to grasp the technology.

Reidon chose the antimatter theory in physical study.

As long as he successfully studied the antimatter theory, he could unlock the iterms of [ Antimatter Reactor ] , [ Antimatter Bomb ] , and [ Antimatter Power ] .

The higher technology in the tree system would need to be unlocked by the technologies in the engineering.

Reidon thought that he would be able to reach the peak of his life and make a lot of money with this system.

But it turned out that he was overthinking, because none of these technologies could be understood by anyone.

He was just a salesman with a secondary education, and the tree system only had some theoretical data on the technologies.

If he wanted to create real antimatter energy, the amount of money needed would be astronomical.

This put Reidon in a dilemma.

He found a theory, but he didn't have the money to build a reactor to prove it.

If he couldn't prove it, people would not believe his results.

After all, on the Internet forums, there were countless folk scientists who claimed that they had mastered perpetual motion machines or antimatter, met aliens and gone to the Mars.

Reidon's Antimatter Theory was not convincing, not to mention that his research had not been completely successful.

However, he was destined to lose sleep tonight, so Reidon kept writing down the theory on scrap paper.

As long as he kept deducing, with the help of the system, he would be able to see the things that he did not understand before.

He became more and more engrossed in his calculations and more and more dedicated to the calculations.

Reidon did not notice that the sound made in the next room gradually disappeared.

In the room next door.

The man and woman who were just in bed were now neatly dressed. They wore uniform black windbreakers and headphones as they stared at the computer screen.

On the screen was Reidon's room. He was in front of his desk, writing something on the scrap paper.

However, the paper was blocked by his back, so the two of them could not see what was written on it.

"He's finally starting to study it again..."

"We didn't yell so loud in vain."

The blonde beauty blushed and glanced at the man.

"We were just acting. This is the mission of the 11th Bureau. We must protect and monitor this person... but who exactly is he? He must be a person involved in the top Protection Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement."

"I'm not sure either, but everyone in this building is working in the 7th Bureau. We're just a little closer to him. His every move has to be protected. If anything happens to him, we'll be charged with treason!"

"So serious? This mission is really not easy. I've seen Reidon's resume. He haven't had anything outstanding since he was young. His academic performance was extremely poor. He even dropped out of high school and became a salesman. His income was also in the lowest level..."

"Don't jump to conclusions. He must be an extremely important person to be protected so carefully. People at our degree in the 11th Bureau can't know about that."

"I understand."

Both of them stared at the computer screen without blinking. It was as if they wanted to discover some subtle information through Reidon's every move.

One had to know that they were all elite agents of the 11th Bureau before this. They carried out missions all over the world and served the Five Eyes Alliance, the top intelligence alliance.

On the back of the one dollar bill, at the top of the pyramid, there was an eye, representing the omniscient eye of the God that was used to spy on humans. It was also the symbol of the Five Eyes Alliance.

A month ago, the Five Eyes Alliance had a top surveillance target – Reidon.

He's an unknown dropout and an insurance salesman. When all the intelligence personnel could not figure out why he is the top target, the alliance's leaders had already set up the most stringent surveillance plan.

They had selected the most experienced elite agents to carry out the missions. Those elite agents had thought that they would carry out a very difficult mission.

But they didn't expect that they would only set up the surveillance equipment near Reidon's apartment. They picked up the trash that he had thrown every day for research.

They would try their best not to let Reidon know that he was being monitored while obtaining the most relevant information about him.

All his things, information, network data, and drafts would be collected and sent to the top-secret location for research.

"Ah... it's finally done!"

While Reidon was yawning, he stretched his body and lay down on the chair as if he had used up all his energy.

It was already two o'clock in the morning.

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