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Starting With 3 S-Class Talents

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In class, the teacher asked the students to imagine they're in a battle field and write essays about their encounters. As the teacher supervised the essay writing, he finds one student idle. Teacher: Why are you not writing? Student: I got killed the moment the first bullets were shot.

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Honestly just by reading the summary alone, almost all the pilot reads look like shit to me. Especially the system ones. Whats the use of an OP system ? The MC will get everything he wants and doesn't have to work for anything. I don't know, sounds pretty boring to me. Novels with Op systems are just boring and repetitive filled with arrogant young masters, retarded MC that has low EQ and no common sense along with repetitive face slapping. Anyway If you want to read a good Horror + Cultivation novel I suggest you read 恐怖修仙世界 (Horror Cultivation World) I read about 50 chapters in Google translate and honestly it’s pretty good. I wish WuxiaWrld or Webnovel or someone started translating it.


Translation quality is mediocre to bad, world building sucks, characters are plain boring, this reads like a 12 year olds first attempt at a webnovel, and yet it's one of the most viewed out of this batch, i'm disgusted by the low quality tastes of this websites readers.


Raw???? Raw raw raw raw raw raw raw raw raw taw raw source please? English language language class of English English and th language arts


SIMP MC ALERT!!!!! Be warned people, whenever a beauty appears, the SIMP MC follows! I am sooooo tired of reading degenerate chinese mc on this novel that i think that i will leave this site forever soon.


just from the description it sounds lame so lame why not find something good for us readers not some idiot instant power up no challenge shit


look at how many books this Author has up for pilot reads. Seems webnovel really wants them on their website no matter what yet I can't think of anyone of them I've read


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I swear to God, this is at least one of the 5 most infuriating translations I have ever read in my life. And this is coming from someone that's read several MTLs before. My goodness. The level of cringe in almost every sentence is so mind blowing, it's not even funny. The mc is just straight out bland, the writing is a complete mess with all the errors and the worldbuilding is still a mystery to me.


Garbage. He’s already “not servile nor overbearing”. It hasnt even been mentioned in the novel he was transmigrated, as though the author just expected us to read the synopsis. There are no signs he was transmigrated in the novel. It just looks like hes a native. Synopsis is complete clickbait. Powers cant be revealed for some stupid reason. Like, he cant reveal them because he would be killed by the government? Why? Completely stupid.


The synopsis is amazing but the actually story is really bad. Lot of things doesn't make sense and the author is constantly contradicting himself. It's like he's taking the readers for idiots. The MC is really bad. I do not recommend at all...


honestly, I like the summary and I think this will be fun but when I see one of the tag is "acting weak", I think, I pass. I am so tired with MC that always hiding power just for the author display the MC not so OP to the reader while the truth the MC is already so OP and can deal with the current trouble. So yeah, I pass this time...


why do they change the names of the characters to English ones it kills the immersion of the story and soundes pretty weird honestly they should keep them the same since I think everyone already knows this is stolen work


The author constantly forget what he wrote in the previous chapter/ paragraph/ sentence. Which is almost hilarious, if the writing wasn't so bad. Also, it's a cultivation novel because the Chinese are physically incapable of writing anything else




It had potential but the translation is horrible, the plot is forced and clearly lacking so u shouldn’t read it... really disappointing and lacking depth, where the mc is put in trouble because of stupid decision of others and it causes the plot to be forced


This story is utterly trash. The author has literally no talent for writing. He contradicts himself in every chapter, can’t decide what power system he wants to use, and cannot make his characters make logical decisions.


Meh... Just meh. The translation quality is realy REALY bad. This translation going premium is ripping people of. Stay away. I'm not a native english speaker myself but the translation is so bad I want to pull my hair out sometimes. Also the characters are all very shallow. All woman are portrayed as big breast, long legs etc. Nah... Better spend your precious time elsewhere.


My reaction is, Meh. The writing is bland. The author constantly contradicts himself. Some of the stuff makes no sense. 2.5/5. It doesn't make me feel immersed to the story...


this novel give a novel overpowered starting idea but the novel does nothing to keep up with it it drop real fast in quality and I had to stop at chapter because so many mistakes were made by that point in that I had to give reading it before the headache it gave me became worse. overall poor experience.