"Hurry up and drive! Hurry up and drive!"

The girl patted the taxi driver in an anxious tone.

The driver thought that Vincent and the girl were together and did not give much thought to it. He did not ask where they were going and just stepped on the accelerator.

Vincent looked at the girl and blinked his eyes in confusion.

Whether he admitted it or not, the girl was not bad-looking.

She had blonde curly hair, a sweet face, and large breasts. She was about 1.6 meters tall, and her legs were nearly one meter long.

She was wearing a sports-themed short-sleeved shirt and a short skirt. Although it was loose-fitting, it was not able to hide her excellent figure.

"I'm really sorry. Someone is chasing me."

The girl patted her chest, and her large breasts trembled.

She stuck out her tongue at Vincent with a face full of embarrassment.

"It's okay."

Naturally, Vincent would not argue with a girl, what more, such a beautiful girl.

"Are you also a student of Quinn High School?"

The girl sized up Vincent and asked with a smile.

Vincent was stunned for a moment. He had originally planned to ask the girl where she was going since they were both sitting in the same car. He would then give her a ride to her destination.

However, he did not expect the girl to ask him first. She even managed to get it right in one sentence.

"How do you know? I wasn't showing any signs that I was from Quinn School!"

Vincent asked curiously.

He was curious about how the girl was able to guess where he was going.


The girl smiled mysteriously and patted the back of the taxi driver.

"Send us to the main campus of the Quinn high-level superpowered school. Thank you."

The Quinn School had a total of six campuses in Blazing City. If you mentioned the Quinn School, the driver would send you to any campus.

"You're going to the Quinn High School too?"

Vincent looked surprised.

There was still a full month before the start of a new term at Quinn School. There was only one kind of person who could come to Quinn School at this time.

Special enrollment!

This girl was actually a superpower user who had awakened an S-Class superpower!

"Hello! I'm the one who wants to meet you!"

The girl extended her jade-white right hand gracefully towards Vincent.

"My name is Angelina Gaia. I'm a special enrollment student of the Quinn Advanced School of Superpowers, class of 2021!"

"What's your name?" she asked. 

Vincent extended his hand and shook Angelina's hand gently. "Vincent Amore," he answered. 

The two of them then began to chat.

In the vast sea of people, to be able to meet a classmate was a great thing for both of them.

As they dived deeper into the conversation, Angelina was shocked by Vincent's erudition.

They talked about the past and the present. 

The two-hour journey passed by them unknowingly.

The two of them then got out of the car. Angelina felt like she was not done with the conversation yet. 

Thanks to Vincent's explanation, she managed to recall many things that she could not remember back in the past.

Deep and simple, interesting and vivid!

When a question was asked, ten answers were received; they were concise and to the point!

Angelina felt extremely happy to chat with Vincent.

Before the black hole appeared, the Quinn school was one of the most powerful schools in Falcon Nation. Every year, it sent a large number of talented individuals all over the country.

After the black hole appeared, superpowers were awakened. The Quinn school continued to nurture strong individuals.

99.99% of the people who graduated were fought over by various factions.

Vincent and Angelina stood at the front gate of the Main School of Quinn Advanced School of Superpowers.

The gate was carved out of an entire piece of psionic ore. It was filled with brilliant colors and was extremely beautiful.

The total area of the campus was close to 100,000 square kilometers, and it was as high as 20,000 square kilometers.

There were all kinds of facilities inside. There was nothing that could not be imagined; there was nothing that the Quinn School did not have.

It was definitely not an exaggeration to describe the place as majestic.

Vincent stood at the gate. This was the place that he would be living in for the next four years. His heart was suddenly filled with endless heroic feelings.

He looked at the words on the door. It said, 'Quinn Advanced School of Superpowers'.

"Vincent! Don't look!"

Angelina stopped Vincent hastily, her face full of panic.


Vincent looked at Angelina with his face full of curiosity.

"These words were written by an overlord-class superpowered person. It has a very strong aura. With our cultivation level, we will be injured."

Angelina looked as if she still had a lingering fear.

"Overlord-level superpowered person?"

Vincent had a yearning in his heart.

"One day, I will also reach this realm. It won't be too far away," Vincent thought to himself.

The two of them walked into the main gate of Quinn.

The campus environment was beautiful, and the arrangement of the flowers and plants was orderly.

After a few turns, they arrived at the registration area for the new students.

Vincent looked at Angelina, his eyes filled with curiosity.

"You seem to be very familiar with Quinn?"

"I've been...," Angelina's said and paused for a moment.

"I've been coming to the school to play since I was young, so of course I'm very familiar with it!"


Vincent did not question Angelina on why she paused mid-sentence. 

"The two of you are this year's special students, right?"

The teacher at the registration counter was a bald, burly man. His face was full of muscles, but his gaze was very kind.

"Give me your identity cards," he said.

Vincent and Angelina handed over their identity cards.

The teacher at the registration counter took out a device that was the size of a cigarette box and swiped it.

The device produced two black metal cards instantaneously.

"Alright, this is your student ID. You must keep it well."

"This will be the only proof of your identity while you are studying in Quinn. You will need to use it for everything."

"This will record your credits, points, identity information, and other relevant information."

Vincent took the student ID and looked at it curiously.

There were only three pieces of information on it: name, his level, and the name of the branch.

"Student Vincent has been assigned to the Elemental School, while student Angelina has been assigned to the Special School."

Other than the main school, there were five branches in the Quinn School, namely the Elemental School, the Special School, the Auxiliary School, the Control School, and the Combat School.

The Combat School mainly taught agility-type and assault-type powers.

"There are search machines everywhere in the school. All you need to do is swipe your student ID card, and you'll be able to know more information."

The teacher continued explaining but was interrupted by Angelina.

"Alright! Teacher, we know! I'm very familiar with Quinn. I'll tell Vincent the rest."

She then pulled Vincent and started to run. 

The teacher was stunned by Angelina's actions. It took him quite a while to react.

He had been in the reporting office for many years, but this was the first time he did not have a chance to finish explaining.

When he came back to his senses, Vincent and Angelina were already far away. 

"Where have I seen this girl before?"

The teacher at the registration office showed a thoughtful expression and did not react for a long time.

Vincent was pulled by Angelina and they both ran to a search machine.

He used his student ID to swipe at it, and all the information was revealed. 

"Only 10 points?"

Vincent turned his head and asked Angelina.

"Yes, the initial points were only 10 points, and this was the special treatment for special students. Those who were sent or admitted only had 3 points."

"Points will be obtained through completing school missions and participating in various competitions. The number of points is uncertain."

Angelina began to explain to Vincent.

"Do you see that tower?"

Angelina pointed to the tallest building. "That is the trial tower. For every floor you pass, you will receive points based on your completion rate."

"The completion rate is divided into three levels: completion rate, excellent rate, and perfect rate. You will receive a maximum of five points."

"Points are the only currency of Quinn. No matter what you do, you will need points."

"Of course, points can also be exchanged for psionic coins. It's just that no one would ever do such a stupid thing."

Vincent had a more comprehensive understanding of Quinn School. 

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