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Current world : Sword Art Online

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Planned worlds :

#Death Note

#Code Geass

#Steins Gate

#Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

#Food Wars

#Seven Deadly sins


#Akame Ga Kill

#High School of the Dead

#High School DxD

#Parasyte: The Maxim

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[A/N: I have yet to decide the sequence of the worlds that he will be going to but generally he will go from lower level one to the higher level ones. Besides the anime worlds, I also plan for mc to travel to some novel worlds but that is far way considering their high power scales.

One important thing to note is that Mc might not stay in a single world for the whole canon timeline. He will go there, do his things and leave if it gets boring. But if you guys want him to experience the whole timeline of some series, then he might come back to the previous world after visiting other ones.

For example, I want MC to stay in the SAO just for the first part of the SAO before Alo or other virtual games started to pop out. But if you want I can make him to come back to the SAO world after some time to experience the second and third season.]

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