3 Solo Players Played Duo Too???

---Kirito's POV---

What am I doing...

"You said you cleared the 8th floor in the beta right?"

I was supposed to rush to the next village, but why am I slaying wolves with this guy...

"Now now, don't make that face... You might be thinking 'Why am I slaying wolves with this guy' but trust me, I am a master on the first floor. I know all of the Easter eggs! Probably... Anyway, since you're done with your sure wolves, help me stack them up together."


Ugh... I'm wasting my time, let's just tell them that I need to go and I'll "see you around".

"Hey, Balls-san I really need to go to the next village now so I'll see you around---"

"My name is Klein"

(A/N: reference to SAO abridged)


"I kid, just call me Akihiko. You're not gonna call me 'BallsDeep69' all the time are you?"

"A... Right, then Akihito-san..."

"ah, Just a little bit more, don't go yet. As you can see no one passes us yet. This is the only way to the next village so you'll be the first guy that reaches the villages anyway."

He's creating a small mountain of dire wolf corpses... Just what is he---


The blades on his hand turn orange as he swings the blade.

I really don't get what he's doing.

Why... Why is he destroying the bodies of the monsters?

They're already dead.

He showed me a way to get bigger loot by butchering the monster manually... He showed me how to skin the monsters and drain their blood.

For some reason even though I only received "Wolf fur" just until recently, the fur that I got from skinning them manually gave me "Big Wolf fur".

It was essential info that you won't find in the beta. Gotta write that in the guidebook.



He's not stopping?

He's basically destroying the drops... What a waste, why is he---



The white screen menu popped up above the mountains of minced dire wolves.

Unlike the regular pop-up, it was big enough for me to read it from far away this time.

It says...

[The Dire Wolves' spirits have been enraged]

This is---!!

Shadows slowly emerge.

"There was once an NPC I knew back in the Beta test" Akihito-san muttered in a relaxed manner as he retreated to my side.

The shadows engulfed the corpses whole.

"The old woman said that the monster 'hated being wasteful' or something like that. She said they would only attack when they're hungry or feel threatened." (Akihito)

The shadows are enlarged every second. It reaches twice my height for some reason.

"But she also said they could become a vengeful spirit so... This Easter egg was the hardest for me to replicate on floor 1." (Akihito)

As soon as it stopped growing, the shadows cleared up; revealing a huge wolf in black fur, few parts of arms and legs being left without flesh or skin, having only bones while its eyes shone with blue menacingly.

[The Grim Wolf]

"Easter egg you say? What the hell... Three HP bars, something like this was on floor one? There was nothing like this in the Beta!" (Kirito)

"Of course, there isn't, you said you're only focused on clearing floors, right? My fool's errand is something unexpected, don't you think?" (Akihito)

This guy then dashed forward.

"O-oi! That guy has 3 HP bars! He might be around level 30!" I shouted, trying to tell him that he may get himself killed.

He told me he's around level 20, but without a party that's-

"You just have to remember its attack patterns! Listen up, this guy has many AoE attack patterns, but if you can hit all the bone parts of him it'll stun him for a good 20 seconds! We'll finish him up by that time!" He commanded.

At this level?

A boss?

Don't be kidding me, I---!!


Akihito-san's sword destroyed one of its legs before he retreated back.

The wolf seems to only stay in his spot all the time. It moves its gigantic body just to produce long ranged attacks made by some kind of purple energy by its claws.

"We can do this so, just trust me... Kirito!"

My eyes widened in surprise.

What the hell...


I guess... It can't be helped.

"I'm taking the bones on its legs." I calmly stated.

"Heh, as you wish... Then I'll fly to break its ribcage. Let's go!"


5 weak points; 3 of them on its legs, on its face, and on its back. They're all parts where the bones were shown.

I also want to become stronger.

In order to survive...

We... Will kill it.




---Okamura Akihito's POV---

"The Grim wolf is the embodiment of the vengeful spirits of the dire wolves. Once you anger them they will---"

NPCs are always talking so much.

At least that's what most people thought and they don't bother having a conversation with them if they don't have any quests.

That's the problem with noobs.

They simply don't listen.

Either it's advice from the pros or NPCs, for some reason there's a filter in their ear to "If you do this, you get this".

I've lost hope in people like that a long time ago.

Whenever I played a game there would always be someone like that.

Someone who keeps saying the game is trash but keeps playing either way.

If it's a team game they'd blame it on the teammates.

"I said B! Why are all of you going to the A site!? Are you stupid!?"

"Don't follow me, I'm trying to peek!"

"You're a tank! Do your job properly!"


"Hey dude! How did you become so strong!?"

Was that a genuine question?

Would you even hear me out if I tell you?

"Hah!? Grind regularly? I already know if it's something like that! Huh! I guess you won't tell me your secrets"

[***** Has unfriended you]

"Don't try to find me anymore"

What a dick.

Humans, in the end, are just a piece of garbage.




"All the weak points have been hit! Kirito, I'm going to deplete its HP! You go for the last hit!"

"Huh!? Last hit?!"

*Slash* *Slash* *Slash*


While shouting that, I let myself fall back, retreating to the left side.

Blue lights emitted from Kirito's blade and pierced through the Grim Wolf's skull.


The red zone of its HP bar came to an end and let the last howl before the lights in its eyes died out.

*THUD* Then finally, it dropped to the ground.

Kirito's HP was in the yellow zone, a little more damage for it to enter the red zone.


[You have leveled up!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You have leveled up!]

[You have leveled up!]

Well... This much is enough for me to solo the floor boss.

"We...did it...!!" (Kirito)

"Heh, it wasn't all that bad was it, Kirito?"




To be continued.

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