1 Survival World

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Xu Xin woke up in a forest.

The buzzing of insects around him made him unable to continue sleeping. He sat up abruptly and found that he was lying on a square stone slab surrounded by dense jungle.


Xu Xin's mind was still in a state of confusion. He rubbed his eyes and felt his entire body ache, as if he had slept on the floor the entire night.

"Is this fantasy?" Xu Xin, who sat there in a daze for a long time, finally came to his senses and accepted the fact that he was not in a dream.

Last night, he should have taken off his clothes and crawled into bed as usual. So, why was he here now, wearing a t-shirt and shorts that he had never seen before?

Had he been kidnapped?

Just as his thoughts were running wild, a voice in his mind jolted him back to reality.

[Welcome to the Survival World. Here, your only goal is to live. Forget everything you once had, and work hard to live. We have prepared a big gift for all novices, a treehouse. Remember, never abandon your treehouse. Your treehouse is your only support.]

[Obtained treehouse seed *1. Please choose a suitable location to plant it within three days. After planting, the treehouse will not be able to move.]

[Currently in the novice protection period. The survivor will not be attacked by any living creatures for three days. Please plant your treehouse as soon as possible.]

What? A treehouse? A treehouse seed? Novice protection period?

Xu Xin sat on the stone slab. Before he could react, a ball of light appeared before him. He reached out to touch it subconsciously and a seed the size of a walnut appeared in his hand.

[Treehouse Seed: It will grow into a small treehouse, providing the most basic guarantee of survival for survivors. Remember to find fertile soil!]

The huge amount of information took Xu Xin quite a while to digest.

Is this a game world? Why was there even a novice gift? What exactly was the voice in his head?

Using the most primitive method, Xu Xin pinched himself with his nails and could feel the pain.

The prompt just now had said "all novices", which meant that there were many people who were in the same situation as him. This was like a survival game, and everyone had to survive here in the same environment.

If he failed, would he die?

Xu Xin wasn't sure, but he didn't dare to try. He got off the stone slab and stood up to move his body. There was nothing unusual about his body, and he was full of energy.

He began to size up the seed in his hand.

The seed was pale yellow in color, and it was as big as a walnut. It was not light either, about the weight of an egg.

To think such a small seed could grow into a treehouse. He wondered how long it would take to grow.

The notification said that he needed to find fertile soil. Was it a joke or was the fertility of the soil related to the growth of the treehouse?

Xu Xin subconsciously lowered his head and looked at the ground beneath his feet. Was the soil beneath his feet fertile or barren?

"What's wrong with this game! Why isn't there even a beginner's tutorial? Isn't this just asking the players to leave?" Xu Xin mumbled to himself indignantly. As someone who often traveled, he wasn't too flustered. In addition, the notification had mentioned a three-day novice protection period, which meant that he was still safe.

He didn't know who had brought him here, but since he was already here, he had to find a way to survive.

[Unlocking the Survival World Creator's Authority.]

The sudden voice startled Xu Xin.

What was that again? what did the Creator's Authority mean?

[Unlocking failed. The second attempt...]

[Unlocking failed. The third attempt...]

What was going on? A system bug?

Xu Xin suddenly became nervous. If he had a super big bug in the early stages of the game, then what was the point of playing?

[Unlocking failed. The seventh attempt...]

It was already the seventh attempt, and Xu Xin no longer hoped to unlock the Creator's Authority. He only hoped that nothing would go wrong.

[Unlocking failed. Part of the Creator's Authority has been granted to you: Item Identification]

In the end, it still failed. However, part of the Creator's Authority?

Xu Xin's eyes lit up. He had played sandbox games before, so he knew what the creator mode was. It was an invincible mode with unlimited resources. It was basically a cheat that came with the game.

Item Identification, huh ...

Xu Xin looked at the treehouse seed in his hand. The explanation for the seed was different from before.

[Treehouse Seed: A small treehouse can be grown from the seed. It will provide the most basic guarantee of survival for survivors. It will grow into a 'short treehouse' in barren soil, a 'small treehouse' in ordinary soil, and a 'tall treehouse' in fertile soil.]

So this was the Creator's Authority "Item Identification", huh! It was indeed something!

Xu Xin immediately became excited. His gaze turned to the soil under his feet.

[Barren Soil (white): The most common soil with low organic matter and other nutrients.]

When he looked at it, the soil began to emit a faint white light.

He then looked at the surrounding soil. As long as he willed it, the surrounding soil would start to glow with a faint white light.

He looked at the introduction again. As expected, they were all white-grade.

He raised his head and looked around.

[Stone Slab (white): The spawn point of survivors. It doesn't seem to be of much use other than making the survivors' bodies ache from sleeping on it. It can be broken with a chisel.]

[White Poplar (white): A common tree in the forest. It can be cut down to obtain wood.]

[Amanita (white): A poisonous mushroom. You can eat it when you want to die.]

Eh? He could even tell if a mushroom was poisonous. This ability was quite something!

Xu Xin looked around in pleasant surprise, but to his disappointment, everything he saw was white-grade resources. It made sense though. This was the spawn point. What good things could there be around the spawn point?

The current goal was to find fertile soil and plant the treehouse seed. He didn't know anything now. Perhaps all the functions of this world were in the treehouse. After all, didn't the prompt just say that "your treehouse is your only support"?

If he hadn't unlocked the Item Identification function, he might not have wasted his time looking for fertile soil. After all, how would he know which soil was fertile and which was not? But now, since he could be sure, he couldn't possibly give up.

Since he had three days to plant the seed, it was just as well that he would be protected by the novice protection period too.

After making up his mind, he put the walnut-sized seed into the pocket of his shorts and carefully checked the stone slab and its surroundings. After making sure that there were no novice tools around, he set foot on his adventure.

"This world is so stingy. It doesn't even give us a novice tool," Stepping on the fallen leaves on the ground, Xu Xin headed in one direction. He didn't know where it would lead him, but he couldn't just stay where he was.

With a thought, he activated Item Identification and all the objects around him began to glow with a white light. Probably due to the novice protection, there were no other creatures in the jungle except for the buzzing of insects.

According to his observation, his Item Identification ability had a very wide range. At least in this jungle where his line of sight was obstructed, everything he saw, no matter how far or near, would be illuminated.

"Hm?" After walking for an unknown amount of time, a dash of green entered Xu Xin's field of vision, causing him to jolt with energy. He quickly walked in the direction of the green light.

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