5 Chapter 5 Progression

"Say, Sensei, can you help me get a skill that would help me see things? Something like magic perception or spiritual perception."

[Answer: Due to not having magic energy within the air, it is impossible to have magic perception.]

[But due to the higher spirit energy in the air, the Unique skill "Great Sage" was able to create the skill Spiritual perception.]

Activating my new skill, "Spiritual Perception," I looked around.

The scenery was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. An eternal night sky with only a half-moon cast an eerie glow over the landscape.

Beneath my translucent form, the ground wasn't composed of soil or sand but instead seemed to be an infinite white desert that stretched as far as my new perception allowed me to see.

The objects that resembled trees weren't plants; they looked more like quartz-like minerals emerging from the desert's surface. They had a strange, otherworldly beauty to them, shimmering softly in the moonlight.


The deafening howl sent shivers down my spine as I turned to face it.

Before me stood a grotesque creature, bearing a striking resemblance to the Hollows from the anime "Bleach." Its face concealed by a white mask, and the sight of its saliva dripping from its teeth sent shivers down my spine.

This creature charged toward me with unsettling eagerness, as if it had caught the scent of the most delicious food in the world. Its movements were erratic and wild, akin to a predator closing in on its prey.

I couldn't comprehend what had triggered this monster's frenzied behavior.

A quick check of my surroundings revealed several entities with similar features in the distance, but they remained silent, like mindless beings, unlike this one.

The creature's presence, along with its disturbing mask, evoked an unsettling feeling that sent shivers down my spine.

"Sensei, can you help me fight this thing?"

Upon hearing my request, Sensei provided me with the knowledge I needed to combat this creature.

I leaped into the air, absorbing enough air and condensing a sharp rock-like object inside my body using the quartz-like minerals I had recently devoured.

I aimed the sharp rock projectile at the creature's mask, hoping it had a similar vulnerability to the Hollows I knew from "Bleach."

With a powerful launch, the sharp rock struck the mask of the Hollow-like being, shattering it instantly. The creature let out a piercing screech before slowly disintegrating into a black, gooey substance.

[Report: It is suggested to devour it.]

I couldn't help but raise a mental eyebrow at the suggestion. Devouring this strange creature seemed unappetizing, but if it was Sensei's recommendation, I would follow it, even if it gave me a stomachache.

[Report: Upon consuming the Hollow, you gained the following skill.]

[Degenerate: A Unique Skill that allows you to use Synthesis and Separate.]

[Synthesis: Transform two different target skills into a single skill. Can be used to chain the effects of several skills together, earning the user new skills with significantly less effort than would otherwise be required.]

[Separation: Release the inherent properties of a skill to the target and separate them. The best examples are depriving a person of skills (with the exception of ones bound to their soul) and removing foreign objects, such as entities attempting possession or toxins, from the target's body.]

Neat, but no wonder that thing charged at me like a pervert.

[Report: Upon devouring the Hollow, it was discovered that due to your Soul energy and purity, it was tempted to devour you.]

Eh? Then how can I conceal my soul energy thingy?

[The Unique Skill "Great Sage" was able to create a common skill "Concealment."]

[Concealment: Allows one to hide their presence and fool others into thinking that they are a normal being.]

As time passed, I continued to explore the peculiar desert landscape, using my "Spiritual Perception" to sense any potential threats or interesting phenomena. 

The quartz-like mineral formations fascinated me, and I couldn't resist absorbing more of them, gaining new abilities and insights as I did.

It wasn't long before I encountered another group of Hollow-like creatures. This time, I was prepared. 

Using my newly acquired skills, I synthesized and separated their abilities, turning the tide of battle in my favor. Devouring them became easier, and I grew stronger with each encounter I had with the Hollows.

Now, I separated several skills from myself because they have useless functions, and I hadn't encountered any unique skills among the Hollows. It led me to conclude that it was rare for a Hollow to possess those skills.

"Sensei, can you create a status window for me?" I inquired.

In response, the Great Sage sent a mental image to me, displaying my status and skills in a proper list.


Aron Laserna

Race: Hollow Slime

Protection: Crest of Quantum Sea and Origin

Title: None

Spiritual Skills: Rock Bullets, Binding.

Unique Skill: Great Sage, Degenerate, Glutton.

Common Skills: Coercion, Thought Communication, Poisonous Breath, Paralyzing Breath, Hyper Regeneration.

Tolerance: All Elemental Resistance, Physical Resistance.

Mimicry: Spider Hollow, Bull Hollow, Fish Hollow, Beast Hollow.


Now, I was overpowered, but I couldn't deny the creeping feeling of being watched by some random powerful being, so I knew I needed to grow even stronger.

But What is this Crest of Quantum Sea and Origin

[Report: Unable to answer]

Well we will discovered it sooner or later.

_ _ _

(Harribel's POV)

Observing the peculiar-looking slime bouncing around, I couldn't deny that it was stronger compared to the other Hollows. What intrigued me the most was that it had its own consciousness.

I could tell because it seemed to be playing around the place and creating a perfect plan against a group of Hollows.

Should I reveal myself to this creature?

For now, I decided to continue observing it. I sensed that it only needed to devour a few more Hollows to evolve into a Gillian, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of protectiveness toward it.

_ _ _

Bouncing around the place with the Great Sage playing a song in my head, I couldn't contain my excitement. 

It was time to create a home using the rocks that I had devoured.

HeHeHe. This would be fun.

Utilizing the Coercion skill within my body, I manipulated the rocks into shape, constructing a simple yet cozy house. With each movement, I could feel the satisfaction of creating something with my abilities. 

Oh, I have an invader! Time for you to meet your end, Hollow.

I quickly fired a rock bullet at the intruding Hollow, extending my body to engulf it. As I devoured the creature, a strange sensation washed over me.

Suddenly, I felt my body growing larger, and my vision expanded. I hadn't anticipated this consequence.

"Wait! Stop, stop, stop!" I cried out desperately, but it was too late. My newfound size caused my house to crumble and be destroyed within a matter of seconds.

Taking a deep sigh, I devoured the scattered rocks and set my sights on creating a larger house, one that could be used as a house around my new size.

"By the way, Sensei, what happened to me to increase my size? I don't notice any other changes except for feeling my spiritual power growing stronger."

[Report: You have successfully evolved into a Gillian Slime.]

"Are there any new skills?" I asked.

[Report: You have gained two unique skills, "Cero" and "Corrosion Cero."]

[Cero: Fires a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Cero depend on the strength, spiritual power, and sometimes the skill of the user.]

[Corrosion Cero: A combination skill that merges Coercion and Cero, leaving behind a corrosive spiritual energy upon firing a Cero.]

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