3 Are You Sure There Are Hundreds of People? Are You Lying?

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"Creation successful…"

"Enter game…"

An attribute panel appeared in front of Jack's eyes.

ID: Legion

Level: Lv 1

Occupation: Trainee Shield Envoy

HP: 240 / 240

MP: 100 / 100

Talent: Growth

Attributes: Strength 5, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5, Defense 12, Agility 2, Luck 1

Skills: Shield Up Lv1

Shield Up Lv1: Instant cast. Raise your shield to block 112 (100+12) damage from the front, and deal damage to the attacker's own defense attribute. No Cooldown period. Consumes 5 MP.

Jack had checked the game guides before logging into the Divine Realm.

Although the main focus was on the Mage's strategy, he knew some information about the Shield Envoy.

The Shield Envoy did not have any offensive skills.

However, it had a higher Defense and Health Points than other occupations.

Especially after entering the "Divine Realm", he would have to face the most shoddy novice dungeon.

After all, Shield Envoys did not have any offensive skills. Other than Shield Up, he could only use normal attacks to deal damage.

Every dungeon in the Divine Realm had a recorded reward. According to the evaluation rewards for each stage, the higher the evaluation, the better the reward.

This was especially true for novice dungeons, which had the lowest level of rewards.

It was the love of all new players entering "Divine Realm", but at the same time it was the most difficult!

Only level 1 beginner players would be able to display their potential in such dungeons.

This was also the reason why so few people chose to be Shield Envoys.

Because in such a dungeon, Shield Envoys were usually either beaten to death by the other party, or attacked for a period of time until their mental state exploded.

To this day, the number of Shield Envoys was the least in "Divine Realm"!

"Novice dungeon starting, [Killer Ghosts]."

Dungeon: Killer Ghost

Objective: Survive for 10 minutes under the attack of Killer Ghosts, and kill one.

Reward: Black Iron Treasure Chest

With a flash of light, Jack appeared on a grassland.

A ruin laid before him.

The shabby hut and the broken building portrayed how dilapidated this place was.

It seemed that the exit of the ruins was the spawn point for the Killer Ghosts!

Jack was sure of it.

After all, there was nothing around other than grassland and ruins.

He had to stay here and resist multiple waves of attacks from the Killer Ghosts for ten minutes until the mission was completed.

With a strange light, the first wave of Killer Ghosts spawned.

Jack's pupils shrank.

He did not expect the monsters to spawn so quickly!

The System immediately summoned the Death Soldiers.

"Summon Death Soldiers to 'Divine Realm'?"


Jack quickly confirmed, because the Killer Ghosts were about to spawn. He had to hurry.

After all, his original plan was to summon 3,000 Death Soldiers to help him level up.

"Host's summoning request has been confirmed. Host, please choose occupation!"

"Can I actually choose their occupations?"

Jack was very surprised!

Was it that flexible?

He immediately began allocating.

There were a total of 3,000 Death Soldiers!

In order for them to have better joint combat in the future, Jack allocated in this manner.

300 Shield Envoy, 600 Warriors, 600 Mages, 450 Assassins, 450 Hunters, 600 Priests.

As pure physical-based occupations, Warriors and Shield Envoys were ranked first on the front line. Hence, there should be a substantial number of those.

As Shield Envoys did not have many attack skills, he only needed 300. If they were to fight in a team, it was already quite a lot to have 300 MTs.

Additionally, he allocated 600 to be Warriors to take down the enemy with Shield Envoys.

Assassins and Hunters would kill fleeing enemies on both sides of the team.

Because Mages needed a Cooldown period between their skills, and a large amount of MP was required to use their skills, they were arranged to be at the back.

There were 600 Priests and 600 Mages. They were the lifeline of the front-line combatants.

As long as their Health Points were below 50%, they would be healed immediately.

In addition to a large group battle, they could also form 300 groups consisting of one Shield Envoy, two Warriors, two Mages, two Priests and 10 Hunters and Assassins.

After choosing, Jack began the summoning.

They did not appear from the light like how the monsters spawned in the game "Divine Realm".

Just like teleportation, a group of people dressed in all kinds of clothes appeared on the empty ground. However, they were all dressed in black.

When they appeared, the Killer Ghosts had just spawned.

Killer ghost (Level 1)

Health: 100

Attack: 20

Defense: 0

Guide suggestion: Find a hidden place to hide for the first 10 minutes to avoid a direct confrontation with the opponent. After 10 minutes, after the Killer Ghosts start searching in all directions, use your skills to instantly kill a Killer Ghost and complete the mission immediately.

"Divine Realm" was very considerate towards newbies and gave suggestions directly.

It had very little HP, but its attack was very strong. Just Level 1 attack was 20 points!

One should know that on the panel of basic players, even the most powerful Assassin only had 12 attack!

One could imagine how it was like for the other occupations.

Jack looked at the attributes of the Killer Ghost and then looked at his own attributes. He could not help but smile bitterly.

What a f*cking scum!

If he were to face the Killer Ghosts alone, he would probably be beaten to death in the first round.

After a brief lag, the newly spawned Killer Ghosts charged straight at Jack.

There were 200 to 300 of them. Even though Jack had 3,000 people on his side, the other party did not hesitate at all when attacking.

In an instant, one of them came to the nearest Death Soldiers and slashed him ruthlessly!

Jack was startled by what he saw.

The Death Soldier who was slashed was a Shield Envoy. Even though he was slashed, he only looked at Jack.

It was as though he wasn't the one who had just been slashed, and that he was just waiting for something.

From the other party's eyes, Jack could see that apart from the inexplicable enthusiasm, there was great devotion!

Jack's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

How f*cking loyal was he?

Aren't you the one being slashed?

Jack was really shocked by the other party.

He looked at the Killer Ghosts who were right in front of him.

He hurriedly calmed down and shouted,

"Counterattack! Quickly counterattack! Annihilate the opponent!"

Jack was very loud, but it was clearly not loud enough for all 3,000 Death Soldiers to hear him.

However, following Jack's words, all the Death Soldiers were like robots that had been entered with the correct password.

They were filled with excitement!

It was as if they were cheering, everyone jumped for joy.

Even the Shield Envoy who was about to be slashed again, casually whipped out a short sword with bright light and fiercely stabbed into the throat of the Killer Ghost!


The strength of this Shield Envoy was so great that it actually lifted the opponent with a short sword and threw him out fiercely.

Holy sh*t!!!

Jack was stunned by the shocking damage!

However, before he could recover from his shock.

All the Death Soldiers beside him seemed to have gone berserk as they charged towards the Killer Ghosts amidst the shouts!

The Warriors slashed with their swords.

The Mages rained fireballs at the enemies.

In less than ten seconds, more than a hundred Killer Ghosts were wiped out!


'You said there are a few hundred Killer Ghosts? That's a lie, isn't it?'

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