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Introducing Kei, a normal guy being reincarnated as Genji D Keisuke in the world of One Piece. #Romance #Harem English is not my first language and I'm still an amateur, but I hope it'll atleast be a interesting fanfic. Cover doesnt belong to me. I just found it.

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(At near the Sandora River)

"Ahh!...My head hurts!" said a Marine soldier, while waking up. He was asked to keep a watch on Straw hat Luffy's Ship, along with other four Soldiers.

He hurriedly woke up, when he saw that the place where Straw hat Luffy's ship was stationed is now Gone!! "Oye! The ship's gone!!" He shouted in disbelief and surprise. While panic took over his mind.

"Ahh!...What happened?..."

"Damn it, who's shouting this loud!!"

"Yawn* It was a good sleep, Let's get some Breakfast…yawn*"

"Damn it, all of you wake up, The ship's gone!!" said the first Soldier, who woke up before everyone. While he took out his Den-Den mushi and contacted Captain Smoker.

Hearing this, their faces almost lost their color,... Why?...Because it was their responsibility to look over the Ship!!

"Captain Smoker!! The ship of Straw Hat Luffy disappeared from its location!!!"

"What?!!!" said Smoker, while shouting in anger. "How's that possible?!!,... Weren't you all responsible for keeping watchout?!!"

"We-We, were attacked by someone from Behind!,... So we don't know what happened after that! We are really sorry, Captain Smoker!!" x5

"Che* ,.. Well, leave that place quickly and come back!" said Smoker, while keeping his Den-Den mushi back. "Damn, it!!!"


After punishing the trio, Kei walked back to change his clothes, as he had lost interest after the bath incident.

He wore Black jeans on the bottom, and a White sleeveless shirt on top. On which a Blue Hoodie was put on.

Taking his headphones, he started to listen to music, and hummed along with the melody. While walking towards the Hall room, where Luffy and everyone were resting, As they decided to meet there.



"Oh!! That was a great bath!" said Usopp, while opening the door, to the hall room, where they were currently resting.

"Yes!! The bath was really big and it was fun to swim in it!!" said Chopper, while jumping and making swimming action.

"Idiot~! Bath isn't a place where you swim~!,... It's a place to relax and have a Man to Man conversation, nakedly~!" Sanji.

"Please don't talk about these things , when there are girls around!" said Nami, while taking hands of Vivi, and bringing her along.

"Ok! Nami-san~" said Sanji, forgetting about his previous words.

"Man to Man…! So have I also become a Man!" asked Chopper, while sparkling his eyes in interest.

"No, Chopper~, It's not that simple. Well to be precise you are still a child, but you can become Man, if you follow me!" said Kei proudly, while smiling mischievously at Nami.

"Eh! Really?!~~" Chopper.

"Oye! Oye! What's with that aura?! It's like he surpassed all of us in something that we take pride in!!" said Sanji, while talking in a serious manner.

"Eh!,... He has surpassed us, by looking at his New found aura. But something about it is not right for some reason…" said Zoro, while feeling they were on different frequencies.

"Yo-You! Really are becoming more naughty day after day Kei!" said Nami, while pinching his cheeks.

"Ah-Ah! Nami! Sorry! Sorry!" said Kei, but he still kept his smile, as he clearly saw her blushing cheeks, making him remember the hot night, where Nami was asking for more and more.

"Heh?~ If you are sorry, then why are you still smiling?!....Huh?~" After which she let go of Kei's cheeks, and sighed in defeat.

"Kei! Please tell me How to become a Man!! Please!!!" said Chopper, while coming in front of him.

"Oh?! Chopper, let me tell you the secret, on how to become a Man!,...But before that call me 'Master Kei' " said Kei, with a serious manner.

Chopper's face became serious as he said "Yes, please tell me, Master!" and he sat in front of Kei. While Usopp, Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy listened to him in curiosity.

"Chopper! You are too Young to learn these things!!" said Nami, while shouting at Kei, "Come on Kei, stop it!"

Vivi, who knew what Nami was talking about, also tried to stop him, as it would be embarrassing for her to talk or look at Kei , if he explained that here.

But he ignored their words, while talking. "Well It's to…follow your heart…follow your dream~ and prove to those, Who are laughing at you for being idiot's.

So one day, they can only look at you with Awe and deep Reverence!"

Listening to this everyone felt a resonance in their heart, as though something had been lit up in their heart.

"Heh~! Interesting tip you have there!" said Zoro, while grinning back.

"Well I also agree with you on that tip~" said Sanji, while nodding at Zoro.

"Dahahahaha! Nice One Kei!!" said Luffy, while smacking Kei's back.

"OOOOoooh!!!!" Chopper and Usopp, shouted in reverence and excitement, while bowing at Kei.

"Master!" Chopper, Usopp.

Nami, who thought Kei, was going to joke around, sighed in relief, while looking at him with pride, "That's my Man!, I love him!"

But when she turned her head to brag about Kei, to Vivi, she was greeted with another view.

Vivi placed her hand on her heart, while looking seriously at Kei. And her eyes started to become brighter and brighter, with a strange light.

"..." Nami.


"Ok! We have handed Doraemon all the stuff you will require on the stock." said Pell, while bringing Doraemon, who for some reason, was very well behaved.

"Ok, then we will now take our Leave!" said Zoro. Usopp and Chopper followed along him.

"Bye, Kei!, make sure to catch up as soon as you deal with your stuff!" Usopp.

"Hm!" Kei, nodded, while waving his hand.

"Oye! You guys don't know Manners?...It's Ladies first!!...Well Please Nami-san…" said Sanji, while asking Nami to go down from the rope, which was hanging until the ground.

"Sanji-kun, you can go first. I have something to talk to Kei before I leave here!"

"Ok…Nami-san, if you say so…"

"Bye Kei!! Make sure you come back as soon as possible! Or else I will come myself, to bring you back!" said Luffy, while looking seriously at him.

"Sure, Captain!" said Kei, while smiling at Luffy.

"Doraemon, make sure you send them off without problem!" said Kei.

"Don't worry Kei!, Leave it to me!" . As Doraemon had Going Merry in his Pocket, Kei asked him to retrieve it previously, during his journey to Rainbase.


"Kei, I will be leaving ok?...Take care, when I'm not here! And don't flirt with every random girl! And for your kind information I have told Vivi to keep watch on you!" said Nami, while reprimanding Kei, before Leaving.

Kei looked back at Vivi, who avoided his gaze, because it confirmed that she is going to keep a lookout on him.

"..." Kei.

"Nami…you know what?…"

"Wha-" Before she could ask, Kei pulled her hand swiftly bringing her into his embrace, while making contact with her lips.

"Hmm!!" Nami, who was surprised by his bold action, widened her eyes. But she decided to enjoy his embrace and warmth, before she left.

Smooch* Smooch* Chupa chup chup chup (Kissing intensely)

"..." Vivi

Vivi, who saw Kei and Nami's bold action in front of her, brought both of her hands on her face, trying to unsee the activity. But the intense sound of kissing, made her curious, due to which she was peeking through the gaps between her fingers, and blushing in anger. 'Don't they know the term Privacy?...'

Kei distances his face from her, while gently holding her shoulder, and pecking on her forehead with love. '...Take care, Ok?"

"Hmm!" said Nami, while starting to descend down, while shouting at Vivi, "Vivi, let's meet again!"

"Yes! Nami-san!" said Vivi, while waving her right hand, with a big smile.

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