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Introducing Kei, a normal guy being reincarnated as Genji D Keisuke in the world of One Piece. #Romance #Harem English is not my first language and I'm still an amateur, but I hope it'll atleast be a interesting fanfic. Cover doesnt belong to me. I just found it.

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Clap Clap* (Kei clapped his hands)

"Right, guys! I want to tell you something." said Kei, while taking everyone's attention towards him.

"Eh?...What do you want to talk about?" asked Sanji, as he was confused, when he saw his serious expression.

"Hmm?..." Zoro.

"What is it Kei?..." Usopp.

"..." Chopper. Stood silently beside Ussop, waiting for him to talk.

"Hm?...What is it Kei-san?..." asked Vivi.

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, he started to talk, "Ok, you can come in~" said Kei, while waiting for her arrival.

kachak* Creeaaak~ (Door opening sound)

"Hello~" said Robin, while entering the room.

Seeing who the person was, everyone's face changed significantly.

Kerplang* Zoro pulled his sword partially, ready to kill Robin, the moment she did anything suspicious.

"A..Aaa…Aa.aa.aa…He..ehhh?!! What?!! Why is she here?!!" Usopp, opened his mouth wide, while acting exaggeratedly, "Everyone! Let's escape!! She has come here to kill us!! Waa….We are going to get killed!! Aaaaah!!" said Ussop, while he started to hide behind the bed, near Luffy.

"Hm…Ehh?....Aaaah!! Usopp!!, don't leave me here alone!! I don't want to be killed!!!" said Chopper, while shouting with his bulging eyes and snotty nose, taking shade near Ussop.

"A ahh! Mello~ Mellorine!! She is that beautiful , cool and mysterious Onee-san!!!" shouted Sanji. While going into his simp mode.

"K-Kei-san, why did you bring her here?..." asked Vivi, as she was confused and afraid of her. 'Why Kei, would Invite the enemy, who wanted to kill them yesterday?!'

"Ok! Everyone calm down~, She isn't harmful, like you think, So please stay calm~, as I wanted to announce important things to you all!" said Kei, with seriousness.

Seeing that everyone had calmed down, Kei sat on the empty bed, while Robin sat beside him.

Vivi, who saw this, felt weird. 'Why is she following Kei?'. But nonetheless, she took a seat, on the other bed, opposite to them. While everyone did the same, they sat at the place where they felt more comfortable.

"There are three things. First! I won't be coming with you on the upcoming Journey, as I have something to do here in Alabasta."

"Eh?..." Hearing this everyone was surprised.

But unlike everyone, Vivi, who heard this got very happy. Since Kei-san will be staying with her, here in ALABASTA!!

"Why?..." Sanji asked him. As he was curious about it. So when Kei is not there on the ship, maybe he can try to woo Nami-san!!. Was what he was thinking.

"Second!, I have started my own Organization, So it will take time to organize things over here… but it doesn't mean that I will leave the crew. It's just that I'm preparing for the unknown Future, which will be kept before us…"

"Third!,... Nico Robin aka Miss All Sunday, will join the crew, in my stead!" said Kei, while everyone asked him, why??!

"Why?! Is there any benefit keeping this woman on the ship?..." asked Zoro, as he still wasn't supporting the idea of welcoming Robin on their ship.

"Yep, Zoro! You have hit the right question!,... She is an Archaeologist, and has dealt with Black Market…That means…She is a walking Encyclopedia, who has various information…which you are lacking now!"

Hearing this Zoro, went into contemplation, as he thought, maybe Kei was right! As for Black market, he didn't know anything about that…and he didn't care about it either.

While Sanji's stupid face, confirmed that he didn't deny this proposition.

As Kei was waiting for their answer, his gaze fell on Vivi's happy face, since he felt that she was indicating like, 'I'm fine with it! Just let her go with them.'

Ussop and Chopper, were glancing at Zoro. As they will do, what Zoro will choose for them. As for Sanji, he was hopeless.

"Oh! There is also another reason…Like she can take care of Luffy, as she is a calm and Intelligent lady, who has managed such a big Organization like B.W's.

Zoro, who heard the last line, decided to accept her in the crew. As he imagined the crew, without Kei's managing. It will be chaos!!

"Ok! But still I will tell you, I won't lose my guard against you!" said Zoro, while glancing at Robin.

"Eh!,.. I'm fine with it!" said Robin, while smiling happily.

"But Kei, have you talked about this matter to Nami?..." asked Usopp, coming out of the hiding.

"Yes! So you don't have to worry about anything."


(At Evening, On same Day, on the coast of Alubarna)

Three Ships were stationed. Of which two were of Marines and One was an Artificial Rain making Ship of Crocodile, which was confiscated by Tashigi and Smoker along with Hina.

Tashigi was feeling weak and hopeless, when she wasn't able to stop the war, instigated by Crocodile. Which made her very frustrated.

Even so, they were successful in capturing Sir Crocodile. They weren't the one who captured him, but instead the Luffy's crew.

When she heard that 'Kei - The Devil's Hand', was among the one who defeated Crocodile, she felt even more frustrated.

Because she was weak, her panty was stolen by that Bastard! Because she was weak, she didn't have the power to change the flow of the war, which he did so easily.

So she came to a firm decision, SHE HAS TO GET STRONGER! And her first Target will be Kei, whom she will arrest!

As she was in her thoughts, a voice came beside her.

"Here, Sergeant, maybe this can help you!" said one of the Soldiers, while giving her a handkerchief.

"Thank you, Soldier!" said Tashigi, while wiping her tears of frustration.

As the Soldier wanted to take off to his work, he was stopped by her, "You are so kind, By the way, what is your name?..."

"Eh..?...My name is Ichiya! Sergeant!" answered the soldier, while saluting her.

"Oh…Ok?, then Ichiya, if you have any problem in the future, please let me know ok?..." said Tashigi, while smiling kindly.

"Thank you Mam!...By the way mam…Where is the Cabin room of Captain Hina?...She asked me to check something there…" said Ichiya in a hushed manner.

"Oh! It's right there, up there!" saying this she directed , Ichiya out of Kindness.

"Thank you Sergeant Tashigi!" saying this he walked to the said direction.


"Oye, Tashigi, who were you talking with before?..." asked Smoker.

"Oh! It was one of the Soldiers, who was ordered by Captain Hina, to look for something there!" said Tashigi naively.

"Hmm?...Hina didn't order someone to look for anything in Hina's Office!" said Hina in surprise, while hurriedly walking towards her Cabin.

"Eh?...Captain Hina didn't order anyone?...Then who was the Soldier?!!" said Tashigi in bewilderment.

"..." Smoker was stunned speechless at her naivety and decided to teach her some knowledge related to deception, but for the time being, he decided to follow Hina and look at the situation.

While Tashigi also followed them.


"So, where is he?...And is there something missing here?..." asked Smoker.

"All the Treasure stored in another room is gone! Hina is very angry, those were the treasures, belonging to the World Government! Hina must find this scum!!" shouted Hina, while clenching her fist.

Tashigi, who also came inside the room, looked around for a while, until her eyes fell on a Letter.

"Captain Hina! There is a letter on your desk!" said Tashigi.

"Hmm?...Letter?...Hina is suspicious!...Who wrote this letter?!!" saying this she held the letter and opened it up, taking out a paper.

While Smoker also came beside her, while going through the content inside it.

[To - Captain Hina

From - Ichiya Vandalay.

Ichiya has taken all the treasure over here, as Ichiya needs them to feed his Family and Pets. Since Ichiya is jobless, Ichiya had to do this. By the way, when Ichiya first laid his eyes on you, he felt as though he had found his long lost Soul mate! Ichiya likes you! So do you want to be Ichiya's Girlfriend?...

P.S - By the way, Ichiya has taken all the stuff, from inside the Safe...]

Seeing the content of the letter, she hurriedly opened the Safe, which contained all the Marine related documents and Rokushiki (Superhuman Martial Arts) guide. But to her disappointment, everything was gone!!.

This was the first time, when she was insulted by someone. Someone came inside her Cabin, and took all the stuff, right under Hina's nose.

"Insult!...Insult! Hina is greatly insulted by this scummy Bastard!!" said Hina, while gritting her teeth.

In rage, she decided to tear the letter to bit's only to be stopped by Smoker, as he saw, there was something more written on it.

[P.S.S - If you want to see Ichiya's handsome and sexy Manly face, you can look at the photo inside the Letter.]

"..." Smoker

"..." Hina

Seeing this both got curious. As they wanted to know, who was this brave person, to rob their Ship, right in front of their eyes.

Hina took the letter packet and saw a photo. But as soon as her eyes fell on it. Her and Smoker's cigarette fell on the floor. while she hurriedly ran outside to puke.

"Wh-what happened Captain Smoker?!!" asked Tashigi, when she saw Hina's reaction.

"..." Smoker

Getting no response from Smoker, she tried to touch him, but he directly fell on the floor, with his eyes open holding the photo.

Tashigi was scared shitless, as she called out to the Soldiers to take him to the bed.

After which she sighed in relief. But her attention fell on the backside of the photo, which was laying down.

As she was about to pick it up, she was stopped by Captain Hina.

"W-Wait…H-Hina, commands you to not look at this photo!" said Hina, with her pale frightened face.

The Photo was of Ichiya, wearing black thong. While laying on the beach chair and posing stylishly. Men~

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