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Introducing Kei, a normal guy being reincarnated as Genji D Keisuke in the world of One Piece. #Romance #Harem English is not my first language and I'm still an amateur, but I hope it'll atleast be a interesting fanfic. Cover doesnt belong to me. I just found it.

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While chaos had erupted at Marine Ship, Kei was returning to the Palace on the bike.

"Phew~, finally got rid of that cursed photo!" said Kei, while remembering the time when he first saw it. His soul almost flew out of his body, knocking him out cold for 5 good hours.


"What a great Nap!!" shouted Luffy, while stretching his hands, to relieve his muscles.

"Oh, Luffy, you woke up…" Usopp.

While Chopper was checking on Luffy, looking for any problem on his body.

"Hat?...Breakfast?..Where's my hat? Breakfast?... Hat?" said Luffy, while looking around for it in confusion, and his stomach was alerting his brain that he had missed his food.

"Why is he being noisy as hell the moment he wakes up huh?..." said Sanji, while smoking his cigarette.

"Luffy-san, it's great that you finally regained your strength!" Vivi said, with a kind smile.

"Eh?...Regained strength?...No…I was strong from the start."

While Usopp, helped Luffy to find his Straw Hat, and Sanji corrected Luffy's lagged brain by Updating it with Current time and day.

"So, I have been sleeping for 2 day's straight…That means I missed 10 meals," said Luffy.

"..." Everyone.

As everyone was interacting with Luffy, the door was once again opened.

"Yo! Luffy, you woke up?..." said Kei, while smiling at him.

"Oh! Kei, I'm hungry!!"

"Sure, let's go everyone, it's time for Grand Dinner!" Kei invited everyone, while Luffy ran towards the Dinner hall.

"Yahoo!~ Dinner! Dinner!"


(Palace Dining Hall)

"Awesome! Delicious~, What is this Slice bread?!!" exclaimed Luffy, while stars were twinkling in his eyes, with great brightness.

"Tasty~!" said Chopper, while holding his cheeks.

"Chopper taste this HamBurger!! It's super awesome!!" said Usopp, while calling out to him.

On the suggestion of Usopp, Chopper took a big bite of it, after which he cried out tears of happiness, "Tasty!!"

"Right?! I also think s–"Usopp, stopped whatever he was saying, as Luffy was stuffing his portion of Hamburgers, while stretching out his hand.

"Luffy!! You Bastard! Gimme back my Hamburgers!!!"

"M-Me, I didn't eat!" Luffy replied back, while continuing to eat.

"Here! You can have mine~" said Kei, as he gave his portion of Burger to Usopp.

"Eh?! Thank you Kei, but don't you want to eat too? Aren't you hungry?!" Usopp asked him with worry. While he was very thankful for those burgers.

"No! I'm stuffed, So I'm going out to Bath,...I've heard the Main Bath has been opened up." said Kei.

While King Cobra nodded his head in affirmation, "That's right! Kei-san, can go there prior to us, as we will be there after dinner, Hahahah!" laughed King, while Kei took off to bath.


Kei came in front of the Main bath's entrance. As he was about to enter inside, he was called out by a Guard.

"Kei-sama, the entrance to the Male Bath, is to the Left." said the guard.

Kei thanked the guard while he went into the bath to soak in warm water.


"Ah~, It has been a while since I took a bath this relaxly ~" thought Kei, while thinking about the moment he came to this world until now. It was quite an adventure. But after staying in the world, he came to realization, that he was tired of being followed by those damn Marines!

So that's why he decided to make his own Organization, in order to counter these Marines. But it is very stressful to manage it on his own. So the first thing he has to do is gather Talented Individuals.

As he was thinking, he heard the sound of footsteps.

"Eh?...Really!.." said a soft female voice.

"Yes! Yes!You know, Kei is really a beast!" said another female voice, though it had a hint of mischievousness and liveliness to it.


'What is going on?..." Kei thought, while staring at the incoming figure of Nami and Vivi.

"..." Nami & Vivi.

"Kei?...What are you doing here?..." asked Nami, while coming in front of Vivi.

"Isn't this Male Bath area?..." asked Kei, while trying to confirm something.

"No~, it's the Female Bath Area." said Vivi, while blushing.

"But the guard told me that this is a Men's bath area!" said Kei, while standing in surprise.

"Guard?...But there was no one there outside~" said Nami, as she was eyeing Kei, with doubt. 'Was he fooled or is trying to act like a fool in order to see their body', was what Nami was thinking.

While Vivi was having a panic attack in her mind, "Kya!! Kei-san is looking at me! I don't know how to react!"

"Ok, then I will leave from here…sorry for disturbing you both!" said Kei, but as he started to move, his towel loosened and…

'Thud' (Bath towel falling on the ground)

Frrrroooo (Elephant trumpet sound)


Vivi faced burned red, while thick white smoke was coming from her head. After which she fell unconscious.

While Nami, hurriedly caught Vivi, in order to avoid any injury.

"Kei! Hurry up! Get out of here! And please cover your Beast!!!" said Nami, in annoyance, as she never thought that Vivi would also get the chance to see Kei's little brother.

"Ok! Ok! I'm going!" said Kei, while running out of the bath area covering his now proudly standing member.

He hurriedly used his Observation Haki, in order to find the culprit, behind the scene. He need to punish whoever did this, or else, he can't sleep soundly tonight .


"Hehehe! It would be fun to see Kei being beaten by Nami and Vivi!" said Doraemon, while smiling mischievously.

"Quack-Quack!" (Yeah, Vivi will also beat him up, I also want to see his embarrassed face!)

"Brr Brr..Brr Brr Brr!" (Praise me for the Master plan!) said Lashes the Camel, while patting his chest.

"Yes!... Quack!" said Doraemon and Karoo, when suddenly they felt shivers on their backs.

"Dor-ae-mon~...Kaa-roo~ and Las-hes~, Indeed a Master plan! Looks like you need some reward for it right?" asked Kei, while cracking his knuckle.

"K-Kei! Waaa! Run!!" said Doraemon, while escaping for his life, while Karoo and Lashes, started to cry tears for provoking Kei.

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