57 The Key to Hammering Lies With Your Lower Back

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"Who else wants to fight!"

Old Lu raised his hands and roared excitedly.

The villagers across from him were frightened by his aura.

They suddenly felt that the other party was not a lamb but a ferocious tiger.

For a time, the villagers regretted their actions.

The deputy village chief was utterly dumbfounded.

He was no longer as calm as before.

At this moment.

"Old Lu, that's enough!" Lyu Yuhua patted Old Lu's shoulder.

Old Lu turned his head and said excitedly, "It's not over yet! I want to fight a few more of them."

Lyu Yuhua said with a bitter smile, "They're all terrified now. We have already achieved our goal, so put those fists down!"

"Alright!" Old Lu still wanted to fight, but put his hands down.

Then, Lyu Yuhua took a step forward and pointed at one of the villagers opposite him. He said in a low voice, "Answer me, what is this place? What village is this?"


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