8 Peak of Qi Refinement

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The next day.

At the foot of the Mountain Hu, Qin Chuan was waiting.

Because of his manic sales pitch yesterday, the old men and women, who were doing morning exercises, were hostile towards him.

When they saw him, they would avoid him as if he was a terrorist.

Qin Chuan didn't mind.

He believed that one day, these people would beg him to teach them cultivation.

A few minutes later, the old folks from yesterday arrived.

There were also some new people with them.

There was even an old man who brought his father with him.

His father was 98 years old. He had difficulty walking, so he was sitting in a wheelchair. Both his vision and hearing were deteriorating, and his speech was also unclear.

Qin Chuan didn't reject him.

With the gates and the Spirit Spring, it didn't matter how old he was.

He registered the newcomers. There were 17 of them, 10 old men, and seven old women.

Qin Chuan counted the number of people and found that Wang Zhixing had not arrived.

He made a call. Wang Zhixing said that he had something to attend to and asked for a day off.

Qin Chuan didn't say anything.

He brought the old men and women to the same forest as yesterday.

With a thought, they arrived at the sect.

The newcomers were especially excited, acting as if they had discovered a new continent.

When they saw the golden dragons and phoenixes in the sky, they were equally agitated.

They wanted to take photos.

However, in the sect, all electronic devices didn't work, so they gave up the idea.

"Newcomers, follow me. The rest of you, please go to the training hall to meditate." Qin Chuan instructed.

With that, he led the incoming old men and old women to kowtow at the gates.

After the consecration from the gates, their spiritual roots had awakened.

Out of the 17 people, five were Earth Spirit Roots. The rest were either middle-grade or superior-grade spirit roots.

After the consecration, the 98-year-old man's turbid eyes instantly became brighter, and his hearing recovered.

His eyes brimmed with tears of excitement as he opened his toothless mouth and cheered.

After that, Qin Chuan brought everyone to soak in the Spirit Spring.

This time, Qin Chuan reminded everyone that the time they could spend in the Spirit Spring was at most two hours. If they exceeded that, the spring would automatically shut off.

Just like yesterday, ladies went first.

Soon, shocked voices came from the Spirit Spring.

"Oh my gosh, my hair has turned black."

"Mine is black too.

"My hair grew out."

"I even grew teeth!"


Four hours later, the group of old men and women looked completely different. Altogether, they were around 30 years younger.

They were extremely agitated, and they respected Qin Chuan with all their hearts.

After all, it was Qin Chuan who gave them a second life.

Right now, they had absolute trust in Qin Chuan.

They would follow whatever Qin Chuan says.

This way, what Qin Chuan did next became much easier.

After teaching them the breathing technique, they were surprisingly enthusiastic.

Clack! Clack!

For a moment, the sound of bone joints echoed in the training hall.

The old men and women gritted their teeth and persevered. Soon, they started practice.

Qin Chuan felt accomplished when he saw how serious they were.

He felt like a teacher, and he had students who were cultivating diligently.

When his students did well, he was happy for them as their teacher.

He opened the Immortal Cultivation Register and saw that there were 43 people from both days.

Today, five people had awakened their Earth Spirit Roots. They would be able to draw Qi into their bodies before the end of the day.

So, 11 people would have officially embarked on the path of cultivation.

There was still a long way to go before the whole nation, but Qin Chuan was hopeful that as long as he didn't give up, he would definitely succeed.

Time passed quickly.

When the day was about to end, the five old men who had awakened Earth Spirit Roots successfully drew Qi into their bodies.

"XXX has succeeded in drawing Qi. The host has received 10 points."

"XXX has succeeded in drawing Qi. The host has received 10 points."

"XXX has succeeded in drawing Qi. The host has received 10 points."

At the same time, there was also a different system prompt.

"Congratulations, host, you have unlocked an achievement, [The 10th Cultivator], reward: 20 supreme-grade Qi Gathering Pills and 500 points."

Qin Chuan was stunned.

He gave all of the Qi Gathering Pills to his clone.

He saw the progress bar pulsing and his cultivation level reaching the peak of Qi Refinement. He was just one step away from breaking through.

Now that he was at the peak of Qi Refinement, the energy in his body surged violently like waves.

Qin Chuan felt that if he were to take part in some boxing championship, he could easily defeat any opponent no matter the weight class.


A few minutes later,

Qin Chuan announced the end of today's cultivation.

The old men and women had yet to get their fill. Some of them wanted to stay.

However, Qin Chuan did not agree.

He was afraid that his students' children would call the police if their parents did not return home.

If the police get involved, they will definitely look for me.

After all, I do have a record.

The police don't believe in cultivation either.

If they charge me with false imprisonment of elderly, I'll end up in jail!

Thus, he would definitely not allow the elderly to spend the night in the sect.

After returning to the present world and seeing the elderly off, he returned home in peace.

He passed by a roast duck restaurant.

Qin Chuan halted.

When he passed by yesterday, he couldn't bear to buy some because he really didn't have much money on him.

But today, he really couldn't hold back.

Business was booming in the roast duck restaurant.

Qin Chuan got a number. There were eight to nine people in front of him.

He was in no hurry either, so he found a random spot and waited.

After waiting for a few minutes, a woman walked over.

The woman was dressed in business attire.

She was wearing a light gray skirt suit, high heels, and a white blouse.

She was beautiful but a little aloof.

Just like Qin Chuan, she had taken a number and was waiting for her order.

She had attracted the eyes of many men the moment she walked in.

Qin Chuan was no exception. He took a few more glances at her.

It had to be said that she was very beautiful. Her appearance and figure were impeccable.

Soon, men came over to hit on her.

But she was cold. She stared at her phone and ignored everyone.

She gave the people who came to strike up a conversation with her the cold shoulder.

Not long after, the number on the screen was drawing near to Qin Chuan's.

Qin Chuan walked towards the counter.

Suddenly, a shout sounded from behind him.

"Get lost!"

Qin Chuan turned around and saw that the voice came from the woman in professional attire.

A young man with blond hair stood beside her.

The blond stared straight at the woman.

"Pretty lady, I just want your number. Why are you so angry?" The man laughed.

The woman sneered and said in a low voice, "I'll say it again: get lost!"

He continued to grin slyly, refusing to comply. He even reached out to hold her shoulder.

She dodged quickly, not letting the blond man get his way.

At this moment, a young man came forward and reprimanded the blonde.

This young man was quite muscular, and he had similarly tried to hit on this woman earlier on.

Saving the damsel in distress would definitely capture a woman's heart.

The blond stared at the youth and said sternly, "What are you looking at?"

"You! So what?"

"I dare you to keep staring!"

"I'm going to do just that!"

Here, the blond rolled up his sleeves to reveal a tiger tattoo.

Fear flashed across the young man's eyes.

"Tsk! You want to be a hero and save the lady? Who do you think you are!"

The blond man kicked the young man away.

The young man didn't dare fight back and immediately left the restaurant.

The person beside him had also seen the tattoo. He kept his distance from the blond man, so as not to provoke him.

The woman didn't want to be pestered by the man and wanted to leave.

The blond immediately chased and happened to bump into Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan was currently at the peak of Qi Refinement, and his body was hale and hearty.

Just from bumping into Qin Chuan, the blond man felt as if his body was falling apart, and he almost cried from the pain.

"You, rascal…"

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