2 Picking Up a Huge Bargain

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Qi Chen was thrown to the ground by this demon beast.

The demon beast dashed out.


Two beastly roars rang out near him, followed by the sounds of a scuffle.

Qi Chen rolled forward a few times, and the first thing he saw was two demon beasts fighting.

One was a two-meter-long tiger, while the other was a gorilla that was taller than an adult.

To Qi Chen, who was just an egg, these two fellows were huge. When they fought, they were abnormally fierce, neither giving in to the other.

But… What did this have to do with him?

If he didn't slip away now, when will he?!

Time to scram…

Qi Chen laid on the ground and rolled forward as quickly as possible.

However, before he could even roll more than ten meters away, the battle between the two beasts ended.

The gorilla gave a last cry before its head exploded from the tiger's bite.

Qi Chen was shocked and turned his head to look back.

The tiger was covered in blood and limped towards him.

The eyes revealed its desire.

It was the desire to eat.

This fellow wanted to eat him to replenish its strength and to recover from its injuries.

Qi Chen wanted to escape, but he couldn't.

Panting heavily, the tiger came to Qi Chen and looked into his eyes for a few seconds.

If possible, Qi Chen was willing to continue staring at the tiger.

Until the end of time, until the other party bled to death.

But that was impossible.


The tiger growled and opened its mouth to take him.

It looked like the tiger was going to bite Qi Chen's eggshell and eat him on the spot.

Oh no!

Although Qi Chen had previously added all his enhancement points to his defense, he had no idea what this level 1 defense was to a demon beast.

Although Qi Chen's innate talent was the Armor of Thorns that could reflect damage; if the opponent's attack was stronger than his own defense, then the Armor of Thorns' damage reflection would be completely ineffective.


This was the sound of teeth shattering!


The tiger let out a blood-curdling cry and spat out Qi Chen, before turning to flee.

However, the injuries on its body were too severe and it had exhausted its stamina. The tiger was already a spent force.

Now that it was attacked by the eggshell, it had only made matters worse. The tiger only managed to run for more than ten meters, before falling down weakly, never to rise again.

Qi Chen: ???

He looked back. Good god, the tiger had fallen.

It's me who caused this?

Qi Chen thought of something and opened his status.

[Talent: Armor of Thorns (When attacked, you can reflect 50% of damage back to the attacker)]

[Speed: 0.1/10]

[Defense: 1/10]

[Attack: 0.1/10]

[Enhancement Points: 0]

"Hahahaha! I didn't expect this tiger to be unable to break through my defense and get injured by my damage reflection talent."

Qi Chen smiled.

For a demon beast that had yet to hatch, their attacks were always weak.

However, if his talent and defense were combined, he was still very strong.

Now that the tiger was dead and the danger had passed, Qi Chen didn't leave just yet.

He still remembered that his mission had not been completed.

Devouring a level-one demon beast. This tiger in front of him was ready-made.

If he missed this opportunity, it would be extremely difficult for him to encounter such opportunities in the future.

[Beep! The host has killed a level-one demon beast, obtained 0.5 enhancement points!]

On the status in front of Qi Chen, the enhancement points went from 0 to 0.5.

This tiger died due to its grave injuries.

This was Qi Chen's first thought.

After some thought, Qi Chen added all his enhancement points to his speed.

The enhancement points returned to zero again, and his speed went from 0.1/10 to 0.6/10.

After adding his attributes, Qi Chen was extremely excited.

He wanted to test his speed!

He laid down horizontally and rolled forward!

So fast!

It didn't take long for him to roll more than ten meters forward.

Qi Chen came to the tiger's corpse.

"The next step is to devour and complete the evolution."

He saw the evolution option on his status flashing.

He tapped it with his consciousness.

Evolution: An egg with unknown significance (Ordinary Demon Beast)

Devour Target: Wild Tiger (Level 1 Demon Beast)

Choose a Composition: Wild Tiger's Vision, Wild Tiger's Hearing, Wild Tiger's Smell.

Devour Evolution Goal: A tiger-striped egg with unknown significance.

Qi Chen fell into deep thought as he looked at the directions of the three Devouring Evolutions.

He couldn't understand. As an egg, his vision was understandable. After all, he didn't have eyes on his eggshell, but he still could see.

Choosing visual evolution would probably allow him to see further.

But what would happen if he chose the sense of smell and hearing?

Did that mean he would grow ears or noses?

After much consideration, Qi Chen finally chose the sense of hearing.

In the previous battle, Qi Chen had noticed that his hearing was very bad, he was no different from being deaf.

He had to get rid of this flaw.

With the sense of hearing, even as an egg, Qi Chen was more confident in surviving in this forest.

[Host, please come into contact with the devour target.]

Qi Chen jumped forward with all his might and landed on the corpse of the tiger.

[Begin Devouring Evolution!]

The corpse of this two-meter-long tiger was melting at a visible speed.

Immediately after, Qi Chen felt a sharp pain in his body. It was as if all the tissues in his body were being torn apart.

With every tear, they would become stronger.

This pain did not last long.

[Beep! Devouring Evolution completed! The next Devouring Evolution will begin in five days. Host, please be prepared!]

Qi Chen felt that his surroundings were filled with all sorts of sounds.

He shook his egg body and looked at his status eagerly.

[Host: Qi Chen]

[Level: 0/10]

[Evolution: A tiger-striped egg with unknown significance]

[Talent: Armor of Thorns (When attacked, you can reflect 50% of damage back to the attacker)]

[Speed: 0.6 / 10]

[Defense: 1/10]

[Attack: 0.1/10]

[Enhancement Points: 0]

"I still don't have a level. Maybe I haven't met the requirements to level up."

Qi Chen guessed.


I'm so hungry!

He had not eaten anything since he woke up.

Qi Chen was already hungry when he broke those few eggs, just at the time he was not that hungry yet.

But now, after completing his evolution, an intense hunger constantly attacked Qi Chen's consciousness, making him feel faint.

Devouring Evolution was simply too exhausting.

I'm so hungry! I've devoured the tiger and absorbed it but there's still a gorilla that can be eaten!

Qi Chen endured the dizziness and rolled wobbily to the gorilla's corpse to eat.

This was an instinct that came from a demon beast's predatory habits. Qi Chen, whose soul had transmigrated into a demon beast egg, didn't feel any discomfort.

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