2 I need a weapon for men!

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After the prep rally ended, Jon was called into the director's office.

He said he wanted to talk to him.


Jon walked into the office and greeted the director behind the desk.

The director motioned for Jon to sit down.

He asked straightforwardly.

"What do you think about this drill?"

The director leaned forward slightly and his hands leaned against the desk.

Psychologically, this meant he was listening at the moment.

Jon looked relaxed and teased.

"The director told me to complete this mission seriously, so I must be a good robber."

He played with the pen holder in front of the director as he spoke.

He was testing the director's attitude.

After all, if the bureau chief only wanted to be perfunctory in this drill, his evaluation system would also be affected.

The more perfectly he acted, the more opposite his evaluation would be.

The bureau chief's attitude was crucial.

"Very good!"

"Do you know why I chose you?"

The bureau chief suddenly changed his tone.

Jon was actually curious about this matter, too. He was an invisible person in the bureau.

Why would the bureau still want him to participate in this mission?

"Because the entire FBI doesn't want to handle this matter properly!"

"Everyone is thinking about how to brush off their superiors! Brush off the media! Brush off the public!"

The director stood up from his office chair excitedly and looked down at Jon.

"But you're different."

"You're not from a faction and you don't have the ambition to climb up!"

"Many people have complained about you in front of me, but I've suppressed them."

"A person with ambition wouldn't have so many enemies."

The director propped his hands on the table.

"Crush them, Jon!"

"I need you to teach them a lesson."

"The drill will begin in three days. I'll give you three days off to prepare."

"If you need any help, you can ask me."

The director's words stunned Jon.

It turned out that the director knew about his situation and had suppressed it.

Jon looked at the director in surprise.

The director usually seemed to be silent, but in fact, he knew what was going on.

However, he was pleasantly surprised by the bureau chief's next promise.

He did not expect that his most difficult problem had been solved.

In order to act successfully, Jon already knew what he wanted.

"Director, I need some men's weapons now!"

A bank robber could not rob with his bare hands, right?

There had been a lot of drills before this.

But for safety reasons, they either used fake guns or they used fake bullets.

These were all too childish.

No matter how serious he was, others wouldn't get nervous looking at these fake equipments.

Something that could threaten the lives of others was what a robber wanted.

Suddenly, he missed those big guys in the Navy SEAL.

Jon looked at the director and smiled.

"I need to check the FBI's armory."

"There are a few things that seem to have been left there."

The director nodded.

Since they were going to put on a real show this time...

They couldn't scare people just by relying on low-quality props.

This request was reasonable.

"Okay! I approve!"

"After work, you go to the armory to pick weapons."

"But remember to hide! This is a special operation!"

Looking at the director who sat back at his desk, Jon reminded him with some kindness.

"Director, I think I will make you regret your decision to choose me."

As soon as he said this, the director laughed even more.

"If you can make me regret, then this will be my best choice."

The director waved his hand at Jon as he spoke, indicating that he could leave.

He came out of the director's office.

Jon, who had just returned to his desk, sat down.

The hottest woman in the entire FBI, Laura, came looking for him.

She sat down on Jon's desk.

Her exaggerated hips were squeezed by the desk.

It revealed an astonishing arc.

"Hey! Hot girl! You've made my desk's value increase quite a lot."

Jon frowned slightly and teased.

He didn't know what this woman was doing at this time.

Laura glanced at Jon, who was a little sloppy but still strong.

She pinched a cowhide bag with two fingers and handed it to Jon.

"Jon, the director gave this to you specifically."

"It seems to be interesting about this drill. Do you mind going out to talk later?"

Laura stared at him.

It was as if water could be seen.

He took the cowhide bag.

If it were any other time, Jon would definitely be there.

But now...

Five million was still waiting for him.

How could he be distracted?

Jon chanted the Buddhist scriptures in his heart.

Looking at Laura's hot figure...

He turned down the invitation of the hottest girl in the bureau apologetically.

After sending Laura away...

Jon woke up the system.

He opened his attribute interface.

[ host ] : Kirby Jon

[ IQ ] : 120 (normal person's average is 100)

[ physical fitness ] : 130 (average person is 100)

[ points ] : 0.

[ skills ] : combat skills (advanced) , firearms proficiency (advanced) , robber's aura (low).

There was some basic information in the attribute panel.

Jon looked at the system's evaluation of him.

He was smarter than the average person and his physical fitness was better than the average person.

Other than that, he was not surprised that he was proficient in fighting and firearms.

His previous training had allowed him to receive a high evaluation.

However, this robber's aura skill caught Jon's interest immediately.

He stood in front of the mirror and switched on this skill in the system.

He looked up at himself in the mirror. Although his appearance had not changed, his aura had indeed undergone a huge change.

His face did not have any expression in front of the mirror.

But it gave off a fierce feeling.

Jon estimated.

His aura would probably scare those kids to tears if he walked on the streets.

Although he had learned makeup and acting lessons in the Navy SEAL, it wasn't as natural as the system made it seem. It was as if he really was a robber.

He put away his robber vibe.

Jon looked at himself in the mirror again.

He was back to his sloppy self.

It was a magical skill.

Jon shrugged slightly and did not go deep into it.

He sat in his office chair and used his computer to search for cop movies and TV shows.

He also bought a few books on criminal psychology, which were at the top of the sales list.

Since he had to play a bank robber perfectly, Jon had to do some homework in advance.

The reward from the system was definitely going to be Jon's!

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