40 The Big Shots Gather

Translator: Zayn_

Although Bai Xiaofei said that she wasn't here to work at C University, Elder Luo still took her around the campus. He insisted on introducing Bai Xiaofei to the various honors and various teaching equipment on campus.

Bai Xiaofei couldn't argue with Elder Luo, so she could only walk with him on the campus. Of course, Bai Xiaofei's heart was filled with thoughts about the creator of the tutorial video, so she was a little absent-minded.

The principal, the beauty blogger, and Vice-Principal Shen followed behind. Their appearance instantly ignited the curiosity of the students. Most of them pretended to be taking a walk, but they were actually observing in the dark.

Some of them even stood rooted to the ground, their eyes glued to Bai Xiaofei, unable to move away. When Elder Luo noticed these students, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed.


Just as he was about to ask the students to return to the dormitory, Vice-Principal Shen, who was behind Bai Xiaofei and Elder Luo, suddenly exclaimed. The voice was so loud that Elder Luo was frightened and almost lost his balance.

When he turned around, he was about to hit Vice-Principal Shen's leg with his walking stick. But before he could do anything, he heard Vice-Principal Shen say, "Elder Qin is about to reach the school gate!"

"I don't care about you or Old Shen or old Qin. Why are you so agitated?" Elder Luo had not reacted yet.

After catching the keyword, Elder Luo suddenly became excited. "Wait, Elder Qin?!"

"You're talking about the leading figure in the field of medicine, the leader in the HIV field, Elder Qin??!"

Elder Luo swallowed his saliva.

He couldn't imagine that Elder Qin would come to their school in person. Today, was their school given special treatment by the God of Luck? Or was his 66th birthday coming up, and these were all surprises from the heavens?

"Yes, yes, yes, it's that Elder Qin!" Vice-Principal Shen was even more excited than Elder Luo. My idol!

Elder Qin had always been a god-like figure. They were not the only ones who were excited. Even Bai Xiaofei was a little shocked. After receiving the accurate news, Elder Luo suppressed his excitement and said, "Quick, come with me to the school gate to welcome Elder Qin!"


At the school gate, Elder Qin and the deputy director stood next to one another. They looked serious on the surface, but they were actually nervous. After a long while, Elder Qin finally spoke.

"Do you think he'll like my gift?"

The gift that Elder Qin was carrying was an exquisite jade pendant. It was worth one million Yuan.

"..." The deputy director was silent for a moment before he said, "Probably, probably. I like him."

Don't like it? If he doesn't like it, then give it to me. I like it! The Deputy Minister thought. Just as they were conversing, elder Luo and the others appeared in the distance.

A smile instantly appeared on old Qin's face, and the Deputy Minister was dumbfounded. This face-changing ability. The Deputy Minister thought.

"Elder Qin is here, sorry for not welcoming you! It's our school's honor to have you here." Elder Luo went up and made small talk. I wonder if you came to our school to discuss something?"

Elder Luo said as he stood in front of the stunned Vice-Principal.

It was reasonable for Elder Luo to be so excited. Elder Qin said slowly, "It's my honor to be able to come to your school. It's not that there's a problem."

Elder Qin clenched the string of the gift box in his hand, feeling a little nervous.

"I want to come to your school to find someone."

Elder Luo paused when Elder Qin finished speaking.

Looking for someone again? Who was hiding in their school that even Elder Qin and Bai Xiaofei came to look for him? Wasn't this a little ridiculous?

During their short chat, students from various universities received the news and gathered to watch. This was especially true for the medical students. Because of Elder Qin's appearance, almost all of them were mobilized.

Just to meet the legendary and famous Elder Qin! He was a national treasure! The students started discussing animatedly.

"Old Qin and Bai Xiaofei came to our school? Our school's fengshui is good. Who's family's ancestral grave is smoking?"

"I really never thought that I would be able to see these people together in real life. I have no regrets in this life!"

I" usually only see these people on the news- oh right, except for Elder Luo. After all, he's always strolling around the campus. I've seen him many times."

"Did you guys hear what they said? Elder Qin and Bai Xiaofei are coming to the school to look for someone? Who are they looking for? Do we have geniuses in our school?"

"I don't know who they're looking for, but I'm sure that the person they're looking for is extraordinary."

"Hehe, it would be great if Elder Qin and Bai Xiaofei came to find me."

"Dream on. After all, there are all kinds of things in dreams. You really dare to think about this kind of thing. If it was really you, what kind of luck would that be?"

"That's right. Smoke would be rising from their ancestral graves."


In the midst of the discussion, Elder Qin finally noticed Bai Xiaofei. "You're the popular knowledge blogger on the internet, Bai Xiaofei, right?" he asked with raised eyebrows.

Bai Xiaofei was a little shocked to be called out. She didn't expect that someone like Elder Qin would know her. Upon seeing this, Bai Xiaofei quickly nodded. "Yes, Elder Qin. I'm Bai Xiaofei."

"I see." Elder Qin nodded. "You're here at C University because you want to be employed? I'm just here to experience the campus scenery."

Elder Qin's sudden question made Elder Luo very curious.

Under all sorts of curious gazes, Bai Xiaofei said truthfully, "I saw a blogger on the internet and found that he explained things very clearly. After confirming that he was a student of C University, I was prepared to look for him and make friends with him."

"I see." Elder Qin nodded.

Unfortunately, he was now fully satisfied with his future precious disciple and did not think too deeply about it.

"Elder Qin, who are you looking for in school?" Elder Luo asked again.

Since Elder Qin and Bai Xiaofei were both here to look for someone, he might as well help them.

"Me?" Elder Qin pretended to be mysterious. "I'm here for my future disciple!"

The moment Elder Qin said this, there was an uproar.

The hot search of Elder Qin looking for a disciple some time ago was actually true! It was simply unbelievable. Furthermore, Elder Qin's future disciple was in C University. This was simply...

To C University, it was an endless glory!

Elder Luo recovered from his shock and asked, "Elder Qin, may I ask who you are looking for? I'll call him over for you. It'll be easier for us to find him."

"He's the person in charge of your HIV Research Group." Elder Qin replied happily.

On his way to school, he had learned about this paper. Although it was written by C University's HIV Research Group, the person-in-charge of the research group was in charge of finding information.

Therefore, Elder Qin was convinced that the person he was looking for was the person in charge of the HIV Research Group. Right now, he was still worried about how to find this person, and Elder Luo took the initiative to help him. Why would he not accept?

"The person in charge of the HIV Research Group is... Second-year student, Lin Hai." Vice-Principal Shen looked it up as fast as he could.

After knowing that Elder Qin was looking for a second-year student, it caused a lot of discussion.

"It's him!" Elder Qin nodded his head with certainty.

Elder Luo quickly ordered after recovering from his shock.

"Quick, get Lin Hai here! Just say that Elder Qin wants to see him."