Chapter 1: Immortal Sects Assessment, The More Sons More Blessings System!_1

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Jiang Country, Qingyun Sect.

On the hazy white jade square filled with immortal energy, hundreds of young boys and girls sat cross-legged, motionless.

Their eyes were closed tight, faces donned various expressions.

Some wore expressions of rage, others were covered in fear, some were ecstatic, while others appeared inconsolably sad...


Among the crowd, Lu Changsheng groaned softly, his eyes snapped open, and he instinctively clutched his forehead.

Deep within his brain, bursts of memory flooded out like a deluge, battering against his mind.

With these recollections, Lu Changsheng understood what had happened.

He had traveled through time.

He'd arrived in a world of fantasy and immortality.

But for eighteen years he had not awakened the mystery within the womb.

Not until today, during the fourth stage of Qingyun Sect's Immortal Sect assessment, the 'Trial of Heart', where he awakened his past life's memories.

"Someone has awakened so quickly, their Dao Heart is top-notch!"

Not far off, several examiners from Qingyun Sect were surprised to see Lu Changsheng awaken.

The Trial of Heart is the fourth stage of the Qingyun Sect's assessment, testing one's Dao Heart.

It is to say, one's state of mind and will.

Lu Changsheng, because of the awakening of his past life's memories, was the first to awaken from it.

"Lu Changsheng, Ninth Grade Spiritual Root, eighteen years old, such a pity."

"He only displayed mediocre perseverance in the second stage, yet to have such a Dao Heart, strange indeed."

"With a Dao Heart like that, if he had a Seventh Grade Spiritual Root, even at eighteen, he would be considered a decent Immortal Seedling."

"A Ninth Grade Spiritual Root at that age has limited potential, no matter how resolute the Dao Heart, it is of no use."

After reviewing Lu Changsheng's information, many people showed signs of regret.

Lu Changsheng naturally couldn't hear the 'Immortal Masters'' evaluations.

He was fully immersed in the sea of his mind.

As his memories of his past life awakened, the all-but-guaranteed system for transmigrators also accrued.

The Multiple Blessings System!

As the name implies, the more offspring, the greater the blessings.

These blessings don't refer to intangible good fortune but real, tangible benefits.

According to the system's information, there are currently two benefits.

Firstly, there are numerous achievement rewards with regards to offspring.

As long as achievements are triggered, the system will grant rewards.

Secondly, the Spiritual Root Talent and Cultivation Level of his offspring will all be multiplied onto him, their father.

Moreover, the offspring of his offspring, his descendants' Talent and Cultivation Level will also add to his own.

However, it will not add as much as his immediate children's; with every generation, the bonus reduces by fifty percent.

"This feels like a child-rearing game, giving birth to children, nurturing them, unlocking achievements, receiving rewards."

"However, with this system in place, doesn't it mean my Spiritual Root Talent can also improve? As long as my descendants have good talent and high Cultivation Level, I will soar right alongside them, perhaps even ascend to immortality while lying down!"

After getting to grasp his system completely, Lu Changsheng's emotions stirred, and he was incredibly excited.

In this world, the first step to Cultivation is to possess a Spiritual Root.

And Spiritual Roots are categorized into nine grades.

Ninth to Seventh Grade are considered Lower Grade.

Sixth to Fourth Grade are Middle Grade.

Third to First Grade are High Grade.

Above First Grade, there are the Earth Spirit Root, Heavenly Spiritual Root, and other rare Mutant Spiritual Roots.

In the first stage of the assessment, the Talent Test, Lu Changsheng discovered that he had only a Ninth Grade Spiritual Root.

It was the worst kind of Spiritual Root.

To cultivate immortality was extremely difficult, and his future achievements were limited.

But now, with the system, the Multiple Blessings System, Lu Changsheng felt that his path to becoming an immortal was not so bleak.

Just by having many children and cultivating them well, with effort building a large family, he could ascend as the patriarch lying down.

"Dad! Mom! Don't leave!"

"It's fake, it was just an illusion!"

"Hahaha! I did it, I became an immortal!!!"

"No, this is fake, don't try to fool me!"

At that moment, the boys and girls on the Trial of Heart gradually woke up. As if they had experienced a nightmare, they cried out, interrupting Lu Changsheng's train of thought.

"Lu Changsheng, when did you wake up?"

The few people next to him were surprised to see that Lu Changsheng had already awakened.

"I've just woken up a little while ago too,"

Lu Changsheng replied, taking in the three young men and two women before him.

Hong Yi, sixteen years old, Eighth Grade Spiritual Root, the son of a marquis.

Han Lin, fifteen years old, Seventh Grade Spiritual Root, born to a blacksmith.

Li Feiyu, eighteen years old, Seventh Grade Spiritual Root, young gang leader of the Crimson Whale Gang.

Xiao Xiyue, fifteen years old, Fourth Grade Spiritual Root, young lady from a scholarly family.

Zhao Qingqing, sixteen years old, Sixth Grade Spiritual Root, born to a physician.

These five, like him, were all Immortal Seedlings brought in by the secular branch of the Qingyun Sect.

On the way, they had come to know each other quite well.

However, this familiarity was nothing more than banding together for warmth in an unfamiliar environment.

The disparities in the backgrounds of the five were too great to allow for much common ground in conversation.

Only Han Lin and Lu Changsheng hit it off somewhat better.

Since Lu Changsheng came from a farmer's family, he found it easier to talk to Han Lin.

"I seemed to be the first one to wake up, I wonder if I can enter an Immortal Sect."

Lu Changsheng, watching the others gradually wake up around him, pondered in his heart.

Even with a system by his side, he still hoped to be accepted into the Qingyun Sect.

Because he was merely a common farmer by birth, it was only by a fortuitous chance that he had obtained an opportunity for Cultivation and was led to the Qingyun Sect's assessment.

If he couldn't join the Qingyun Sect, pursuing Cultivation would be extremely difficult.

Cultivation requires "wealth, companions, techniques, and land," none of which can be lacking.

Wealth needs no explanation.

In both the secular world and the Cultivation World, money is always of the utmost importance.

Companion refers to fellow Daoists, companions.

Technique refers to Cultivation Techniques, the teachings of others.

The last, land, refers to the place of Cultivation.

In ordinary mortal regions, without Spirit Veins and where Spiritual Energy is sparse and barren, Cultivation progresses very slowly.

If one can enter the Qingyun Sect, at least in the initial stages, one would have wealth, companions, techniques, and land—all in place.

This is why countless people yearn to be accepted into an Immortal Sect.

"Those whose names are called, step forward."

Before long, as everyone on the Inquiry Heart Stage woke up, an executor from the Qingyun Sect floated in the air, took out a Jade Scroll, and began to announce the list of successful candidates.

"Zhu San, Xiao Yuan, Han Lin... Xiao Xiyue, Zhao Qingqing..."

Names were called one after another.

Those whose names were called were beyond excited, brimming with joy, and full of longing for their future as Immortals.

Those whose names were not called sank deeper into a heavy mood, fraught with disappointment.

"Is that it?"

Li Feiyu, seeing the Qingyun Sect executor put away the list, showed a face of unwillingness.

"How could my name not be on the list!?"

Hong Yi also bit his lip tightly, his complexion turned pale as he struggled to believe it.

Although he possessed an Eighth Grade Spiritual Root, he was of noble birth and had previously spent connections and money to facilitate his acceptance.


Lu Changsheng, seeing that his name was not included, also sighed, feeling somewhat heavy-hearted.

Still, with the system, the blow wasn't too hard to bear.

Next to him, some people were crying out loud in distress at this moment.

"The rest of you, leave the sect gate immediately!"

The Qingyun Sect executor stated indifferently.

Following that, with a sweep of his sleeve, a cloud of auspicious mist appeared beneath the feet of those chosen and they rose up into the clouds and departed.

The several hundred remaining all wore bitter expressions and left with reluctance.

"Once you step out of this gate, you and I shall lead different lives, between Immortals and mortals two separate paths unfold!"

As they left the gates of the Qingyun Sect, many voiced their emotions, crying out loud.

Failing to be accepted into an Immortal Sect, even if they embarked on the journey of Cultivation, they would only be Loose Cultivators.

Their fates would drastically differ from those of Immortal Sect disciples.

Hong Yi, too, looked regretfully at the Qingyun Sect, shrouded in Immortal mists and suffused with rosy clouds, sighing continually.

Previously on the journey, he had even courted Xi Yue.

But now, Xi Yue, having been confirmed to have a Fourth Grade Spiritual Root, was successfully accepted into the Qingyun Sect while he was eliminated.

She instantly became a being he could only long for and not reach.

His noble status as a prince no longer mattered before the disciples of an Immortal Sect.

Even Han Lin, whom he had previously looked down upon, and Zhao Qingqing, whom he had thought little of, were now beings he would have to look up to after being admitted into the Qingyun Sect.

"What should I do next?"

Lu Changsheng glanced once more at the mountain gate of the Qingyun Sect, took a deep breath, and pondered the path ahead.

Although he had the system with him,

it was not simple to exploit it.

There was an initial accumulation phase.

It required constant marrying and fathering children, then raising and nurturing them.

The expenditure of time, money, and effort involved was not a small figure.

For him, at this moment, it was rather difficult.

Even though he had a Spiritual Root, he was just an ordinary farmer with nothing to his name.

If he couldn't join an Immortal Sect's power, this Spiritual Root wouldn't be worth much.

Just as everyone was descending the mountain, an elegantly dressed man in his thirties or forties, wearing a green robe, approached and, observing those leaving, spoke up.

"Esteemed young friends, the Lu Family of Qingzhu Mountain is now seeking twenty sons-in-law, offering access to Spiritual Vein Blessed Lands and Cultivation Manuals. Would anyone be interested?"