Starting a Cult in Another World

Wanting to be the leader of a cult, a secret organization, feared by all just from their name is something he had always dreamed about. To be feared by heroes and despised by villains. The one at the pinnacle of all beings, and harbinger of chaos. That was the life he wanted. His dreams came true when the legendary beast sent him to another world, a world filled with magic, demons and other creatures that far surpassed the humans from his world. The young man now began his journey of building a powerful cult that would rule over the world. Playing a gamble with powerful people with one identity, while living his day to day life under another. This is the story of a young man, blessed with the power to fulfill his wild fantasy, building a cult of demons who also want to accomplish the same goals he had set for them. Note: This also has kingdom building, so if you like battles between organisations and villages etc, respect strong loyal subordinates, be sure to try this story |Additional tags|| Magic|| Master servent relationship|| Revolution || Edge lord|| Secret organization|| Wars|| Mythology||

Kirito_K5 · Fantasy
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95 Chs

My dreams within grasp.

[A/N: Please note that this is purely fiction, do not take offence in anything that is shown on this novel as it got nothing to do with the real world.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day]


Growing up, I never really got along with these so-called humans.

Perhaps god made a mistake putting me in the same species as these creatures, but I know for a fact I do not belong with them.

The villains are so boring and never stick to their ideals, one flex of a dollar bill and they all turn on each other.

Freedom fighters or whatever they call themselves, have no clue why they do what they do, mass murders and school shootings, all for an ideal that revolves around money.

It's laughable.

The heroes were no different, celebrities and whatnot, rainbows to the public but demons behind closed doors.

Where is the conviction? Where's the honor?

I want nothing to do with them… My one and only goal has never changed since I experienced it right before my eyes.

This one man was getting beat up by a group of gang members, I can't remember why exactly that was happening, but one word stood out above all else.

"If you want to hurt my boss, you'll have to go through us first!"

At that point, I knew exactly what I wanted from life.

To be the leader of a cult.

Carrying major missions in secrets, having two identities, and best of all, having loyal members who dedicate their whole life to me.

Selfish as it may sound, it's something I yearned for, something I wanted to grasp no matter what I had to sacrifice.

My years of junior high were spent building my strength, stamina, speed, every attribute in the human body, I dedicated myself to maxing it out.

But… a cruel reality hit me along the way.

Humans were always weak creatures…

If I do succeed in building my cult, and we get threatened by the government, surrounded by multiple guns, and helicopters, what am I going to do?.

A bullet to the head is all it takes for me to be knocked out cold… that would be pitiful.

The hype I had been building up for months, after people referred to me as "He" or "Him" would all snuffed out in a second.

No, I need more

If only I could get more power, magic, qi, ancient technology, anything that would make me stand out from these weak creatures.

But my dream of leading a cult was still as strong as it ever was… never dying even for a moment.

And then….the secret to all my answers was right before my very eyes…

Truck - kun, the legendary beast I had seen from so many mangas and animes.

Legend has it, whoever was chosen by truck kun would have the chance to be reborn in another world, and it usually involves a world filled with magic.

That is what I needed, power, power that makes the villains avoid me and makes the heroes despise me.

Power to be the only one at the top.

And thus, I waited to be chosen.


I was on my way back from school, a nose mask on my face as I walked on the side of the road, with other students walking past me.


'How long do I have to keep living in this hellish world.'

I spoke to myself, clearly dissatisfied with my current standing in life.

Standing at the side of the street, I waited for the cars to pass so I could cross the road and go about my boring life.

Then, it happened…

Right in front of me, one of the trucks that was speeding across the road, suddenly tipped over,

Reason for this… I don't know.

But one thing was certain, I was about to be a victim of a serious accident.


The truck tipped off the road and fell on my body, the sound of my bones crushing from the impact reverberated in my ears.

And just like that… I was dead,


You'd think once I died, I'd be in front of God or some sentient being,

"Depart from me, for I never knew you"


"Would you like to be reborn in another life?"

Something along these lines, but in my case…

I woke up as a baby.

Looking to my left, I could see a man, black long hair, fair skinned, black eyes. I don't need any more details to tell he's rich…. And human.

And the woman cradling me in her arms seemed normal, she had long red hair, also fair skinned, with red eyes.


The woman spoke to me, her finger caressing my cheeks as she smiled.

Whatever she said sounded like gibberish in my ears, the language was unlike anything I have ever heard on earth.


And so the man also felt entitled to speak,

Just when I thought I was all cool with the reincarnation, something else picked my attention.

Standing at the entrance of the room where I was, a small girl, with blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and was dressed in a maid outfit was looking directly at me.

An elf.

Just as mangas and animes portrayed them, they are exceptionally beautiful, even more so, looking at her I could instantly tell.

She is going to play a powerful role in my upcoming cult.

'Good, very good, I'm heading to a great start…'




I laughed maniacally.

Looking back on it now, I should have guessed it was impossible for a baby to laugh that way.

Whatever laughter I thought I was conjuring, only came out as loud cries, and these put my parents in panic.

My mom was quick to pull out her breast from the dress, and dipping it in my mouth for me to suck.

No matter how hard I tried to fight it, the urge to suck was too strong for me to resist… is this… also magic?.



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