1 Chapter 1 - Starter Village


Before I begin let me warn everyone that I am a normal person that just started so this is my first novel so my style and how I tell the story are weird and I have no idea what I am doing.


Waking up from his sleep he looked around and saw the sun. He quickly covered his eyes so he stand up and what he sees is a small village?

"Where am I?"

Looking around he saw people who looked like villagers and some buildings that looked like homes. He could see a water mill in the distance and a forest located away from the village. Everyone was just living their lives and was walking around, meanwhile he was confused.

"I'm lost now? Wait, could this be a dream or maybe another world... yeah, that's impossible."

'could it be...? let me test that.' he thought and then stood silent for a fee seconds as he prepared to say something.

"status screen?"

Like that a thin gray status screen appeared in front of his face and looking at it in shock he coule his status.

Health: 120

Atk: 1

Def: 1

Spd: 1

Magic: 1

Level: 1

Exp: 0/100

"So that is my status! Okay, I am not 100% convinced this is a fantasy world, but how strong am I? Because I look kind of... weak."

He was not wrong. He had really low stats and no cheat skills anywhere to be seen, he was losing hope just looking at his status. The only thing that he can hope for is that he can level up easily.

"Excuse me! Do you know where I am?"

Having no clue what to do he spoke to a random villager.

"Starter Village? How do you not know this? Anyways how did you get lost?"

'Is this common knowledge?' he thought as he felt embarrased, thinking of an excuse was hard so he chose a random excuse.

"I can't remember, I just woke up in this village."

The villager looked a little troubled by this and pointed to the biggest house in the village.

"Go to the village chief maybe he can help you."

'Please tell me this will be easy... was that a flag I triggered?' Thinking this he started walking to the villager chiefs house as he waved goodbye to the villager and he waved back.