96 The Primordial Area of the Changbai Mountains

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Ordinary people could only buy sprites from Sprite Care Houses or Free-Ranging Centers.

They were all common sprites.

Among them, the ones with higher cultivation potential were Little Charcoal Tortoise and Long-Armed Gibbon.

Little Charcoal Tortoise fulfilled the first two requirements of Su Hao's contract.

It could resist and ride.

However, its speed was too slow, and its final form couldn't display its battle power in a narrow place.

The Little Stone Elephant's evolved form, the Armored Elephant, could ride, resist, and its speed wasn't slow. However, its final evolved form, the Elephant General, couldn't ride anymore.

"How about Salted Fish King?"

Salted Fish King was only at the first stage of evolution. After it evolved, it would turn into a "Giant Leviathan". Not only could it resist and ride, it could also fly.

It was just that the evolution difficulty was too high.


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