175 Meat Bouncing Thunder Ball and Thunder Vortex

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"Without a doubt, the Electric Bear is a sprite that can attack from near or far."

"But it's still a meat-shield type sprite."

Perhaps it wasn't as meaty as the Lava Dragon Turtle and the Stone Giant, and was also slightly inferior to the Tyrant Bear.

But it was enough.

The Lava Dragon Turtle's mobility was too poor. He didn't want such sprites.

It didn't match his current lineup.

"It's mainly its strength. It's very strong."

"Flaming Cloud Crow's destructive power is strong, but its strength isn't enough. Once I encounter an occasion where I need to break through head-on, it will be more disadvantageous for me, but with the Electric Bear…"

In the training room, the Electric Bear charged forward on all fours.

The dummies along the way were all smashed into pieces.

"So its first battle method is head-on collision style.


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