I'm Contracting It Now?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"What the f*ck!?"

Four Energy Balls blasted out at the same time?

Luo Cheng wasn't sure what level this Reverie Butterfly was at, but his White-Winged Moth… Well, it hadn't even learned Energy Ball.

Feeling the extraordinary spiritual force contained in the few Energy Balls, the nonchalant look in the Cloud Water Dragon Horse's eyes became more serious.

It stepped hard on the ground.

The surrounding moist air instantly turned into a water screen, blocking its body from the attack.

Su Hao noticed.

The water screen wasn't spread evenly.

Some places were thick, while some were thin.

And the thick spots were precisely where the spinning energy balls were eventually going to hit.

"This Cloud Water Dragon Horse… has very rich battle experience!"

The hastily casted water screen couldn't completely block the Energy Balls, but it bought time for the Horse King.

Amidst the rumbling.