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Kayne opened his eyes, his feeling recovered from the depths of his mind.

A little vigilance made him try to distinguish everything around him.

Unfamiliar wooden room.

Covered with a thin layer of the quilt, there is no bed, but lying on the ground. Tatami?

He reached out and rubbed his head and tried to get up, but the weakness from his body made him give up this plan.


There was a silent sound in his mind.

A faint light screen opened in his mind, clear.

Sure enough, it was not an illusion.

He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry.

He was just an ordinary game planner on a certain blue planet. The system fell from the sky and counted down. He couldn't resist. He could only use this so-called "universal trading system" to trade for himself in the end.

An enormous amount of life insurance policy is left to the family... What a pain.

"It's terrible," he murmured.

Passing through with a golden finger is what many people dream of, but the problem is that the system is no matter who the big guy behind it is, he must exist.

It stayed for a while again.

Kayne seems to be a take willingly of this. What is well to say, if you can't resist, then enjoy it? As long as you don't take yourself too high, life will be enjoyed everywhere trading system.

He looked at the function of this system.

It's concise. Transactions with others, no matter what the transaction is, can be converted into transaction points in the system, which can buy everything in the system business layer—everything in the genuine sense.

He even saw Doraemon's time machine. You dare to believe it.

Although it is said that the following series of numbers are unwilling to count zeros.

But this is a time machine!

It's still what can change the past in a genuine sense.

"There should be restrictions."

Kayne knew that his thought became clear, looking at the terms of the transaction.

There are indeed restrictions. Both parties to the transaction and the value of the transaction must be limited to a range of one-fifth to five times.

Kayne now has trading points, one hundred thousand. His savings after three years of work are almost the same part as the insurance policy that was used up before. From a box of Master Kong instant noodles at five points, the prices are similar.

Okay. It's not the system that even hosts the exchange price.

"Ah, I almost won." Outside the room, a woman's voice came, attract his attention, and put a few powerful defensive exchanges in the shopping cart.


The moving wooden door was opened.

A woman in a pale gray sleeveless dress appeared outside the door, with pale blonde hair, goldeneye delicate natures.

This is..… Tsunade?

Although Kayne is not an Otaku, as an entertainment project, he also likes animation.

So it can… be recognized at a glance.

This… character!

"Yeah, you're awake." The woman dressed up like Tsunade in the anime seemed thrilled to see Kayne with her eyes open. She walked over and sat next to her without the image of a lady, and thus stretched out her hand, "Just like you see. In this way, I saved you. Okay, let's bring the medical expenses."

Kayne blinked.

From the time the other party spoke the first sentence, he used 30,000 transaction points to exchange a rough Japanese.

Looking at the other woman behind her dressed as Tsunade's disciple.

He already had a hunch.

"That's it." Shizune followed and sat down on her knees. "We found you who fell outside the door, and... we brought you in for treatment."

She wouldn't say that Tsunade's original words were "This guy must be a rich nobleman with fine skin and tender meat", and she was going to pay for treatment.

"That's the case." Kayne replied in the language he had just learned, "I will pay for the medical expenses. Thank you very much, but can you prepare some food for me first? Liquid food is best."

"Tsk, I will assign someone." Tsunade stood up, "Shizune, this guy will leave it to you, you can't let him run without paying the treatment fee." She checked it before.

This guy's muscles are loose and there is no chakra in the body. Just an ordinary noble or rich man.

Tsunade would treat some wealthy people for some gambling money, so she brought him in, but she just did it. In contrast. The attitude of Kayne is much better. After agreeing, she asks him not to move and thus prepares some liquid food. Kayne kept watching them leave, and his tense nerves relaxed.

Look at them. The possibility is not high.

That is... the deity? Have you made me travel in the world of Naruto?

'If that's the case, it will be beneficial.'

Kayne thought in his mind that at this moment, what he was thinking about was not about seeing the characters he once loved, but how to maximize his rests, with no life-threatening as the basic requirement.

One step further is enjoyment.

The world familiar with the plot is more helpful than the unfamiliar world!

For example: Selling the resurrection coin to Tsunade will five times the highest price.

If you don't consider the conversion of system transactions into transaction points, it is easy to exceed five times, because Tsunade has this demand.


"The transaction that meets the needs of the other party is only the lowest level." Kayne corner of the mouth raised a smile, "Completing the transaction that the other party does not need is the business method to maximize the benefits."

In his previous world, there was a typical business story, which is called selling combs to monks. This story was denounced as deception by a certain richest man because the monk didn't need a comb at all.

But this deception. In games, it is everywhere.

That's right. What Kayne means is to open the jar!

Drawing cards, opening boxes, opening packages, etc., are all the same. Players throw a lot of money in for what they want, but in exchange for a lot of useless waste, they are still willing. As a game planner, this method couldn't be more clear.

So, there is a decision in mind. Isn't Tsunade known as "the legendary big fat sheep"? It's a pity to let it go. After simply eating some liquid food and regaining some strength, Kayne put some life-saving transaction content in the shopping cart as usual, so that it can be purchased and used, and then, ready to start his first transaction.

He gave a request to discuss medical expenses, and he was led to Tsunade.

He has already asked, and the current plot should be that after Ninja War Three, the fourth generation of Hokage has been sacrificed, and Tsunade left Konoha.

One of the legendary Konoha Sannin is drinking a small wine alone, a little drunkenness has appeared on her ceramic-like skin, and with her fiery figure, it is completely invisible to be a 40-year-old aunt.

Even with his vision that has been nurtured by countless movies and televisions, he couldn't help but exclaim.

She is a beauty.

"Boy, your eyes are very interesting." Tsunade glanced sideways in silence. With her eyesight, it is natural to see Kayne's undisguised compliment.

Pure appreciation.

Although it is rare, it can only be funny.

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